Willow, in the Test of 2019 – The total contrast to Tinder

For all the talk first – Between the ages of 18 – 35 – Completely free of charge – that’s a Great idea, here, creativity knows no boundaries – little to no users in Germany, the App is available in English only –
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Finally an App which is not only of Selfies and edited snapshots affect. Basically, the concept is quite simple. You are thinking of a question is the one at the heart and makes it simple. In response, laughed, discussed, and or flirting. The chemistry should be right, there is the option to make the profile picture visible.
The idea behind the App is fundamentally wrong and, above all, new. You learn first about common interests (likes, Hobbies, etc.) before you can then be each other’s pictures. The risk, that is, his purely human unsympathetic is not the first. However, here are the Flirt, after Handing over the profile picture is a pretty quick end. The danger of a “virtual” Blind Date.
Beautiful colorful and cheerful Design. The colors and the Icons are given by the users themselves and the beautify of General education. Since there are no pictures, you get bored pretty quickly. There are hardly any extra features, because of the ease of use is more than simple.

entifies himself the most. Then set to what it is after the search, and and go.
You can choose whether you want to be involved in a group conversation with, or rather have a personal discussion to begin. Like Tinder you can the questions that a non-wipe intersted to the left and to the Interesting, to the right. After that, a new window opens in which you can then start the conversation. With the own questions, it goes around like that (Button, speech bubble), just different. Here you can ask a question to the group or the network, or a single question. Another user responded to the question, begin the Chat.
If there is a topic you are particularly interested in, under the Button “magnifying glass” the ability to select certain questions to all sorts of topics. Travel – Sports – Love etc.
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Nice Idea. Very straightforward and suitable for Anyone who is interested in only for the character, and then for the Outer. Unfortunately, the App has, until now, hardly any members in Germany, what the first contact is very tough.
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