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Stayfriends combines old school friends – very many users logged – targeted search for classmates – many memories class photos – not a classic Dating portal – without the gold membership, no photos visible
Registration and profile creation
Registration is quick and easy photos of then and now useful upload images without activation, immediately possible profile design, a very detailed possible school needs to be selected in the login process
Profiles are friendly, many of the Profiles are designed without photos boost functions not only with gold membership photos can be seen the profile has run, the character of a life
Contacts can possible at the same school direct contact will only be added to by message is possible, indirect contact, in groups, with a focus on the playable games are possible, it is together available to send messages without a gold membership
available in Google Play available in the Apple App Store not available in the Windows Phone Store App stripped-down version of the desktop mode is completely free
all genders pay the same price no age-specific differences in costs of notice up to 48 hours prior to membership to the end of the automatic extension to the same duration in case of non-termination termination at any time in the Account
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You can Stayfriends all the people, with whom you used to together the school down.
Stayfriends is not a classic Dating portal, but a platform to old school to find friends. After registration, You from what school are looking for You have visited and will then be shown who Your classmates are logged in already and has been listed. You can now select multiple schools, it was at the beginning of Stayfriends. On the basis of the specified graduation year You will automatically classmates from Your Year. Targeted Dating is Stayfriends, however, not possible. Here it happens rather by the way that two old school friends suddenly find that there could be a little more. It is quite possible to find at Stayfriends a Partner, it is the main goal.
The login for Stayfriends has to be done with the right, personal data, these will be displayed on the Website. Only in this way, it is possible that former classmates can find You after You and find You. If You’re already married, You should have Your previous name if You have changed Your name.
The profiling takes only little time, since the most of the information can be comfortably selected by clicking the mouse. The most important thing is that You’re looking for chronological order of the visited schools out. It is the first letter enough, the Drop-Down menu, You then automatically suggestions. Select Your schools and Your graduation year. You will receive automatically all the classmates of the same class are displayed and can add them to Your contacts.
During the profile position, You will be asked for a photo of the school and a current picture. These two images will be displayed for Your profile visitors, side by side. Many of your classmates You haven’t seen any for years, and you remember Your earlier appearance. Here is the old photo helps, while the new image shows, what happened to You.
Matching suggestions and Dating suggestions it is Stayfriends, because it is a classic Dating portal. You will receive, however, comrades of the proposals to the former class, whom You might know.
The Profiles at Stayfriends does not correspond to the classical Dating profile, but are more like a resume. Here is listed, which schools were attended and how the career is expired. For old school friends which is interesting because everyone wonders what has become of the former class clown or the nerd.
In General, the Profiles seem friendly and easy, but they are not always filled fully. Above all, it is exciting, if a previous and a current picture to be uploaded. These two images are displayed side by side on the profile and to document the change from then to today. It is only a few members of Stayfriends using this function. Often a photo is not present, only the school and the name suggest that it could be an old classmate.
Photos can generally only be seen by gold members. For standard members, only pixelized image representations are shown, which are hardly visible. What we in the Test misses a free-text field, because it is not possible to say a few personal words to the former classmates. Only the information on the school visit and the present family Situation. Also, it is not possible to detect whether it is a file body or when the Person was last active. Shows the date of birth and how many contacts the Person has. From the number of contacts can often be weighed, whether the profile is used on a regular basis. Who adds active contacts, and also the function in the Game uses with friends, mostly occasionally online, and also read news.
Positively the hardly existing fake profiles. Since real names have to be given quickly, if it should be in a class community to be a Fake. We encountered no false profiles.
If You have Your schools chosen, You will be suggested to persons of the same Vintage. You can add to Your contacts, without a confirmation from the other Person, is necessary. Based on Your added contacts, You are suggested more could You may know. A search function is available, here, You can, but only after the names and surnames of well known people You are looking for.
Dating specific features such as Matching, there is not at Stayfriends. The contact suggestions are true, because You are suggested to only those people who have attended the same school and may be part of comrades to Your class.
You can see other users directly via message contact, regardless of whether You have a gold membership or not. This is the main possibility as You are with other people in contact can occur.

l, also in groups. There are several topic-specific groups You can join. There, members can post pictures and comments, similar to the concept of Facebook.
A Dating group, we can’t find the main topics of the groups are very neutral. The conversation turns almost exclusively to the group topic. Very popular groups on the topic of Pets or Hobbies are.
The group function allows You to talk with other users of Stayfriends about Your Hobbies and You to share. The groups are defined by Stayfriends, You can join and then post pictures, comment and sharing.
Some of the entertaining games such as “Yahtzee” are You Stayfriends available for free. You can play these games against other users, regardless of whether your has together visited the school. During the game, your comments can interact with each other.
Stayfriends also offers its services in the Form of an App. You can download it with an Android phone, but also with an IOS device. Unfortunately, it is, as so often, Windows Phone owners will have the Check. With a Windows phone You only have the possibility to use the mobile desktop version.
The App is in General good to use, however, it is criticised in the appropriate Stores harsh. It always comes back to errors, either in upload or in the design of the profile. The registration for Stayfriends is App possible, also the picture upload is offered. We had the use of no difficulty.
The App Support is very helpful when it comes to criticism in the app stores, will be taken to this reference, and the creators make an effort to fix problems. Most of the features of the desktop version are also available within the App. It is a gold membership can be completed, it is possible to add contacts and messages can also be exchanged. Only the delete function of messages we have been missing compared to the desktop variant.
Stayfriends is a platform whose main task is to former classmates back together. On the Website class meetings will be planned and organized, there’s lots of chatting about old times and memories reveled. Can register everyone, be ready for his real name and attended school. Anonymous logins with a nick name are not desired and not possible. It is Stayfriends about connecting real people to each other and to ensure that, even after the school visit, no Contact is aborted.
The login for Stayfriends was straightforward, and our school was immediately in a selection. After we have entered the last year of our schooling, we were moved back into the school. It is the name of the earlier class were displayed comrades and it showed that half the school class loading already a member of Stayfriends. Whether it is actually active Accounts or “dead” and we can’t say, of course, finally.
Generally, there are a lot of “dead” and not every user checks in every day at Stayfriends, sometimes messages will not be answered. But as a rule, an E-mail notification for new Post, is it worth, nevertheless, each member is just time to write. Often there are also prospects for a class meeting, so that here, too, there is the opportunity to come into contact. About Stayfriends these Meetings are perfect to organize, and then also photos hold for other members of the encounter at some point.
We create You a free, personal recommendation
As a Dating portal is Stayfriends unsuitable, since it is a Portal for former schoolmates. There are good opportunities for the former school class back together and to agree maybe even in real life a class reunion. The groups and game function is Stayfriends quite entertaining and it’s fun to ancient, long-forgotten school to find colleagues.
Every Internet user 14 has the option to register for Stayfriends and create a profile. In the case of persons under 16 years of age, parents should be asked permission.
After You’ve created Your profile, You can log in using Your E-mail address and the password chosen by You. Remember, You have to click on the confirmation link.
You can find all of the classmates who have already an Account on Stayfriends. If You have someone missing, You can invite him to one side.
Yes, You should specify Your school, otherwise You will not be able to find Your classmates or to be found. You will be asked during the registration process afterwards.
If Your former classmates remember Your name, you can find you directly via search. If You have given Your school, you get You as possible contacts are suggested.
To delete Stayfriends, You need to log in only to Your Account and the settings menu go to. There You will find the Option to delete the entire Account and Your data
You have a gold membership, it is extended automatically after the expiration of the 3 or 12 months. To prevent this automatic extension, You can disable in Your profile this Option. There You can also cancel up to 48 hours before the end of the end.
Stayfriends can be used free of charge, You can, however, not with basic members to communicate. The membership is extremely affordable and can be worthwhile.
Yes, the Website is also available as an App at least for Android and IOSNutzer. Anyone who owns a Windows phone can’t access the App.
It’s worth it to install the App, because it contains many of the same features as the desktop function.
You can download the App in the Appstore for free and install it.
Whether or not class meetings are held by the former students. Stayfriends does not organize the Meeting, but merely provides the platform.
If class meetings are held, it is subject to the agreements of the former classmates whether or not a fee will be charged. To make a payment to Stayfriends is not necessary.
If You want to know what happened to Your former classmates, it is worth the application for You.
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