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In order to conquer a specific woman or to find a girlfriend, You need to also A statement to follow! All successful men in terms of flirting & Dating apply this method.
But the Bad thing is: 99% of all men will learn this secret never and therefore remain eternally Single!
The crucial question is: To want what kind of man are YOU?
If You want to be a self-confident man that women can easily conquer easy…
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Most of the boys are convinced: women on muscles. Why else sexy guys with well-defined six-pack on erotic calendars for the female target audience is shown? And why else would the men’s magazines tell us every week how we have to train our body? The question is, what is in a man is attractive, seems clear…
But is it really so that women are on the muscles – and if so, why? Or, you must convince the opposite sex instead of with look better with character? In this Blog article, I’ll tell You what the girls find attractive and how You can become the dream guy, after the Ladies turn.
Even if I have no study or survey: in fact, it is so that most of the women on muscles. There is a female Primal instinct. As we men see a beautiful figure with long legs, a tight Butt and shapely Breasts attractive. We can’t defend ourselves against it, when at the sight of those sharp turns a little in our pants stimulates and the girls it’s Vice versa as well!
But why do women get weak in the knees when you see a body with six-pack abs, biceps and other muscles? One thing first: With the superficiality that has nothing to do with that! In order to understand the real reasons, we need to make a trip back in time to the stone age. You walk with me in the time machine for a little “study”? Super! We see us then in the year 1 Million BC… or something like that…
Already in antiquity it was so that the female was inferior to the male physically. This was a big Problem for women, because in this era was less civilized than it is today. Tyrannosaurus Rex was extinct for a long time, but still lay in wait everywhere dangerous animals. In addition, there were no police, which caused You an angry rival smashed the skull with a big stone.
What is the ancient women did so in order to survive in this inhospitable, harsh Era? Quite simply, they were looking for a strong man who could protect her with his body from all the evil dangers. And in the care of a Fitness guy with thick muscles, the greatest survival was now passed once opportunities.
“Survival of the Fittest”, as Darwin said. Sounds logical, or?
We travel back to the Here and Now…
Of course, the Neanderthal is in all women (and men) in the present. The Ladies still have the need to seek a strong man that provides you with physically protection.
I’m going to forget this night at the Disco: A beautiful blond girl let all the guys on the dance floor and flirted wildly with the muscular, broad-shouldered bouncer, who stood like a Cabinet in the corner. Today I know why: This man gave her a sense of security. He would have you can in an emergency save, if you would have been grab from one of the many drunk guys hit on or.
I think it is one of the reasons why Heidi Klum at her Bodyguard had fallen in love – she is now separated again.
Now comes the big BUT: You don’t have to necessarily be a Hercules and You back in the gym for a work-to satisfy the female desire for a protector, and to appear attractive.
In today’s time, there is no physical dangers, such as saber-toothed tiger or a savage warrior lurking behind the bushes. Even if physical violence still plays a role: The existence is more threatened by other things, for example, unemployment, money problems, loneliness, social exclusion, verbal disputes, etc.
Instead of a body with thick muscles and ring of social relations and a certain financial security are not asked, therefore, as a man (which is to say that women are only after money).

urity are not asked, therefore, as a man (which is to say that women are only after money). More importantly, the woman’s psycho-convey the feeling that she is at Your side at any time safe and secure. You can do this with inner strength so typical male characteristics!
From my experience, I can tell You: You cannot escape it, to develop in addition to the appearance of a strong manhood. How much muscles You have, is not the only decisive factor. Women are in fact guys with male character traits, such as:
Therefore, it is essential that You put the dumbbells and Fitness counselor aside and sit next to Your body with Your soul deal. The only way You can develop an authentic and strong personality as a man. I have written on the topic of masculinity some article, you can find them here in my Blog.
Of course, You can quietly go to the gym and Your body a little workout in order to look more attractive. What should speak against it? But one thing You should Training not to do: the muscle building as a “substitute drug” take to Your inner values Hello!
Because what is a muscular Hulk or Popeye use, when in the inflated envelope of an uncertain, aimless or just unlikable man?
I would like to but that you think You’re rules in the “pumps” to a pair of play: never work out in and of course no harmful substances. At best, You will run Fitness and muscle building under the expert guidance of an experienced instructor, and to create together a training plan.
The Whole thing should be accompanied with a healthy diet.
To go In the Muckibude in addition to Fitness and strength, also the nice side effect that You get among people. And, of course, you can(n) can appeal as well in the gym women , flirt with you and even a Date thread.
Here You ask the best the girls themselves… but what I’ve picked up so from a woman’s conversations: A booty is never wrong, and a six – pack of the classics – with a well-defined chest it makes the ladies melt. There are also Ladies who comment now and then about the tight calves of football players and Tour-de-France-cyclists positive.
However, whether arms, six-pack abs, broad shoulders, or else…. what do the women find in a man visually attractive, is ultimately a matter of taste. Focus less on appearance, You think that it is good with the opposite sex. It is important that YOU’re Your body can take and pleased with him. Then You will love the girls the way You are!
Yet another reason why You should when Training, do not overdo it: A couple of muscles, subtly defined, attractive, and visually sexy. However, a body such as the classical case of the bodybuilders is clearly too much of a Good thing! Extreme muscle gain may result in the relevant competitions in the Bodybuilding scene to the podium, “normal” women find it rather repulsive.
Conversely, a raccoon belly Board less appealing than a wash-belly looks… clear. You need to an everyday, literally healthy mediocrity! That is to say: Neither excessive Bodybuilding, yet completely on Fitness and healthy diet without.
By the way: You Should be severely overweight and fat want to reduce, NOW is the perfect time to do sports and to start a diet to lose weight.
Since we are talking today about the look: What women find physically attractive in men? Of course, women like not only muscles, but also other physical characteristics. In another article, I explained why You’re ugly , but some of the things you can do to improve Your appearance and to leave a good impression when Flirting and Dating.
Overall, however, women are much more fixed less on the appearance as we men – especially when it is in the sexual area. While we are excited guys to Flirt a lot by means of optical stimuli (sexy Breasts, short skirts, etc.), get the girls, rather, through seductive words, and a strong male personality, on a Date in the mood.
Also, I’ve made the experience that many women are on big men and slim guys are worse cards (one more occasion to exercise Your muscles!). The reason is the same that I mentioned above already is: The body size also gives the feeling of protection and security, because a lot of people apply as a rule, the smaller superior and formidable impact.

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