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VIP membership starting at € 2.00 per month, members come from different countries of the world, It is mostly in English Layout chatting and the Design of the page look frumpy every Day are comparatively only a few members active
The registration process is at spin chat uncomplicated In the first step, only a few profile details are required, to the account, You can create directly upload a photo, which will, however, be released only after 48 hours, The confirmation email will be sent within a few moments
creative design of your own profile, possible profile image is flexible and can be changed As a User, you can areas such as Hobbies, interests or the like with the users share
In the case of spin chat you can use different ways to deal with the members of the contact members can directly write message in the Games or in Chats with each other. In addition, it is possible to use the Forum and participate in various topics
The operators of spin chat do not currently even on a native App Still spinning the chat can be used via the Browser of any mobile device The mobile view is reponsiv usable, so that a high user-friendly
Spin chat is the offshoot of the German-speaking Community Portal Spin.de . The Portal is recognized internationally, but also in this country an enormous amount of popularity.
In the case of spin, chat to the Motto of “Chat, meet friends and play Games is lived” by users. As a spin chat member, you will have the Chance to chat with the members, exciting Games to try and make international friendships. The Portal since the year 1996 online. Since then, several hundred Users log in daily. The active User looking for a way to make the time to be varied and meet new people. In the Community Portal spin chat to people from all over the world are registered. If you’re looking for in the network for like-minded people can come and enjoy spin the chat in any case, have a great time, and his international contacts to expand. On the Portal is mostly spoken in English, there are smaller groups in which the User draw on their home language.
The registration process at the community portal spin chat is handled, basically, pretty simple. You have to give some personal data, such as the user name, the gender or first name, and the process is completed. To log in to spin the chat, you need to add in your E-Mail mailbox and the Mail to confirm. Thus, your Account will be unlocked at spin chat. After you have confirmed this Mail, you can make you with the site familiar and your profile even more complete.
After you’ve created a profile in spin chat before the real fun immediately. First of all, it goes to the Complete profile. In the case of spin chat you can, in areas such as Hobbies, About Me, interests, and Similar a lot of information to enter, and so your visitors tell what you like and what you are interested in. It profiles no Fake at spin chat, can you confirm your mobile number and the profile in this way, verify. On the VIP icon, you can also recognize other members. In the case of spin chat there are a lot of VIPs are checked and a polite impression to make.
in the spin chat Test, we noticed that the participants communicate in the forums. The Chats are quite well attended, especially in the evening, it is easily possible to chat with other.
In the various forums at spin chat can be spoken about art, culture, history or sports. Basically, each subject area have their own Forum. As a member, you can, for example, about music with others, or your passion for the Sport with other parts.
In the area of topics of the above Forum, and, of course, the groups are placed there. In the groups there are many members who, for example, talk about the passion of Game of Thrones or the Like. Some German groups, there are at spin chat as well. So if you want to interact with people from the German-speaking area of interaction, these groups are most likely to find it.
In the case of spin chat there is the special opportunity to play with other members Games. In contrast to other Community portals, you can, for example, in the case of spin chat popular table and card games for you to discover. In particular, the Skat is a fun way to meet other members.
The mobile view of spinning the chat may also be seen as a strength by the Portal designed. All the functions are on the Smartphone and Tablet are available and the members can also chat on the go. It is irrelevant whether or not the mobile device-Android or iOS-based, because the Community Portal can be used by any current Browser.
The Design of spin chat seems completely out of date. The colors used to trigger sadness, are less appealing and, in General, the Layout is not more time. The Performance is absolutely satisfactory, because all the pages and areas to be enormously loaded rapidly. In terms of usability, the following can be summarised. Anyone who has done even with the Features and the structure is used in each case.
Spin chat is a international Community Portal in existence since 1996, and a more than 20-year-old history. The offshoot of the German-speaking portal Spin.

Test, we found that on the Portal, many people over 30 are to be found. Young people are in the relationship rather few. Who chat, a varied leisure and enjoy the forums would like to replace the spin chat in any case find. as a Portal to Fall in love, or better said as a Flirt and Dating sites, we spin chat can not recommend more. If you Flirt so Dates have, you should rather in the case of our single-stock exchanges-test winners.
We create You a free, personal recommendation
The majority of the Features in spin chat is available free of charge. If you use all areas and functions exclusively, we recommend the VIP membership. This is a special paid membership, you can use all of the available Specials. In the community portal spin-chat, the membership is not connected to any Abonnoment. It fit are unique cost, which can be booked over several time periods. After the expiry of this period, you can either book the package or you choose the basic membership. The advantage of spin chat regarding the cost is that you don’t have to write like other portals, a notice of termination. As a member, you can work with the membership to decide whether you VIP for one, six or twelve months want to be.
On the Community Portal spin chat as User, you have the opportunity to chat with international people, to discover different Games or participate in discussions in the various forums. The operators of spin chat founded the Portal in front of more than 20 years. The Portal is used by people worldwide and is a pleasant Chance to meet other like-Minded people, to contact international members, or to enjoy in General just a pleasant leisure. You ought to primary to a Flirt – and a single portal to keep on the look-out, spin chat is probably rather uninteresting. In this case, you will at our single-stock exchanges-test winners have more success.
Spin chat is as an international Community Portal for more than 22 years in the network. The site was founded in the year 1996. Thus, spin chat has been one of the first providers to Chat with.
The probability of finding spin chat love of life, is comparatively low. It is not impossible, but spin chat is more for people who make social contacts, and leisure want to make it more varied.
Spin chat is suitable as a Portal primarily for people who make their free-time activity, varied, and with international people want to spend. A large part of the members is at spin chat about 30 years of age.
No, a termination is not at spin chat absolutely necessary. It is the fee a one-time payment. If you are after more VIP you want to be, you need to book the respective period.
Spin chat is an offshoot of Spin.de a large community portal. Both pages already exist since the year of 1996, therefore, the operator of the portal have more than 20 years of experience. Since Launch, have registered thousands of people to spin and chat, there is a clear aspect of safety and reliability.
Spin chat offers at the current time no native App. If you chat on the go with your contacts or want to play, you can still use the spin chat. The operator has a specially-developed mobile solution in the Portfolio. For this, you click on a Smartphone or Tablet on the page and select the mobile view.
Yes, in the case of spin chat is predominantly spoken English. There is for German members, but also some of the forums areas and groups that are specifically for German-speaking Users and as a result the native language can come up there, of course.
Spin chat is there as Portfolio of Games is quite appealing. With entertaining variations such as sheep’s head, cards or Backgammon, the opportunity is available to spend with other members and a nice time.
Spin chat is operated by Spin AG. This is a German company, which offers, in the Form of joint-stock company occurs and the spin chat already since the year 1996.
Yes, absolutely. You can have both the VIP membership, as well as to Charge the spin points PayPal as Bezahlweg.
Among other things, you can still take advantage of the popular Payment methods sofort and GiroPay.
We have checked the price-to-performance ratio of spin chat exactly and found that the VIP membership is already booked from cheap 2 Euro per month. Accordingly, spin chat offers a pleasant price-performance ratio.
Absolutely. You can specify the most important data quickly and easily in the form, confirm the E-Mail and the actual registration at spin is complete the chat already.
Spin chat is a multi-faceted selection with the help of which you can the User contact you. So it is up to you to contact the members directly via private message, about the Games, or in groups.
Yes, you just use your Browser, choose the mobile solution and the free time fun at spin chat can begin.
This page is also available in the following countries: AT , CH
Spin points ( With the spinning points can be used to other members, send virtual gifts. The other way it behaves in the same manner, because other Users can give a gift to you. You should go out once the spin points, so you can charge through the spin points Button your account manually. )

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