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strong focus on alternative ways of life a very extensive personality test focus between 30 and 49 years of age in small towns, very few partners a few payment options available
Registration process and profile creation
Design, functionality and usability
The Community is primarily aimed at women and men who are able to draw the main stream of movement nothing. A main part of the members lives vegetarian or vegan and looking for like-minded people. Behind unison is a carefully and lovingly constructed matchmaking, which is especially suitable for those looking for a solid partnership. Alternatively, and in addition, but also to friendships and travel companions are looking for. The concept of matchmaking is carried out according to the principle of Similarity. On the basis of a psychological questionnaire, a personality profile is created, which other users can be displayed. Partner proposals are preferably created to match the personality of its own. Users continue to have the opportunity to make specifications to the type of person you are looking for. Very positive is the Integration and acceptance of people with a physical or mental disability. Unison offers a relaxing atmosphere for people from different social strata. Homosexual academics are just as welcome as heterosexual craftsmen. Whether diet, way of life or political disposition, and in unison, people with alternative life habits in the center. Earlier, in reply to the questionnaire, all possible contingencies are taken into account, to create an accurate personality profile.
For the registration in the same tone, the new member should take at least two hours of time. After entering personal data and E-mail address the implementation of the personality tests is carried out in nine stages. The questions are very extensive, and in spite of One-click reply it takes at least an hour, until all the questions are answered. The more carefully the Test is carried out, the more suitable the partner’s proposals are at the end.
The profiling relates directly to the personality test. Here there are many ways to present itself to the Community as sympathetic.
The profile is divided into the following sections:
The “Person” reflects the answers from the personality test. Here is information on the dietary habits, the profession and the family be made. Also the Hobbies has already been created in the course of the test procedure. The answers will be taken and clearly presented. Hobbies are divided into different areas, for this purpose, the shape of the end of art, socializing and education areas. In the area of the most common questions asked look. What is the body size, what weight, and is wearing a “man” with a Beard? Some questions, such as, for example, the question of body hair can be skipped. The special features refers to the erotic aspects of life partner. The importance of the sexual encounters plays a role, as with any existing interest in a BDSM relationship. With photo galleries, members get the opportunity to others in the community to give participants an insight into his own life. Each gallery can be published for all members of the same sound or are only accessible to individual people.
The approximately 16,000 members of the portal are very sociable and quick to respond to messages received. Not always interested in a Person, but the messages are then answered in General, friendly with a rejection. The tone with each other is polite and moves on a high level.
Unison makes no secret of the fact that the target audience is more of an alternative-thinking company and, in particular vegetarians to be addressed. Also, people with different political interests than the Mainstream, and people with a high affinity for nature will find here a second home.
Impressive is the personality test, which is based on many areas of alternative life. Whether you have questions relating to one’s own relationship to the environment, or issues of sexuality, here, all possible areas are covered. The 9-part Test is a bit long-winded, comprehensive evaluation, however, compensates for this. We found it very interesting and applicable, to read the character classification of the portal. The question algorithm is based on a scientific Background, with the test results, we were able to identify us. Due to the ease of use of the portal, it is possible here for people with mental disabilities, and seniors to easily use the advantages of Online matchmaking. Very fair sound shows at the time of payment. Through the offered social tariff are people in Hartz integrated 4 reference or other weidig very low incomes in society and the opportunity to get to find a Partner or friendships. Due to the payment obligation prior to the activation of the membership, there is equal to none in sound bodies. Anyone who registers here will remain active and this is reflected in the high willingness to Answer to messages.
The contact when the same sound is made through the messaging system of the Community. Shortly after signing up partners submitted proposals. All of these Profiles can be viewed and tested. In the case of sympathy can be made by message to the contact.
Outside of the matchmaking sound offers some of the same functions that serve the purpose of pastime and entertainment. The following functions are to be found in the community area: The sound is equal to-Blog: The sound of the same Blog offers variety and fun within the Community. The focus is on the search for a partner. With self-test, the members can learn more about yourself. Numerous tips allow for better, safe handling with the model of online Dating. Free E-mail address for members Each member of the Community has the opportunity to create a free E-mail address. This ends on and is available for the entire period of community use. Seminars for non-members and members Not every man is fighting a lot of relationship experience, some with difficulties in the relationship management. The Team of the same sound offers these people offline seminars to improve skills in the area of relationship management. The seminars can also visit people who are sound-not a member of the same. Advertising opportunities for friends: Who wants to invite his own friends to the same sound, several options for this. The invitation can be done in the following Ways:
A simple Design improves the possibilities of use also for people with little Internet experience. The individual areas are well-schildet, emerging questions are automatically declared. Upon registration, new members will be guided through the personality test, answering individual questions is a simple click of a mouse.

s a mnemonic in the main menu.
There are no differences in terms of the membership costs for men and women, the same sound also socially vulnerable people, to enable participation in the Community. Low-income people have the possibility to use the discounted annual rate of 62.00 euros. Proof of need is not necessary, consonance relies on the honesty of the members. In the case of very severe financial problems of the special social tariff can be granted. This is only provided to individual members, if they apply directly to the Support of the same sound. The need must be demonstrated in this case, for example, by providing a Hartz-4-decision.
A Portal of high quality, who will be recorded in logs here in the lap of a well-functioning Community is sound. With a lot of passion and heart blood, the partner is guided placement of the operators. The difference compared to mass platforms is clearly noticeable, it is in the same sound family and friendship.
The idea of I like it in principle. One thing to be said to those interested The database is small. You want to increase its own chances, you must set the ZIP code Radius of search. Although I live in a large city, are very few proposals under the 100 km distance. The shapes, of course, the learning process and should result in a relationship, you need to be Concerned ready, either on a long-distance relationship, to discontinue or seriously with the parade theme, as well as all follow-up questions that hang in there on it.I am now since 2 1/2 months for the same sound and are looking for a classic couple’s relationship. After, I met two gentlemen in my list – both of weglebend – I’m now a little tired, to devote myself next to a densely – filled everyday life, yet a time is not easy-to-integrate Search-and learning process. I see my contribution as a contribution for a good cause, even if I will not extend the subscription very likely.
Total tutelage of the TeilnehmerMan can, in principle, only with people in contact t, to be specified by the System. Everything else is not possible!!!! When I look at me now, one of the proposals – and this, for whatever reason, want to delete, I need to comment on each of these, with an E-Mail. Otherwise, the Person remains forever in the suggestion list gets longer with time, with people who don’t interest me at all. Totally annoying and ineffective. An absolute “No Go”!This procedure is forced upon the participants. You can’t deal definitely! I want to leave as a grown man not to suggest that I have not chosen themselves, but which were me given by the System / machine (behind the operator are as a people and the associated programming), not to say, what I have to do and not to do. It has no access to participant – except those proposed by the System. All the other you can not call and also does not see. You read that right!Total Paternalism. It advertises that it is a holistic, conscious and social participants. The procedure of the operator is not the right one unfortunately. The participants will not be left to self-responsible and neutral, how you use the Portal and also do not want to use.I know of several participants of the portal from my circle. With the consequences of the forced approach, the inefficiency and the resulting pre-programmed misunderstandings all have a Problem. After a short time you all have lost the desire to dasPortal. You will be inactive. This has reasons, which are not easy for the participants, but rather the operator.On an E-Mail to the operator, there was still no answer. People, the other taste like before, to escape the reaction, and then also through ignorance. The quality and the consciousness of a portal, however, are always dependent on the operator!
So far, the only proposals of the distance
The same sound is suitable for all women and men who belong to the alternative scene. It is here taken into consideration different preferences. With 20 percent of the proportion of homosexuals are Looking for is quite high, also sexual people have also a Chance. Vegetarians and Vegans will find great opportunities in consonance with the right Partner, because of the emphasis on this form of nutrition. Of course meat eaters are welcome at the same sound to search for the happiness.
The Support is available to all members free of charge. Support is provided both by E-Mail, as well as by phone. In the case of the use of the E-Mail Support, it may take a few days until the desired response is received.
Currently, the matchmaking is not available as an App.
To use the same sound on the phone, you will need a mobile Browser. This Website allows you to access and the Login data to use.
Who wants to terminate his membership in the Community, you can do this easily by E-Mail to the Support. It is also possible the cancellation request, in writing, to Express by letter,.
The membership is not terminated, it shall be extended to the previously selected period of time. In the case of the same sound, however, there is no notice period. The notice of termination until the last day of the term of membership. Is terminated before the expiry of the period of membership, may not be reimbursed of the unused period.
The social tariff is intended to provide people with very low income a Chance of Online Dating. The operators ask that this function is not exploited. The cost of the site is not covered by the cost of the memberships, the social tariff is a very, very friendly. Used can be, for example, of people in receipt of social assistance.
In this Community there is not only the possibility to search for a permanent Partner, but also to friendships. For this purpose, two separate search profiles are created in the same Account. In the course of the personality test friendship be queried for relevant topics. On the basis of these results, the friendship of the proposals are based.
No, because the user will only see the Profiles of the land as a partner in proposal in own mailbox.
The number of partner proposals cannot be predicted. There are several criteria which are responsible for this. On average, men received more than 140 proposals, while women get about 98 proposals. Depending on the number of proposals, but also of the own search criteria. Anyone looking for regional limited, and also in a small town lives, has significantly worse odds. According to the operators, about two percent of the members received little to no suggestions. This is usually the place of residence. The members in the Switzerland and in Austria is still very low.
We create You a free, personal recommendation
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