Turkbase Review may 2019 – Social Media in Turkish

Highly frequented Community for Turkish people – the Common interests of the members – a Lot of variety through a variety of functions – Not a free trial membership possible – language is predominantly Turkish without Translation
Paid activation After payment, direct access, No personality test available images can directly sign-in process to be uploaded can be quickly performed
A few ways of the profile design available photo albums can profile will be posted protected calls can be restricted to the number of Profiles are hardly filled In the free text field can Videos
For the contact no cost, contact can be limited to friends In the Chat casual conversations on the Forum and the interests of shared German-speaking contacts are hardly available
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Turkbase is the Community for all the Turks from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, have the desire to connect with each other. Whether Dating or friendship, search, here, everything is possible.
Turkbase is the Portal for all Turkish speaking people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Anyone who logs in here is the Turkish language should be powerful, because it will hardly communicate in English. The Translations of the menu structure to work, however, the contents of the Community are not translated. Striking is the strong Social Media personality, in the style of Facebook. Whether photo likes, comments and common discussions in the Forum, there’s a lot of emphasis is placed on interaction.
Turkbase is free of Fakes, and for a reason. With this provider You will be granted only then, if You have paid a fee. This is immediately after registration is due, You can use the page only when You have paid the fee. You can then immediately access all the functions of the Community.
A personality test You can find at Turkbase, also, there are no proposals. To meet other people for You to a meaningful profile. In the course of Your registration, You can upload photos and Your Social Media Accounts link. The photos are no longer immediately in Your profile is visible, a check is performed.
Since You’ve already with Your payment of the filing fee as a real user proven, You can, without any further E-mail confirmation with immediate access to the full Website, and Your profile is ready to build on.
The Profiles in Turkbase, unfortunately, are not very appealing. For one, they are frequented heavily by advertising, and on the other there are only a few design possibilities. The user has the possibility to have a own background image, which is used mainly by female members. The male Profiles were not designed in a Test well, here were hardly contained information.
Who is allowed to see the profile, can be defined in the settings. Many users have it set so that you can only be friends, and contacted seen. It is also possible for the profile for all of the community to hide members. Same setting options there are for photo albums. In the Test, most users had blocked their photo albums, and this could only be done by members of the friends list.
Appealing, but much too rare to the free-text function is used. Here, not only texts, but also images and Videos can be posted. There are different font types to choose from, design possibilities with Emoticons, bold font, and italic font are available. We have only found a few Profiles that have made all of these great Features use. The design of the profile in the free text area actually worthy of attention and praise.
The contact Turkbase are varied, but almost exclusively in the Turkish language. Who hopes here with English or German as a mother tongue to find a couple of Turkish friends, will have a hard time. We have not experienced in the Test that on an English-language message has been replied to. Generally, men’s communication-ready than the women, many messages will not be answered. Sent mail to all the members that have set no limit. Costs incurred for this purpose.
The fastest way of contact is in the Chat. With loose talks, friendships and flirtations, which can then be used in a private context, continued to emerge quickly. The Chat works with a Flash Player without Download no access is possible. Most of the Chat is frequented in the evening hours, on the day of the meeting only “on-line cliques” to come up with those hard-to-into the conversation.
Common interests in the Forum to discover, because here will be discussed according to the topics and spoken. Quickly the similarities and the users come into the conversation. It is through the Forum directly to other users with a friend request and to contact them on the profile itself.
This Forum is a place of discussion, here is chit-chat. nds.
In the area of multi-player games, the game will be irritated engine, and with great success. Whether Backgammon or Poker, here all the Users can play with each other or pass the time with single player games. Highscore-lists animate the own performance again and again to beat.
The Chat is the focal point for discussions, here’s a find by users from all over the world. There is laughter, fighting, and flirting. Who is in the Chat you will quickly realize that the contact of joy in the evening is very high and it is fun, easy to talk to.
There is no App of Turkbase, however, the Website is available in a mobile Version via Smartphone access.
“Turkbase is a friendly, Turkish-speaking Community, where each user has the opportunity to find friendships and partnerships. Even if it is primarily a single market, not looking for long-each member for a Partner. Many of the registered members are already forgiven, and only have to meet the interest of people of the same origin. On the profiles of evidence for the relationship status, here are most of the users have actually done that information.
The overall presentation of Turkbase is not particularly impressive, especially the page design is weak and a little reminiscent of a construction kit for Websites. However, it is well known to the contents of, the case and introduced us to the Test. The contact possibilities are endless, the platform is varied and provides numerous learning and job opportunities. The only drawback: Who is the Turkish language is not powerful, has little joy. However, the platform is open to everybody, aimed at Turkish-speaking people and, therefore, this is not surprising. Who would not want to limit his search for a partner on the Turkish Community, should look at Online Dating services.
It is a pity that there is still no App, but there are opportunities on the Smartphone to use the mobile Version. Very nice the use of other Social Media channels in conjunction with Turkbase. Due to the coupling of the Facebook profile, it is to invite, for example, possible for the friends to the friends list (if they have logged in to Turkbase). ”
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Activation of the profile (once)
The activation of the profile is unique, necessary and serves the fake protection. For this purpose, costs in the amount of 5,99 Euro will be due. After the fee is paid, there is no additional cost for Turkbase.
The shipping of the gifts will be paid with points. At these points, it is a virtual currency that has no value. Points can be easily collected by online time.
Who is the Turkish language, with Turkbase a great, friendly Community for quite a lot of fun. Of course, can also sign up Germans, Austrians and Swiss, regardless of the native language. However, since in the forums and other public areas is almost exclusively Turkish is spoken, it could result in communication problems. If you’re looking for a Dating Community with a wide-ranging target audience, should look at single exchanges.
In Turkbase You hit on any lot, mostly Turkish-speaking, Singles that like to socialize. Most of them are in search of a partnership, in part, but sought only to make friends.
In order to be in the Forum actively, You have to do is click the tab “Forum” button, You suitable choose your topic and then Your Post writing.
Sign up everyone is in Turkbase, has the desire to move in a Turkish Community and to develop. There is no country limitation, and no regulations with respect to Your origin.
For security, a fee of 5,99 Euro will establish prior to the activation of a new profile created due. This can be paid by the usual methods, such as Paypal, cell phone billing, or credit card.
With the country filter, You can specify whether You are only allowed to contact users from Your country of origin or also users from other countries.
The network search allows other users on Your profile via Facebook, or and to search their social networks and find.
On other profiles, You will find the Option: “gift sending”. This works by selecting the profile of a Person visiting and then a gift. To send this You need points.
Earn points You can by online activities. You have nothing more to do except to Turkbase to be active. Buy You can’t points.
Via the settings menu You can access at any time to Your profile page and the content completely delete it. A termination is not necessary, because there is no premium paid membership.
No, the offer of Turkbase is aimed at Turkish people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but for every human being open.
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