Treffpunkt18 Test 2019 legitimate sex meetings, or rip-off

Treffpunkt18 Test 2019 legitimate sex meetings, or rip-offTreffpunkt18 Test 2019 legitimate sex meetings, or rip-off

Treffpunkt18 Test 2019 legitimate sex meetings, or rip-off

Treffpunkt18 in the Test of 2019.

We all know him from the ads: The handsome Jeff (“Jeff, my name Jeff”) who advertises on TV for erotic adventure and casual Dating on Treffpunkt18. Whether this is realistic, or miles away from the real possibilities and opportunities to Treffpunkt18 far, we have investigated for you and us to the Portal, and, the represented User is in more detail considered.

In the case of Treffpunkt18 sign up.

Who wants to log in to Treffpunkt18, you should not need more than 5 minutes on this: What gender do you have? Which gender you’re looking for? then E-Mail address, name and password choose, and you can start typing!

As a woman, you may, after confirmation of the E-Mail address with the help of Dr. Match type, means: One selects what one is looking for, and Treffpunkt18 helps you to find suitable partners. On Facebook, you can’t register .

Primary, of course, sexual interests, but you can still answer some questions about himself and his personality and his profile add. The should do especially men, because even if it sounds cliché: women voters are mostly Japanese, and not just jump on the sexy photos, a charming Text can be a crucial point .

Design and operability.

Aesthetes will have little to complain about, because Treffpunkt18 is clear and structured. No countless menu items cluttering the screen. As a result, the page is intuitive and easy to use .

In the bar at the top of the Overview, the search, the mailbox, the accounts area and the paid-for Services, as well as the help. You don’t need to find their way in Treffpunkt18 .

Members Treffpunkt18.

In the case of more than 4.100.000 members should be something for everyone, or not? In fact, it seems to search here for women but a lot easier to be Dating actively, and to find, as for men. Because here, too, there are some Entertainers, the write to the primary there are with men, and especially to new members rush to persuade you to paid services. Each answer to a professional lady costs Coins and you will have to charge at some point with money. A costly Entertainment so!

As a woman you are instantly a Premium member and can Treffpunkt18 take full advantage of: So, women dare to take the first step! Because for men it can be difficult to distinguish the real women from “moderators” and so it can take a long time, until one is written as a woman .

What I write in the profile?

The first impression is very important. The first-the profile photo is, but then you will choose the profile text and the data read on the basis of the overall impression, whether you can imagine with the respective users. Important on Externals and preferences of beneficiary page like this: Fill out the profile completely, upload a photo. Why? Even if, or precisely because, it comes to Sex, you want to satisfy his desires and aspirations, dreams to live out. And where a man or a woman to know if this is suitable To the imagination, if it is a Phantom ?

In addition, the profile questions should be completed – and here, too, please, in detail. Who can write whole sentences, by falls in the other gender is usually in advance. Possible profile questions are as follows:

What 3 things would you take to a desert island? What positive qualities would you when you most want to highlight? You have a first Date with your dream partner. What makes you special idea to impress him/her? What are you looking at first in a woman/a man? What sexual preference do you like the most?

Also in the welcome text, you should show yourself from the best side: This is namely the case of the members of the search displayed right.

Find find.

Who is looking at Treffpunkt18 someone who fits exactly into the own needs and erotic fantasies will be pleased with the extensive search members: Here can be searched in addition to place of residence, age, and preferences of other features:

Women can search for the size and scope of the best piece, and men to the Cup size of the woman.

Generally, all users can search also by size, relationship status and other criteria, such as, for example, Religion, education and languages filters in detail.

Treffpunkt18 Is A Rip-Off?

Anyone who feels betrayed because a real meeting-absence points (according to the name of the page) for the time being, it should be noted that the operator of the site expressly referred to in the company of entertainers. Such guidelines, which must comply with the registration is in the entertainment:

“HQ on the Portal to be used for Marketing purposes, to improve the quality of Service, to the presentation of the news features and entertainment of the users of HQ-created and-operated Profiles. These are marked in the System as follows: (C). With these profiles, no real Meetings are possible. The user can only send messages within the portal, or via SMS or phone contact. Messages via the electronic mailbox are only in the context of the fee-based service possible”

This note is highlighted in bold. It is also recommended in the General price and cost are issues for special services in the entertainment guidelines. Here one learns, for example, that an SMS message costs a animator 1,99€ .

It is also important to note that you can’t meet the ladies behind the animated profiles, and is is here. True to the Motto “look but not touch”, you can cheat with them only in the head and via the Internet have fun, not in reality. Online data here is taken very literally .

Anyone who has lost looking for hot Meet, his patience, and elsewhere, men and women want to look around, can of course also terminate. It is especially important that the deadlines for the notice of termination, or revocation to comply with.

A cancellation up to 14 days after the completion of possible cancellations must be received 10 days prior to the expiry of the contract, should the contract more than a month With a maturity of one month can be the termination for up to 24 hours prior to the end of the contract .

. otherwise the contract will be extended to a subscription.

Cancellations must be in writing to be received – i.e. via Mail, Fax or letter. To be on the safe side, you should familiarize yourself with the Terms and conditions familiar .

Costs and prices.

Duration / Credits / Coins cost per month total silver / month / month / month / Gold / month / month / month platinum / month / month / month Coins / Coin / Coin / Coin / Coin.

Treffpunkt18 Test 2019 legitimate sex meetings, or rip-off

For women everything is free For men free of charge: registration and profiling Simple member Profiles, view messages search read try Now for free .

News detail search adult Chat (with Webcam)write

Treffpunkt18 is one of the largest sites for Dating, however, the prospects for success are here, however, depending on the gender of poorly to moderately. Anyone who logs on will not annoy you may not have to find women who are interested in real Dates – patience is needed Here. Also, as the Social Network, the Portal only works moderately.

Women should take, especially because of their free membership and a Premium account is definitely the Initiative (but better to write that a serious interest in a real Meeting is).

Our assessment is therefore rather neutral – The site is well built and has an attractive Design, members must be clear, though, that real erotic Meeting to be found here are very difficult.

For whom Treffpunkt18 is suitable?

Treffpunkt18 is aimed at users who are in the mood for Sizzling eroticism. Here women and men together, who would like to find an affair, a fling or a sex partner .

The search Treffpunkt18 really works as easily as advertised?

Jeff from the advertising manages to delight in a night of multiple women. Unfortunately, the reality is somewhat different. While there are certainly opportunities to contacts, many of them remain online.

What is the meaning of the contact guarantee at Treffpunkt18?

First of all, the contact warranty sounds great, but in practice, not much behind it. This warranty only means that you don’t have to be in a certain period of time, at least once contact to another Person. This is thanks to the moderated Profiles almost always the case.

What moderated Profiles ?

Moderated Profiles have been created by the operator HQ to get the communication with the – mostly male – members in an Upright position. You’re going to write animated, more Coins to charge and have with these people but no real chances on a Date.

I think in the case of Treffpunkt18 really a Sexdate?

The chances are not so big as you by the operator is suggested. Nevertheless, there are, in addition to the moderated profiles of real women who sign up for Treffpunkt18. If you’re lucky, and such a woman meet, there is a good chance.

Is Treffpunkt18 also suitable for the love ?

No, Treffpunkt18 is intended for women and men who seek not for love but for Sex .

I need at Treffpunkt18 Coins?

With Coins, you can put your own profile in Treffpunkt18 more in the focus. If you have the feeling, not so good to arrive, can Coins help you .

Is my subscription automatically renewed ?

Yes, if you cancel no later than ten days prior to the end of your term, shall be extended to the same time.

Ease of use.

How do I delete my Account at Treffpunkt18?

If you delete a free Account completely, you will need to the Support of Treffpunkt18 an E-Mail, a Fax or a letter.

How do I cancel my membership at Treffpunkt18?

To cancel your paid membership must be made on this notice by letter or Fax. It is a hand-written signature by you is required. In addition, in the termination your user name also be present, such as your real name, and the reason for your termination.

Thank you for your question. We will answer you as soon as possible .

Share your Treffpunkt18 experience.

Here’s genuine Singles share your experience with Treffpunkt18. If You want to share your experiences, did you have a Chance here:

Thanks for your experience report. After editorial review we will publish it here .

Treffpunkt18 Reviews.

I have made single women a good experience .

I have tested Treffpunkt18. Some of this I can confirm: 1. The meeting point 18 is very clear. 2. There are very many members. 3. The S . support Team responds quickly, fixes technical issues and answered the questions correctly (but then, depending on the knowledge of the administrator)disadvantages: 1. The 9,99 Euro 4,99 offers are not lockable. you will be automatically redirected to the subscription (29.99 per month or 3 month package) 2. The subscription cannot be avoided. It will be extended automatically, even if one wishes to appeal. Terminations are sometimes simply ignored. And it is further extended. 3. The page seems to be Professional of the two categories are very popular: In the case of prostitutes, the use of the website, for customer-acquisition. And professional Cam girls that lure men to their – of course, paid Cam sites. I could practically identify every Second as such professionals Ident. Including scammers.(Mostly from Russian Scam organizations) If you report the, they remain, nevertheless, as members. 4. The number of annimateur the inside is very high. You try to lure a in the – very expensive – Chat, or on the phone-variant (also very expensive), I would argue that not even 20 percent of the ladies are “real” members are to contact search. So a maximum of every sixth. “”

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