Sophia Thomalla THAT’s what she says to Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz

Sophia Thomalla THAT’s what she says to Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz

That’s why you would start something with the Tokio-Hotel-Star Sophia Thomalla is set Let’s Compare Prince Louis’ Christening Wit to Mature types. Before Gavin Rossdale, 52, dated her Till Lindemann, 55. A perfect taste straight from the tap? Thanks to GROHE Blue Home and GROHE Red, this goes simply by the push of a button-from your home. GROHE water systems will give your kitchen that extra Shine.

Select the combination that suits your needs ideal. Sophia Thomalla , 28, loves to provoke it . When it comes to the relationship of Heidi Klum , 44, and Tom Kaulitz, 28,,, it shows the Model but surprisingly understanding. Why is the Tokio-Hotel-Star could still get off with her, she reveals in the Interview. Almost everyone has already given his two cents to the relationship of Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz to.

Also, Sophia Thomalla not stops with their opinion behind the mountain. In the Interview with “t-online” is asked, the 28-Year-old, such as to the affair of the two. You can understand that the difference in age of the “GNTM”presenter to the Tokio Hotel Star makes for vortex.

But that doesn’t mean I have to like you as a Couple well. I think you, as a Couple of super. All rain total, but I have to say: He’s a total character and she is a beautiful woman. Heidi Klum really is one of the most beautiful women that we have the verdict of the Model. She also has a guess as to why the people interfere in the relationship of the two so that Only the women were no Younger get, upset about it now.

The 28-Year-old, who is Dating currently, the 24-year-elderly musician Gavin Rossdale, could start with a young Lover like Tom Kaulitz but very little. As I run! Not with him personally, as a type. Just the age of them. 28 years?

Which is just as old as I am, jokes the actress. Heidi Klum must do so no Worries that she has a crush on the guitarist. In Los Angeles, the home of the former “Bush”of the Stars, could run the two certainly on the way. Sophia Thomalla remains, as before, but prefer the older ones loyal.

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