The Easiest Way To Start A Conversation – Gossip About Celebrities

If you every get stuck in a tight corner at social function, and have no one to talk to, just approach any couple and ask them if they have heard anything about some Hollywood stars’ divorce or scandal. You will instantly initiate a conversation which will make you friends for the entire evening.

Everyone is obsessed by celebrity gossip. Once the name of a famous Hollywood star is mentioned, everyone in the conversation will have his or her views and opinions.

There is a multi billion dollar industry that revolves around the lives of Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities. We are obsessed by what certain actors eat, drink, drive, the clothes they wear, the perfumes they use, etc. Every famous celebrity has a swarm of paparazzi that follow them wherever they go. These paparazzi make a living taking photographs. They haunt and stalk the stars to such an extent that the celebrities get very annoyed at being followed. There have been many famous incidents where some stars have lashed out at the paparazzi.

The print media, radio, television and internet is rife with celebrity gossip, and this makes the affairs of various celebrities very easy to follow, because we are constantly made aware of the goings on of the most famous stars. We probably hear more about celebrities in the media than politicians and other influential people.

Whether celebrity gossip is a worthwhile topic to dwell on is debatable. How much knowledge can you get from talking about other people’s lives? But on the other hand if you are well versed in the life of a famous celebrity, you may become the center of conversation at any party.

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