There are for Secret coupons?

No term of membership in Secret 14-day withdrawal increase right after credit buying opportunities with gift shipping women are paid 1/3 less than men for Occasional promotions will be announced via the Newsletter
How to save costs in Secret?
2) pay attention to special promotions from Secret
What are the special offers get users?
How high are the costs for Single parents?
Are there any hidden costs in Secret?
The Premium membership and why is it worth it?
What are the benefits of paid membership?
There are for Secret coupons? How can I save at the best cost?
Secret is a matchmaking portal for page jumps, in which you complete no term of the contract. Your Account is cancellable at any time, but, nevertheless, the desire for money savings are obviously great. With the following three tips you can try to save money:
Credits you can buy Secret in different packages. If you take a large package, you get a discount. This means that the single Coin for you.
In irregular intervals there is a reduction in costs by The can on special days, such as Valentine’s day, but also be spontaneous occasionally. There are two types of actions, either Secret lowers the purchase price of the Credits, or the cost for individual actions, such as sending messages.
On portals such as you can find and vouchers for the partner stock exchange Secret, which are, however, usually only in the case of a new application. For example, there are offers such as “sign up and 20% discount on the first credit purchase to cash”.
Unfortunately, there are only a rare action for the active members of the platform, the best opportunities there are on days like Valentine’s day, Christmas, or the like. Nevertheless, it is worth it to subscribe to the Newsletter here and take a look. Actions and a reduction of the credit price will be announced here. To give the beginning of your membership you some Credits . Also for actions, e.g. Upload a profile photo, there are once again free currency. If you’re a gambler, you can multiply your Credits in the Casino. A slot machine is available at the you up to 100 Credits can win. But beware: easy come-easy go, As they who plays can lose.
Whether a lone mother or father plays with no role at all. The prices are the same for all participants valid, women pay, on average, 1/3 as much as men. For a time there was the rumor that women can secret.

is more convenient. In order for women to be the entry facilitates, in addition, the willingness to be awakened to respond to messages from men.
In terms of cost is very transparent, everything runs on a Prepaid Basis. If you register, you will receive a gift of 30 Credits, which you can use to test the Portal. If you are shopping for more Credits like you see in advance how many costs you incur. There is no term of membership, if your Credits are depleted you need to recharge it manually. Unlike sites such as Parship or Lovescout24 there is no automatic renewal option, as there is no classic Premium membership. If you have accidentally bought a large credit pack, or realize that you may not use the Service, you can use within 14 days of your right of withdrawal. Note, however, that you Secret will not reimburse cost of already used Credits back.
The classic Premium membership it is not Secret, nevertheless, it is worth your own account with Credits to increase. There are several reasons that speak for an investment:
In particular, female members have it it’s not easy. Many men will contact you and the ladies must explore the wheat from the chaff. If you collect points for you, you can do this through the use of Credits. You don’t show this woman that you’re with the Dating really serious, but this could get you a few sympathy points. In Secret, there is the Option to send gifts that you will pay with Credits. Price vary of these gifts, there are cheap gifts and much more expensive. Even if you don’t choose the most expensive gift you don’t want to can leave an impression, if it is also the cheapest bargains from the gift shop.
Erotic sexual fantasies and a Partner who, exactly, these lives can be. The search for the members of Secret and everyone would like to get to know the matching counterpart. So you’re not the learning process is restricted, it is advisable to use Credits. Received messages can be answered, for example, only once, if you have further contact with the Person want to, it needs Cash. Quick responses are an important aspect in the chances of success, therefore, it has crucial benefits, if you have the wherewithal to have the money in the Form of Credits in the bag. You charge answer you want to show your conversation partner that you are worth the investment and give him a good feeling.
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