Wize.Life in the Test – the former senior book in the practical test

Community character is clearly in the foreground, Simple Design for easy operation-friendly handling of the users with each other annoying advertising pop-UPS affect the load times are pure Dating prospects are only mediocre
Target group are people over 40 age focus is between 50 and 70, hardly any fake profiles, despite the free usability of many couples in search of friendships with virtually no search of Casual Dating, more partnerships
Registration and profile creation:
simple profile position in a few minutes, the login via Facebook possible real Name for registration required a few design options of your own profile, link to other sites is possible
internal mail function is for private messages, use of public chat, Private chat for two people public communication on the black Board regional or interest-based communication in groups
Design, functionality and usability
A Community for Best-Ager with Dating option – wise.Life the new senior book and provides some variety.
Wize.Life is many users under the name of senior book known. After Social Media giant Facebook wanted to legally proceed against the company and the name criticized, the creators of a reboot. All users, however, remained, changed only the Name.
Today’s Wize.Life has a strong community character, it is primary to Dating, even if this area is covered. It is not only Singles, but also couples on the site. Who visited the former senior book, you will be able to get to know people, make friends, and with a little luck, even the Partner for the second spring meeting.
Even if it is younger people not banned is Wize.To use Life, is the percentage of under-40-year-old hardly measurable. Less than three percent of all users are 40 or younger, the Portal is therefore suitable actually for Bestager best. For those who want to find their way around, should have no contact shy and like to communicate with others.
The membership structure of Wize.Life clearly shows that the offer is actually Bestager. Overall, only eight percent of users are under 50 years old, most of the members move in age between 51 and 70 years. This is also in our dealings with each other, it is polite communication, the emphasis is on friendly terms dealing.
Some members are looking for a solid Partner, the best in regional groups is possible, since the achievements are the highest. As a user you will also notice that there are some regulars on the site. In the Chat with the same name are active, newcomers are however friendly.
Percentage of users under the age of 45: a three-percent share of the user 46 – 50 years: five percent of users 51 – 55 years: 21 per cent share of users of 56 – 60 years: 23 percentage of users of 61 – 65 years: 22 per cent share of users of 66 – 70 years: 16 percentage of users 71 and older: 10 percent
Sign in to Wize.Life takes a few minutes, and in the case of existing Facebook profile is also possible.
Since there is no personality test, you can be shown the Person only on the profile. Particularly varied are the possibilities, however, are not. First of all, Wize recommends.Life the real name, for the purpose of trust funding. This is for members visible in the System. Other personal data such as birthday and place of birth can be hidden.
It is useful to specify a place, you will then receive contact proposals from the own environment. Important: The site must not be manually entered but must be from the list of Wize.Life be selected.
There are few data on personality can be made. These include:
The free text and the free field is the main possibility or the other. Here are also Links to other Websites or Youtube can be posted-Videos. In addition, the profile can be provided with a panoramic image and a profile image. It is, moreover, possible to photo albums that are either just for friends or for the whole Community visible.
Fake profiles, we have not discovered in our testing, however, there are some duds in the System. Profiles without a photo, without Text, and without activity are now and again encountered.
The Profile of a Person is displayed, since when this is logged on the System. Unfortunately, can’t be seen when the Person was last online. A little guidance in respect of the activity, there are but nevertheless, On the right side of the last activities (forums, display posts, comments, etc.). On the profile in addition to a sad Emoticon will appear. Anyone who clicks on it can report a violation. This function should only be used in case of serious problems or fake suspicion.
At Wize.Life is the opportunity to send a contact request to another member. Here can be selected whether the adoption of an arrangement to friends, Acquaintances, or other groups.
To communicate directly with another Person, there is the news function. There is unlimited characters can be transmitted, in addition, Emoticons are available. However, this can only be used if the Ad is disabled Blocker of your own PC for Wize.Life.
Quick greetings when profile visit by a click of the mouse to send. The other member is an impression that greetings have been left. Personal words can be left in the “book” of any other user, but only if this is enabled. The “book” works as a kind of guestbook, which can be made on request, only for friends or contacts to access.
The search function is not very extensive, it can be specified according to which sex, which age group and which region of residence is sought. The made contact of the proposals according to these data, and according to the place of residence is registered in the profile.
The sociability of the members is acceptable. We were not contacted in the Test, received in messages, however, always an answer. Friend requests without prior contact with the member to be rejected in the rule. To find the best Option in order to quickly conversations the Chat is. This is with several rooms available to all users. Who wants to talk private, can disappear with another Person in private chat. Especially the female members are rather hesitant and prefer to use the message function, as a direct live chat.
In the case of problems in the Chat, the so-called godfather. These are users who have been assessed by others as trustworthy. This patented simple in the case of a dispute, answer questions and provide first aid if problems arise.
Wize.Life formerly senior book has to offer some features that are entertaining, and the community character. These include:
The black Board is a virtual Board, on which each of his thoughts can leave. There is even Youtube-to post Videos, what is practiced by most of the users intensive. Here favorite shared songs or funny Clips with the other.
On the photo wall can perpetuate each User with their own images. So there is already a large hodgepodge of different images came to be. Wize.Life organises competitions in addition photo, to looking for where the best photos of a particular subject. Here, every member can participate.
The group function enables communication with like-minded people. For example, there are groups for Singles Dating. Can only communicate with the group members to each other. Each member of the Wize.Life itself can create groups, manage and other users to invite.
Despite a variety of interaction possibilities, boredom can occur. In the area of “games” are flash games for free. To be able to play the Adblocker must be disabled.
The latest news or blog posts to specific topics in the area of “topics”. Who was on the red carpet, how long the Pollen is still flying or what tips you can get the dog housebroken? At Wize. be found here to joint ventures. Music, concerts, bowling night, or Single-Meeting, here is the right activity for everyone.
The ease-of-use wise.Life is uncomplicated, the functions can explain almost all by itself. Noteworthy is the extensive help section, here are the main questions to be answered already. The Navigation is easy to read the Font well. The Chat could be a little larger, but also easier for low vision.
Disturbing are the impressions of the Flash, sometimes advertising that the page load times of sensitive influence. As Wize.Life, however, advertising-financed, must be accepted in this circumstance.
The Design is simple, can be referred to neither as modern nor as out-of-date. Dark blue-black paired with White are the main colors.
There is no App of Wize.Life and no mobile Version. The use is via the web browser of the smartphone is possible, however, the size of the phone. As the former senior book of instruction, it is only possible on a very limited to take advantage of the way.
The trial of the former senior book was varied and exciting. A large Community welcomes the new member-friendly, quick, the first, virtual greetings a tailspin. The entire profile position in addition to photo upload is done in less than half an hour, so that we have placed our focus quickly on the contact opportunities.
It is clear that the emphasis in Wize.Life aka senior book is not on Dating, the site is, however, still used for that. Usually is seen in profile visit, after which the other member is looking for. On many women’s unique sets of profiles also to read the statements that no contact is desired for the purpose of Dating. In the Chat, you quickly why this information is left. The Chat is attended by men and women equally, but men are much more persistent with the contact. Women with a heart to be greeted Emoticons, regardless of whether the two users know of it or not.
It seems that male members are increasingly looking for a partner, while female members and couples tend to have on community activities of interest.
Otherwise, it is in the specific groups of senior book, because here is sorted according to topics. The single groups are attended by both sexes, well and here, the best chances are with a Partner for more than just online conversations.
We have found, that the activity of the groups, with the members increasing numbers. There are, however, particularly in rural regions often have no Dating groups. It is recommended to search for a group to search in the next bigger town to here people from the vicinity. Regional groups are present. Who would like to fall in love so without being tied to a place, meet great opportunities for someone.
Wize.Life is a fun, entertaining Portal with diverse possibilities of use. We especially appreciate the friendly communication and to establish the possibility of direct Chat contacts. Who is new is received by the root, users-friendly, which facilitates the Start of the page enormously.
We create You a free, personal recommendation
Wize.Life is completely free of charge. There is no Premium membership and no set up fees.
Wize.Life is one of the varied communities that are not only suitable for Singles. Many women are already taken and are looking for casual friendships or people for joint activities.
Even if it may take a little longer, is the search for a suitable Partner yet. It calls, however, for self-initiative, because Matching or supported partner.
Free portals the site highlights, however, because there are hardly any Fakes, and many features that are on other pages, really expensive. Very nice Chat, which allows quick acquaintances and a lot of fun.
The Name of senior book has wise.Life is made known. While Social Media giant Facebook is not logged in initially, Zuckerberg and co. with the increasing number of members from senior book restless. Since the creators of today’s Wize.Life wanted to put your energy in the Community, was a senior book renamed short-hand, to go to a legal dispute out of the way.
It may happen that the foreign members of Wize.Life leave a message for a member. In most cases, this is fortunate, as the Community serves to establish the Contact. But if you want to be contacted by strangers, can set in his profile, that only contacts can leave a message.
Targeted harassment of a Person, it can be blocked. For this purpose, a profile visit when the member is not necessary. On the profile, a Stop icon, which has to be clicked with the mouse. Thereafter, the member is blocked and no longer has access to the other profile. In addition, messages can be transmitted more.
The Support of Wize.Life formerly senior book is the E-mail address [email protected] accessible. Alternatively, many questions can be answered by the godparents of the system. This is a trusted user, especially in case of problems in the Chat.
There is no specification of how often a member of the Wize.Life must be active. Who can participate any time in the Community, may his profile rest.
The renaming of senior book had no deletion of old users. Also, the content (posted pictures of, book entries, notes on the black Board) any deletion to the victim.
Anyone who has logged in to previous times with the senior book, can be at Wize.Life. The registration is simple on the home page, via the usual Login Button. The modified Design has no impact on the usability of the data.
There are some areas of senior book / wise.Life, which are publicly available via the Internet. For this purpose, the areas of:
Both uploaded images, as well as Meetings, messages on the Bulletin Board and topics can be read by all Internet users and viewed. The author, however, is not mentioned by name, the names are obscured or hidden. In addition, Internet users can view the name of the profiles, place of residence and date of registration. In the profile section of the settings, the public visibility can be disabled, however. This is the point of a “public content must be turned off”.
At Wize.Life can be reported Profiles that violate the guidelines of the Community, the Support. For this purpose, it is required to the profile and click on the sad Emoticon. Now, the detector has to add the possibility of evidence, and to justify why a member is reported.
Without evidence, can be carried out on the part of the Support measures. It is therefore necessary for the message of Troll profiles, Screenshots of chat conversations, or Links to other profiles of a Person’s add.
There are several things the wise.Life against the rules and should be reported by other members of the community. In particular, photos with adult content, violence, or photos, for the the uploading Person has no copyright. Also, it is a violation if other people are personally offended or belittled. Furthermore, no private messages allowed, the System of Wize.Life were to be released sent. In the public area of the senior book / wise.Life it is, moreover, prohibited in another language to communicate in than English.
It is not possible the profile of Wize.To turn Life completely invisible. Each member has the possibility to adjust the content of the profile can only be contacts viewed.
The sponsors of wise.Life users, which were particularly determined to be trusted. These sponsors are the first point of contact in case of problems with the page handling or in the event of disputes with other members. Often the godfather can answer questions, provide assistance, or even disputes re-finishing.
Each user of Wize.Life can users meeting invite create and other members.

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