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The Portal is ad-free By means of a Slot-machine rechargeable credit Mobile App is easy to install and has a user-friendly user interface, There are a number of Fake profiles, the part of yoomee self-moderated messages to send is from the third message subject to a charge Due to a lack of filtering feature Profiles from all over Germany in the Match Game shown
The registration process intuitive and fast
The registration is just a few steps to complete and can be contacted via Facebook Account or Email can be made If you have your user data time forget, you can get your data by Mail, You will get NO confirmation email after registration, The App offers the Option to search for same-sex profiles
The profile information – old-fashioned plug-in letter
Members can change the profile picture as often as you like and up to 10 gallery images to publish Yoomee checks uploaded images for inappropriate content, Multiple-Choice plug-in letter leaves little Freedom in the design of the profile the profile information can be changed at any time and will be updated
You can have every member of the Flirt Radar and the Match Game is a contact From the third message the contact, for a fee, Many of the messages come from obvious Fake profiles
The number of active Users at yoomee is comparatively low, and a Radius of up to 19 km distance is often below 50 in the immediate Flirt Official membership figures can not be determined due to the large number of Fake Accounts On the distribution between men and women, nothing will be communicated to
Yoomee is a Social Dating App for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Designed the App for people who are looking for an exciting Flirt, casual Chat contacts, or the great love.
Yoomee is a Dating site for people from Germany that are in search of new friendships, a Flirt, or of great love. The single portal comes from the home of the Mobile Trend GmbH has and offers by using a Match Games and Flirt Radius, the possibility of interesting people to meet. The Name yoomee is the Slogan you+me=love. At the Start of the App, the Portal was still called “flirt meadow”, after modernization work, she received the English name, to be able to use the App and the desktop version global market. The App itself ran under since its publication, a General overhaul, with the wishes of the User were taken into account and the new focus is now on the operation and the Clarity. The Portal does not come with unseen and new functions, but offers nevertheless, or perhaps therefore, a user-friendly handling.
The registration process is quick and straightforward. In the first step, you will first ask you for your gender. Since the App is not designed for the same-sex life partner is determined by the indication of their own sex, whether or not you can connect later with women or men. This you can change later in your profile settings. Due to this missing Option homosexuals are excluded completely from the use of the App, which is extremely bemängelbar and very negative noticed.
Next, enter your age and create a Username with associated password, and the search for partners can begin. You can also select the Option on your Facebook Account, making your age and gender will automatically be übernommern.
With yoomee you don’t have much space to Unfold, in regard to the design of the profile. Under the menu item “Mine,” and you have the Option, within a plug-in letter, a few information about you. The prefabricated plug-in letter, which can be filled with Multiple-Choice answers, covers the following 10 categories:
This data is, however, mainly on external characteristics, which is why the overall picture of the Dating appears in profile to be a bit superficial. There is little room to provide detailed information about the own personality. In the end, you can only personalize the “About me” area of your profile.
This has, among other things, to the authenticity of the User Profiles. The operator of the Dating App not perform any verification of the profiles and specify in the terms and conditions that “professional entertainers” are used by yoomee to entertain the User. This leads to the fact that some members profile pictures and the profile is insufficient is filled.
Info: According to the manufacturer, your profile serve-information on the restriction of the Profiles that will be displayed in the Match Game. In our Test, we came to the conclusion that your profile information will have no impact on the Match Game display. You will be presented always the same Profile, no matter whether you fill out your profile or it is empty.
With Yoomee you’re not going to find anything that you already know from other Dating Apps. There is a so-called Flirt Radar and Match Game. Since there is no personality Test that can be tailored to meet the partner suggestions to your interests. The Flirt-Radar you can use to get Singles in your area with up to 16 km view distance. You can then immediately contact, by clicking on the message icon in their profile. Or you’re in the Match-Game random proposals, where these members are not near you, have similar interests as you. There is no Filter function, and so the Profiles from the whole of Germany are you in the Match-Game displayed. The only indication of the age (where you can search for profiles between 18-99 years old) used to restrict the view Profile in the Match Game.
The contact with other members is also from the third message subject to a charge. To yoomee send messages, you need to have “heart”. As a welcome gift you get 60 hearts available, however, it will cost you 20 hearts, to send a message. Therefore, yoomee is not without payment.
Fake Profiles in the case of yoomee are common and are even mentioned in the Terms and conditions explicitly:
Section 3 of article 6 “yomee uses for the Animation and entertainment of the users of professional animators and operators, which are not marked in the System separately. With these, no real Meetings are possible. The user can only send messages within the portal.”
Tip: we Also have in our Test messages from these animators. These can be identified by the following criteria:
The animators try to encourage you to write messages, which you have to be a paid heart package acquire, to be able to reply. So, watch out! Respond to such messages do not.
We have found in the Test that in the morning, only a very few members are online. In part, the number is below 10. The Dating App yoomee is suitable for Users that want to look only in the Dating Pool a little. Since the messages are not completely free, it is not recommended for this purpose. Overall, the member profiles are filled only sparse and can therefore not be clearly identified as the real profile or Fake Account.

early identified as the real profile or Fake Account.
The user interface of the App is rather unimpressive and not convinces by innovative Design. The operation is very intuitive and easy for anyone to understand. Unfortunately, a Search or filter feature is missing completely, allowing the App can be adapted to individual needs. Also personalization options are only sparsely available. Because you have to pay for Sending messages, you can leave the App ad-free, what is left to us in our Test, a positive reminder. Another positive aspect is the relatively quick load time of the App.
You have once a day, free of charge, the opportunity in the Casino spinning the Slot machine and to win the heart of what you need, in turn, in the message Chat and can use. In the menu item “Casino”, you can once a day for free to your Slot machine spinning.
The one-armed Bandit is activated by the push of a button, if you have a round, a heart or three of the same symbols, you win the heart. This heart you need to send messages. To register with yoomee you can get a welcome bonus of 60 hearts per day login it is one of the 5 hearts at the top. The catch, however, is that you have to for each of your outgoing message ended, 20 of the heart to fork out (the equivalent of approx.€ 1.30 per message). At the Slot machine, you can rotate as often as you want, from 2. Rotation of the day will cost you but 5 heart. If you have used up all of your heart, and you remained lucky in the Casino distance, you can acquire your heart is also for sale. 120 the heart cost a whopping 9,99€.
Of course, we have also tested the Slot machine for you, with ernüchterndem result: The first couple of rounds, we have gained up to 5 hearts, but from the 2. Turn 5 hearts per spin shell out. After that it went downhill, and our hearts fell to 10 rounds from an initial 73 the heart on 45 heart.
The Slot machine offers, therefore, is not an Option, the heart is free to fill, but the hearts of not only the faster disappear.
We create You a free, personal recommendation
In the case of the Dating App yoomee you can create your profile for free, the Match Game play and the flirting Radar. You can also received news, elevated read. The are, however, all cost-free functions.
When you send messages, you need to acquire the heart, either paid, or in the Casino win. With a paid heart package you can’t send messages, however, unlimited messages. Without the heart you are a very few functions, so you have, for example, no access to profile visitors or Matches.
We have set ourselves intensively with the costs at yoomee. Starting at€ 9.99, you can get the additional Features. However, since this is not a membership, but you 120 the heart to be recharged, the amount of the price of a message sent to about 1,30€. The price-performance ratio in the case of yoomee is extremely disappointing when you consider that the App is deliberately using Fake Profiles. You should therefore carefully consider whether it is worthwhile to invest their money in such an App.
The Test for the Dating App yoomee is not very positive. The single market is not off by special Features of other Dating Apps without In-App purchases. You can send them without the heart is neither news, nor see which users have visited your profile. Even if in the Match Game a Match occurs, this can be displayed only for 5 hearts. In addition, the sheer number of gives of Fake profiles on the App a negative connotation. Members looking for real Dates, will be disappointed here. In the Test we have paid attention to the active members in the Flirt Radar at different times of the Day. Here, we noticed on several occasions that in the Flirt Radar in some cases only 30 members or less are displayed, even if you are staying in a heavily populated area. For a single stock market this is a not just a positive value. Ultimately, the result is to yoomee below average. While there are some positive aspects, but for a modern single market, the price is value for money but very disappointing.
If you are looking for a high quality a single exchange, we recommend you, therefore, in the case of our single-stock exchanges-test winners, stop by.
The hearts are the means of payment in the App yoomee. The use of yoomee is fundamentally free of charge, for some of the functions you need, however, the heart.
As a welcome gift you will receive once 60 heart and for daily Logins are there once more. 5 the heart. Sending messages will cost 20 hearts. This corresponds to the equivalent of about 1,30€. In addition, you can give it to you for 5 hearts show who has visited your profile, and finally with 5 hearts on the Slot machine spin.
If you make In-App purchases via yoomee, the “heart” purchases, this is done via an external payment provider. You have the following options:
Credit card, Paypal, Sofortüberweisung, Bank Transfer, Paysafe card, and with Google pay. After selecting the payment method, you will be redirected to the appropriate page.
No, a Premium membership is not offered. In-App purchases, however, are useful, because you have to send for actions such as messages and profile visitors view the “heart” has to pay. This heart you will need to purchase through In-App purchases.
In the Smartphone App you can follow to Delete your account in our manual:
Currently, the App yoomee is in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland available.
The App is in the App Store, the Google PlayStore and set as your desktop version.
The data are completely in Germany and are safe. Also the uploaded pictures will be checked manually and released, so that yoomee is not lined with a Nude or other inappropriate images.
If you forgot your Login data, you can easily find a Email to reset your password sent to you. Simply click in the Login area on “forgot your password?” and enter your Email address.
Yes, there is! The App operators to disclose this in the terms and conditions. There it is stated in § 3 (6):
“yoomee is for the Animation and entertainment of the users of professional animators and operators, which are not marked in the System separately. With these, no real Meetings are possible. The user can only send messages within the portal.”
Yes, there is. In addition to the Match Game and the Flirt Radar, there is also a Casino App. You can on a Slot machine try for free once per day, your happiness and your heart (the payment method of the App) to charge. Any further use of the Slot machine costs 5 hearts.
The Match Game can actually be filtered to a certain radius. Therefore, you will see all user profiles from all over Germany. If you are looking for Singles near you, try there best with the Flirt Radar function.
This page is also available in the following countries: AT , CH

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