The Societal Value of Plastic Surgery

Mention plastic surgery and more than a few people will roll their eyes. The surgical niche is often derided given some of the rather odd looking celebrities that flash across the television screen from time-to-time. In truth, plastic surgery does have a societal value and shouldn’t be derided.

The value of plastic surgery should be to the patient in question. I once dated a young lady who though her ears made her look like Horton of “Horton Hears a Who” fame. They didn’t, but it really bugged here. Finally, she saved up some money and got them worked on. It made a world of difference to her and her confidence level shot through the roof.
For her, the change was well worth it and the same can be true for anyone who has that one nagging problem that can be safely modified.

Then there are the necessary plastic surgeries that undertaken because they are needed.

There are endless cases where children or adults are hurt in an accident and plastic surgery is used to deal with scars, burns and what have you. The same goes for breast cancer patients who get reductions and seek out cosmetic solutions afterwards. I doubt anyone would object to such forms of cosmetic surgery.

Now, can people go completely overboard with body modification? Sure. People can go completely overboard with anything and they often do. When we see them get tattoos of the number of their favorite sports hero or school, we don’t condemn the practice of tattooing or the sport in question. Why then do we do it with cosmetic surgery? Perhaps it is simply that many people view it as a form of vanity.

Plastic surgery has its positive and negative aspects. For such a benign thing, I am always fairly shocked to see how fired up people become about it. If you think it is a crime against our basic nature, keep in mind that it does have societal value. This is particularly true for those who need it to deal with a medical condition.

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