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Creating an account is simple and in less than two minutes, The page has a java-based Chat Software Is the Chat, and due to the Flirt Design and technology are outdated – Without Java-Plugin is nothing here, There are very a lot of advertising
The sign-in process on super chat. Even a beginner with the opening of the account in less than two minutes. Super chat is only a few information in the registry will requires confirmation mail with a password is often sent only hours later
You can a lot of information on super chat Overall the design is to enter flexible, allowing you to reveal a lot about you can You can create a Blog and make regular Posts to publish
Super chat combines many of the Features can be used to contact the members in addition to the Chat, you can also mail and other options with members to contact The contact of other members is on super chat comparatively easy
On super chat and more men than women are registered, A majority of the members is about 30 years, but also younger Users are logged on to super chat To the number of members, there is currently no real data
There is no super chat Download ready The Features are in the mobile view, all of usable Quality, the mobile view is, however, friendly to the expansion expressed in terms of capable of
Technically, the page works reasonably well, The Design is reminiscent of earlier days, and is not any more time according to The Performance is good and the Chat is running stable
Super chat is an Austrian Chat Portal, that already for many years online and has a great popularity.
The Austrian Chat and Community Portal super chat is already for more than 18 years online and counting according to own statements the largest portals in Austria. Since February 2000, a User can chat there, have fun and the flirt factor live. However, the page is far more than just a chat portal. If you are super chat register, you with other users in a variety of Games to test, or you in the Forum, actively participate in discussions. Actually, super chat is free to use, but the site offers a VIP area. There, you can build a Blog, create polls, or chat mail filters. The User on the Portal are active and polite, although some members have unique intentions. During the day, only a few Users are active, but in the evening you can there is to many lonely hearts, and new Acquaintances meet. What convinced super chat? The Portal is also suitable for the life partner? In this super chat, we will check the Portal to the heart and kidneys. You can also learn in the experience report all the important Details.
With regard to the registration process on super chat, we can tell a lot. The site is easy to navigate, making the registration is fairly simple. This is in any case an advantage, especially since you as a User, there are only a few information make need. However, a negative aspect has become a super chat. The confirmation mail will be sent only hours later. This is, in any case, bad, because only you, the account is activated, you can begin the Chat and the Portal to explore. It looks the other way from this point, the registration of users is kept friendly. Nevertheless, this aspect clouds the overall picture a little.
Super chat is a diverse Portal. Not only have the possibility to use the chat rooms and to socialize. With regard to the design of the profile you have set just to have a free Hand and can exactly how much you about yourself. After you’ve created an account on the site, you can log in and with the completion of start. Under the headings of profile, favorites, interests, pictures, Motto, or greetings you can complete your profile. Always remember that a completely filled out profile for other Users looks interesting. If you flirt so super chat, or meet new people want to know, is a complete profile of the basic requirement. Overall, this shows that super chat is multi-faceted and far more than just a regular chat portal. Fake Profiles are there, but the number keeps clearly in the frame.
In contrast to many other Chat and Community portals, you will get to the Chance to the User in various Ways. This we would like to introduce to you in Detail.
The usual way in to a Community Portal with other users to interact with the Writing of news. On super chat, which is solved relatively easily. If you like a profile, you can send a message. This is nothing New and is perfectly simple to handle.
The Chat is, so to speak, one of the most important areas on super chat. There are different rooms and as User, you have the Chance, other members in private or directly in the Chat to get in contact with. The Chat is used by most users and is a super chat one of the most used functions. Unfortunately we had when Chatting in trouble. Even though we were logged in, we could not rooms in the chat, the message “You’re logged in to the Chat. Please wait for the Chat to fully load.” appeared again and again, no matter how often we – and again ausloggten.
On super chat you have with the guestbook the possibility of other love to. You should like a User, you can leave a message. To super chat shows that it is a broad-based Portal, and many of the functions in the contact with the members.
Under the forums you have the Chance to actively integrate different topics. So you can write on such topics as Computer, Hobby or classifieds something.
With regard to the membership structure, there is not much to report. The level of the members is a chat portal is quite pleasant, however, so many Users are online like on other sites. According to our estimates, about 4,000 members registered at super chat. nusual and that the majority of the chat portals.
On the subject of super chat App, there are not to report to much, actually. An App on the iOS and Android Store is not available. If you chat on the go use, you can only use the mobile view. This, however, is optimized only due to the mobile and not the quality of convince.
Anyone who logs in to super chat, which will not only stand out, that one feels transported back here to the internet time-more than just a couple of years. It is also running into technical difficulties. Here is all the more striking then, how long on the page, no Update was made. In our experiments, about the Chrome Browser to log in, appeared a note that the Java support in the browser be turned off. In fact, Chrome offers no support – since 2015. As a super chat user, you don’t have to rely on other Browser. This is the super chat-note, among other things, to the Netscape Communicator recommends(!) which is the 2006(!) was set.
When Logging in on the home page, you can select the area in which you want to log in. “Erotic” or “General”. When we tried it, we were advised that our Nickname is not allowed on the adult server. Our test nick name, a male first name and a number (no, not 69!) should not be allowed, due to possible misunderstandings? Here, we had to wonder.
We then followed a spur of the moment. The previously mentioned number, it was an 89, can be used as the birth year number is understood. Some time ago the class of ’89 was still a minor and we suspect that the erotic industry has a lock, which has also not been updated. With a different name and one of the “older” number, we were able to log in, finally easily in the erotic area. Here, then chat rooms to Sex issues, or even more targeted “X seeking Y”rooms. Also, the advertising is no longer in the adult-youth free.
We create You a free, personal recommendation
On super chat, the Use of the normal functions is free of charge. If that’s not enough, however, you are a Chat User are body and soul, is the VIP package is just Right for you. As a VIP, you’ll enjoy some of the special amenities. To super chat, you can integrate as a VIP, pictures in your profile motto. In addition, advanced guestbook, or even more entries in the list of friends available to you. The exact benefits you will find below.
Please note that you will receive when booking a stay of six months, also spin points. So you get as a loyalty bonus for six months 10 spin points for 12 months chat gives you Super even 25 points.
The conclusion to the super chat Review is an average. Any Dating prospects of success on super chat are similarly low as in other chat portals. Who in the old technology, don’t mind or who would like to indulge in a bit of Internet nostalgia, you can pay a visit to the page quite a visit. The best of this is the Internet Explorer use – the more modern the Browser, not in so well with the outdated Software. If you are looking for but for a relationship, flirting and getting to know people, you should look at more over at our partner exchanges. Super chat is not suitable as a chat portal. In addition to the different s chat rooms you can use other features to try and new contacts close. With regard to the membership structure, so are logged on to super chat even some of the younger members, but the majority is beyond 30. During the day, only a few Users on the Portal, but in the evening many Hundreds of members cavort on the page.
Super chat is an Austrian Chat and Community Portal. On the page you can chat with members and new social contacts close.
Super chat had its Launch in the year 2000. Accordingly, the Portal is one of the oldest and can look back on more than 18 years of experience.
Super chat is not a chat portal, but also offers many Community Features. The Opening of an account on the site is completely simple. Even for beginners, the registry presents no challenges and is done in about two minutes.
Super chat is one of the popular chat portals in Austria. Several Hundred members are logged on to the Portal. So you can as a registered Users chat, make new acquaintances, close or exciting Game to try out.
Rather less. In our Test, we have found out that super chat is more of a Chat and Community Portal. Flirt, have fun and new socialize on super chat.
It depends on what you’re looking for on the chat portal. Who is looking for the Partner for life, you will probably not be able to find. But to have fun and Flirt super chat is quite.
On super chat, the majority of moves by the members above 30 years of age. However, even younger people can be found on the page.
The main functions are to super chat without the cost. But if you have to use all the available Features and the experience of lifting, the VIP membership is exactly right.
Occasionally, it may happen that the page is maintained. In the normal case, the page works technically flawless.
On the Community Portal super chat, you can try out different games. Among other things, you can make new contacts with a game of chess or Backgammon. Also Four in a row, Reversi, or ships included are sink in the offer of the page.
Super chat is constantly striving to operate a functioning Service. However, it may happen that the Mail will only be sent a few hours later. It is best if you bring patience. The Mail should not be sent, however, even so, you can contact the customer service.
If you have a Problem with the User and it can not clarify in person, you’ll find advice under the help section. There you will learn is exactly what to do.
This page is also available in the following countries: AT

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