YouLove Review Mai2019 – true love or Fake? –

Device on the Smartphone very comfortable three-day, free premium test possible quite a lot of Fakes on the go, more for fun than for the great love, by Environment quickly people in the vicinity found high activity around the clock
free Appdownload before registration necessary registration is done within a few minutes, first of all, the log on as a guest in the profile setting area, the relevant figures are given in the pictures the upload is for the success of high importance
Profiles are often very sparsely populated, with few giving opportunities gallery of images can be created, Profiles can without payment, looked online status is displayed
Messages to Non-Matches, possible Only contact information above is users possible for free members there are a limited number of Messages per day, unwanted users can be blocked often only with a photo to get in contact
Design, functionality and usability
available in the Google Playstore available in the Apple Store no desktop version available, the App is a good Download is free, but there are paid features
The Dating app for all who want to loose to get to know people in the area. Look, cover letters, meetings – does the concept work?
YouLove comes from the same house as Jaumo is a Dating app, which already provides for many years of pleasure for the users. The concept of YouLove is easy. The App will be installed on your Smartphone, and after a short registration and introduction, You will be included in the Dating pool. The sense behind it is, people with similar interests and from the vicinity of each other to introduce and to bring into contact.
Sign in YouLove will take hardly five minutes. First of all, the App needs to be downloaded and installed on the Smartphone. There is no login option on the PC. Then the activation is as a guest. Now You have in Your profile the possibility to change Your user name and specify Your profile.
You’ll repeatedly pointed out that You have without photos 90 percent lower likelihood of contacts and which corresponds to the facts. Many users have indicated that they do not want to be contacted by profiles with no photo at all. Thus, it is essential that You upload at least a profile photo in Your profile.
The Upload of the profile image is, without control and with immediate activation. You can choose whether an image is to be displayed in Your gallery or whether it is Your profile picture.
Most of the Profiles in YouLove are very populated sparsely. Although there is the possibility to write a Text about the Person, use this, but especially male users only very rarely. Photos, however, are in almost every profile, and often even a complete photo gallery. In General, the Profiles can not be completed. Next to the relationship status information on the smoke behaviour, as well as of Religion. The free-text field is the only way the profile a bit of personality to breathe.
It can be set in the settings, whether the GPS-enabled search. In this case, You’ll be shown to users in Your environment as a close member. For security reasons, never show Your exact location.
To the Profiles of other users of view, it is not necessary for a VIP membership.
If the Profiles are not effectively controlled by hand, we could not demonstrate in the Test finally. It is, however, recognizes that messages are checked. We have discovered during the Tests in a profile, which was also gone after a few days. A message to make it is call necessary to the profile and scroll then to the bottom. There are the options “block” and “user report”. In a message of Support will be informed about Your suspicions and checked the profile.
Unlike other similar Dating platforms like YouLove is it possible to send messages to users with whom You’ve had no Match. If a user shows up in Your suggestion list, You can contact him on principle. However, there are two limitations here. If You’re not VIP, You can write to a maximum of five Users per day and respond to messages you receive. In addition, each user can set whether he would like to be contacted by profiles without a photo. If not, You can record without a profile picture, no contact. Generally speaking, YouLove advises to make use of a profile picture, as You can increase Your chances by more than 90 percent.
If You have any problems with another member, You can prevent this block, and thus the further contact. For this purpose, You need to go to only the profile, to the bottom of the “” scroll block, and tapping it. Then, the profile is blocked and no contact is possible.
The only contact possibility is the sending of messages or chat messages. Unfortunately, it is not making calls about YouLove yet possible. However, you can append Your messages, images, and so live a little in the conversation.
A Feature of YouLove is a search of the Surrounding area. You can set this in the settings to unlock, if You have the App give the permission to track Your location. Then You users will be displayed in Your direct environment that You quickly contact can.

ating Apps, the presentation and functionality are also reminiscent here of Tinder. The typical “wiper” principle in the search for appropriate contacts and has been adapted here a little. You click on the little heart, when someone like that and gives him an X if You have no interest in the Person. Decisions to undo to make possible, at a cost of but a VIP-Status. Functionally, it can be said about the App, nothing negative. You got in the Test always have to open the notifications on the Smartphone could be made about the settings and also the advertising in the base version was the volume bearable. The features of the App are self-explanatory, if new messages have been displayed received by a Push function on the Smartphone. Malfunctions or crashes, we could not record and the battery consumption was surprisingly low for the scope of the App
YouLove is only available as a App, to use it at the Computer is not provided. The App is available for Android phones as well as Apple devices. Empty the Windows phone users, because YouLove is not available. After Installation, it is to start directly with the use. The App contains all the important functions, is easy to use and consumes surprisingly little battery power. The Download and registration costs no money, however, it is possible to In-App transactions, such as buying the VIP membership.
YouLove is a simple App for the Smartphone which offers a lot of variety and fun. The structure of the App is a little reminiscent of Tinder, but here is not wiped, but typed. Who like receives a heart, who will not be shot down like with an X. The contact is made easy via the message, however, almost no users would like to be contacted without a profile picture. Therefore, it is mandatory to upload an image, if there is a genuine interest in contacts.
Annoying is the rather high number of Fakes, against which the Support appears to be seemingly powerless. Messages are taken seriously and reviewed, however, it may take up to a week, until a Fake profile has been deleted. It seems as if not all users use the report function, because numerous fake profiles have a longer registration date, and are daily active. Mainly, it’s the Fakes that’s why the users solicit. So, we received messages with Links to other paid Dating portals, to establish contacts. Of course such Links should be ignored always and the message.
The users are mostly friendly, among the men, many Singles that are in search of a sexual adventure. Among the women, however, many who don’t respond to friendly messages even though they are online. Overall, the App is neither very much worse, but no better than other similar Dating apps like Badoo, Tinder and co. The high number of members makes sure to get rid of is that each day and night time and simple conversations are possible.
We create You a free, personal recommendation
YouLove is a varied, exciting web Portal, which can only be made via the App. Anyone who is not necessarily on a Dating site from and like to just to the nice people in the area looking to hold, is quickly able to find. With a watchful eye regarding Fakes here, every little bit loose pastime and a nice Flirt can be found.
When YouLove, You can get acquainted with nice contacts in Your area. In principle, the App is nothing more than a large Club, in which people with different interests. Of an addiction to the erotic, the next would fall in love with it, and others know they are not yet exactly why.
The Dating app is with all of the major radio ctions permanently free of charge. The VIP membership is not mandatory to have active contact with the other.
The App is available in the respective Stores of Apple and Android available.
There is a constraint in this Dating app has no Photo, however, in order to successfully socialize the photo upload is essential. Most of the users do not want a contact to others that have uploaded a photo.
There are some Fakes in YouLove, but they are relatively easy to recognize. Most of these Fakes try very quickly the Whatsapp to get hold of number, or send Links of other Websites, which are not free of charge. Every Fake can be reported via the report button the Support.
So You can use the App on the phone can be a Android or IOSBetriebssystem is necessary. For Windows phones there is not the App, unfortunately.
You can have the VIP Status is purchased, wherein the first three days are free of charge for testing. You cancel within those three days, no additional costs.
Your VIP membership, You can cancel in the Appstore of Your mobile phone. As an Android user, You’re in the Playstore, than Apple users in the IOS Store.
The App is similar to Tinder, but comes from the same provider. Here you can find contacts in Your area, you can by clicking decide who You like and who does not receive Matching proposals.
If You’re looking for a casual date, You will get in this App, pretty easy to find. Here many people are looking for Meet and fun.
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