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Cougar Dating – If the age is only a number
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My personal Cougar-Dating experience as a man
“Toyboys” are the younger lovers or Affairs, Mature women Hollywood, Sex and the City s to make’. Demi Moore nabbed the 15 years younger Ashton Kutcher, Madonna lusted after the Brazilian Supermodel “Jesuz”: What is the deal with the loot campaign, more Mature ladies?
When Cougar Dating it turns, in General, that a Mature lady is looking for a much younger man in the exercise of their sexual preferences, or – in rare cases – even for a relationship. In the normal use of language is the term “Cougar” for Puma or mountain lion. In Slang parlance, the Parallel lies in the silvery fur of the silver lion, similar to the hair colour of older women, and on the other hand, the craving after fresh prey.
According to the legend, the word Cougar was used originally as a reduction for older women in a Bar at the end of the Evening with a leftover boy to go home. In the past few years, the term got however, a positive link has not been used for more Mature Ladies that know exactly what they want and have the money and self-confidence, to get it.
The first apparent encounter with this phenomenon had the Most in the Film American Pie, where “Stifler’s Mom” (Jennifer Coolidge, born. 28. August 1961) had something to with a Younger. From the point of view of the young men this Hot Cougar was a MILF (Mother I Like to F*ck). And it is precisely so that these attractive older ladies to play. They are aware of their stimuli confident and puts you in a targeted way to meet their own needs.
In this article, You don’t know means just what the term Cougar is and where he comes from. You’ll get tips and Tricks for both sides, the single-minded Cougar and the curious “Cub” [Young].
If a Mature woman is looking for a young man to go to bed then is not shilly-long. So we plunge into the adventure:
The Background of the Cougar Dating phenomenon is that men have their sexual peak around 20, whereas women are only 35 in their sexual center and feel at home. An imbalance, which has relationships with a larger age difference. The increasing self-reliance and independence of women contributes to the fact that the provider role of the man in the Background moves and the claims of a woman convert to a relationship. Outdated Role models and, thus, the entrenched idea that women have to have a same age or older Partner is changing.
That men would like to decorate with younger women, and this recognition and a piece of youth looting is socially accepted. However, women enjoy more and more the confirmation by a young, bright people to your page.
Any preference to be Forum! A special platform offers the best possibility of people with the same interests together. And so there are also a couple of portals, specializing in Cougars and Toyboys.
TIP: In many city magazines, there is information to events where you can meet older women with the same interests. Read pure change.
Trust Your feeling and Your knowledge of human nature.

gined a reversal of the male-female interaction, where at the end of a dinner, paid for the woman and the man recognizes himself. I thought to myself, I was me all the circumstances, he is aware of what could happen to me, as I gave in to this thing. So I jumped into the cold water.
When I look back, I remember that the Dates with the older women were a difficult balancing act between excitement and discomfort. Although it’s fantastic to be invited to a fine Dinner and have not society, which also says to pillow talk no, before it came to me in the end, so that the women regarded me simply as a living sex toy. Some Ladies also insisted to live the role relationship matriarch and subjugated Cougar-Cub, which for me has no potential for a serious relationship. Based also on reciprocity.
I can only assume with a Mature woman, if You have something Different you want to experience. You won’t usually only invited and well fed, to pay instead of bill yourself, but have also good chances to become ‘the’ tasted. To me, these women and their stories have shown that sexual Desire ceases in old age. They knew what they wanted and took it. I’ll probably leave again one day on a trip to the valley of the Cougars organization to me then as a tasty prey succumbed to.
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