What Neu.de cost actually?

Neu.de cost: transparency as a top priority
Neu.de Cost? Cheaper than the Offline search!
Investment with any prospect of success
What you can expect with a Neu.de membership? We will show you how high the costs are, and whether the membership is worth it.
Again and again, Dating portals fall under suspicion to cause unnecessary costs and make redundancies. The Portal Neu.de promises of transparency and Fairness in this point. We have taken the Dating platform under the microscope, the resulting Neu.de cost for you are checked.
In comparison with other providers neu.de is in the reasonable range . Try it now for free
The Dating platform Neu.de already exists for over ten years. Many men and women have already found their new dream man or your dream woman, not only Germany, but Europe-wide. That Neu.de costs, is likely to be any User right, finally, it concludes with the Portal, a subscription. Starting at about 15 Euro, you can then start the search. In fact, those interested also have the opportunity to check the partner exchange free of charge on the heart and kidneys. The registration is completely free. If you notice after the test phase, the Portal with 40 million members, is just right for him, you can then login as a Premium member. This Form of membership brings some Neu.de costs, but also additional services.
In the free member of most of the portals chat or contact other members, only with the restriction or even not possible.

different. As a Premium member you can use all the functions fully. Apart from the monthly fee (15 Euro) you incur the cost of further neu.de . You look at your ordinary expenses for the life partner, the Neu.de cost is minimal next to it. Let’s look at, for example, your cost per weekend or per Disco visit, you hope for a promising encounter can:
And let’s be honest: Here, we have to do it with a fairly low output. 100 Euro per weekend, however, are still very much money – and the sum exceeds the monthly Neu.de cost by Far.
A Premium membership Neu.de is connected like any other Portal, with certain fixed costs. Since neu.de however, a well-established Portal with a good reputation and a large membership, you can have good chances of success calculate. The Neu.de a good investment in your future with another Person on your side costs. The free test phase, as well as the clearly defined termination provisions also prevent the Neu.de costs for you need to be a financial trap.
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Premium membership ( Free to write, chat, who wants to see you, Apps )
Premium membership XL ( for Free to write, chat, who wants to see you, Apps, your profile as the Top search result, partner proposals partner.de )
Premium membership XXL ( Free to write, chat, who wants to see you, Apps, your profile as the Top search result, partner proposals partner.de your profile as a Top result in the Date Roulette )

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