Sugardaters Test September 2019 – Find Sugarbabes & -daddy’s

Sugardaters Test September 2019 - Find Sugarbabes & -daddy's

Sugardaters Test September 2019 - Find Sugarbabes & -daddy's

Sugardaters Test September 2019 - Find Sugarbabes & -daddy's

Sugardaters in the Test of 2019.

Sugardaters is a Cougar-Dating-Portal in Denmark, this has been there since the spring of 2014. Here, young sugar Babes and sugar boys can leave from more Mature sugar daddy and Sugar Mama’s on a Budget, pamper .

What makes Sugardaters so special?

Sugardaters advertises that people can easily meet up quickly. Members know exactly what you want and what you don’t want to. In Sugardaters to communicate directly and openly, so that without much ADO, directly to the, so it is registered there. This was confirmed during our field test. The members who have reported back, came directly to the point .

“can it, private 0176 talk…” “because I always play with open cards, in advance for the Info: I am married and will not change that.”

Review of sugar daddy, Thomas, 40 years.

I am now since 2 years Sugardaters “active”. Why am I on this page? Because I’m looking for next to my child life is a balance, off the beaten tracks, with occasional Meetings and everything, what both desire. I’m not logged in on other pages. The time is missing me… You will learn easy to know people – and now all I get is people looking for the “love of your life” to the “people for the occasional Meeting”. I have already the one or the other meeting, even as everything was actually – there was what, which I got up at the first Meeting for a coffee and gone, because they wanted to have a large amount of money only for their kindness to you may meet. With a there is a loose contact and was with the I took at the first Meeting directly in a hotel room :d Even if it’s not normally my type, but to the lady, no more – but even THAT was an experience. In General, the Meeting, all according to the same scheme (at least for me), to meet, to knock a meal or a coffee or a beer, let’s, if we understand each other, and whether the interest for “more” is (I think You know what I mean with “more”: D).

Primary for me also it has the fun, the escape from everyday life. I’m frustrated neither / nor “underutilized”, but sometimes the Kick, time to try something Else missing. I’m in a senior internal function and in the whole of Germany, and partly in use around the world, it is quite a challenging Job but I feel very much at ease and enjoy the little escape from the everyday.

What you need to do in order to Sugardaters to be successful?

The decisive factor for your success is to follow the specific rules of the game of Sugardaters. Remember: it is all about, here meet people who know what they want, and this also directly and clearly communicate. Tell it to your profile – write a direct Text that addresses only the Sugardaters, in which you have interest. What are you gonna do, are you looking for someone for a night, for a holiday or for long term? What do you imagine of activities? What you should bring to your Partner? What are your Strengths and weaknesses are ?

Don’t forget also, statement upload photos. Then only your chances to find someone who has a Meeting, but you will see the profile photos of other members and can better pick and choose for you the question is not will increase, and can you cover letter.

In the case of communication, it helps to be charming and self-aware, are Sugardaters. But be careful that you’re not too directly – to avoid desires for the bed and show respect.

Sign in to Sugardaters is easy and only takes a few minutes. It fills in only the most important information before the registration is completed:

The state of address profile-name Email-address password Are you a sugar babe/Sugarboy/sugar daddy/sugar Mama?

Here it is important to note that you can not contact as a sugar daddy or sugar Mama later sugar Babes and sugar boys and the other way around, while it is possible, for example, to contact you as a sugar Mama and a sugar daddy. These words also say not necessarily about the age, but only if you have the ways to spoil someone, or whether you want to be rather spoiled .

Then you just need to confirm his E-Mail address before the profile is created. Thereafter, the profile must be completed with the following information.

the appearance (size, weight, figure, Tattoos, skin type and body Piercing) to request the style (level of education, Job) Life free Text.

If you don’t do this, you can’t receive messages or send. This is when the profile has been checked and activated .

In the case of your account information, you can easily E-Mail notifications off or change your password.


About the partners the proposals in the menu bar to match its search criteria, contact suggestions .

The contact proposals, there is the possibility to search by name and modify his search criteria .

the search area (country, state, city) – can be unlimited given a lot of places or regions, if you add “More” Logged in click appearance (size and weight), sex (sugar daddy or sugar Mama and Sugarboy or sugar babe) age range (at Any time/Since your last Login/Today/last week/Last month) Only with profile photo Yes/no.

Then the Profiles are displayed in a clear Tile, with a picture (if available), user name (the very statement is usually strong), age, place of residence and when he or she was last online .

If you want to contact someone, you have to visit the profile. There you can approve the user access to the private photos, if you have chosen a private photo album. Here is also the possibility to send him or her a first message. As soon as the first message is posted, it will appear in the “Post” (at the top of the menu). The Post can subsequently be used for further contact .

In the news you can see clearly when the message was sent, and when the message from the other was opened, if at all.

Even with the Premium version you can send a maximum of 5 messages per day. The scheme sucks, if you are logged in and just a little bit of want trial and error, but in the long term sense. So you write only that you find really interesting, and it is not started – this means you don’t know that it is one of countless other .

Profile quality.

The Profiles are usually well filled, wherein the free texts of the length vary greatly .

All of the photos and even the profile texts are not released immediately, but only manually from the Sugardaters employees tested. The examination lasts between 2 and 24 hours.

In addition, there is the Gentleman Rating, that can warn members. This Profile and the contact members are of reputable and safe.

There is a public and a private Album. Public images from other Sugardaters are only visible if you have uploaded a picture. Sugar daddies and sugar mamas have one more variant, you can also see public photos without even a picture to upload – but only if you have a Premium Account. The photos from the private Album have to be individually released to a member, thus it can look at the photos. For sugar daddies and Mamas in turn, this applies only if you have a Premium Account .

Photos that are very similar to the model photos, you need to be verified before they are unlocked. You have to under “your photos” at the very bottom, upload a photo, you’re holding up a sign, on the “Sugardaters” on it.

If you have not done this and your photo was rejected, you can E-Mail to write with the rejected image, and the verification photo in the Appendix.

So you can prove practically that you really are on the image – Similarity should be present 🙂

For the photos and the profile, there are strict guidelines, such as no insults, no Nude photos, your face must be recognizable in photos, no Logos may be. In the event that you get a Person annoyed or profile seems to be in spite of strong Reviews, untrustworthy, can be blocked by the user or you should report the profile, so that it will be deleted .

Design and operation.

The Design of Sugardaters is kept very simple. In the menu you can only be on the private profile is accessed, the Inbox, partner proposals, and “Home”, which provides General information, such as the number of profile visits, requests for private photos, number of messages since the last visit, Status (membership, profile text and pictures permit), latest blog entries and latest partner suggestions.

The Design seems to have been part of something medieval-like of the colors and the possibilities. From time to time, it does not give a good impression, if, for example, the fonts overlap. There are basically but the most important functions without a lot of bells and whistles, so that you find yourself quickly.

So far, no App for Sugardaters is offered.

Sugardaters Blog.

In the Sugardaters Blog, there are many current articles on interesting topics, such as why sugar Dating a sugar Mama to data, tips for new Sugardaters or the profile image is better than normal Dating, reasons, what men or women in the opposite sex find sexy etc. Also, there are regular surveys, the results of which you can see in the Blog. Here, for example, asked whether men prefer real or fake Breasts .

Prostitution or the exchange of contacts?

At first glance, Sugardaters acts as a mediation for paid Sex. If you are busy, but closer to the Portal and the members, you will quickly notice how one-sided this view is. There are a few sugar Babes and boys who assume that you will be rewarded for Meeting and possible Sex. It will not perhaps even a few sugar daddies and mamas (probably because you know how it works actually), but the absolute majority of members rejected this behavior to be decided. Apart from this, fee says of Sex and escort services in Sugardaters strictly, members of the disabled are violated .

Most of it is about sharing the joys of life, to spoil someone and be spoiled, in holidays together and travel, and to feel by gifts and invitations better. That’s why there’s a sugar date-to-many relationship is always a Daddy or a Mom, so a successful Part with money, and a younger Part of the want to be pampered – sugar Babes and Toyboys. These must not be poor, but just want to be in the role of to be worn on hands .

The main thing, the relationship has Benefits for both the same. The typical sugar Mama is a successful professional or wealthy heiress, and has to find difficulties in real life a Partner to. Maybe you want just a uncomplicated relationship or your desire to run free. It uses Sugardaters to learn young men to know. Spend your time with, the sugar Mama, and also benefit from the material advantages of this relationship. In principle, both to ensure that it goes to the other well, with the resources available to you .

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