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Otto of Guericke road 6439104 Magdeburg
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Go to the first Date in a Bar in the beautiful Magdeburg’s old town, in the Ego Lounge. For your first Date, you’re going to make you many thoughts, and for the first meeting a nice Local want to pick and choose. However, even of a Good thing can be too much of that on the first Date. If already the first activities for Singles in Magdeburg are overloaded of Action. Such planning could resist the Chance to come closer to each other, discuss common interests, to chat about life rather in the way. Treat the first Date a little rest, to get into the conversation. e head, if you want to then draw even more. Let but also the other co-decide and take first of all. A good meeting place for Singles of Magdeburg could be Lounge the Ego. This is a fairly new Location and is located right in the heart of the capital of Saxony-Anhalt. The atmosphere here is very pleasant and friendly. There is a very large selection of classic Drinks, special long drinks and non-alcoholic drinks. The musical background can be found here of different styles of music to enjoy. A good meeting for the first Date in the city. The city is the state capital, a transport hub, economic and cultural center. It belongs to the Metropolitan region of Central Germany. Thus, a lot of companies here, there are excellent theatre with a changing program, many cinemas and a lot of other entertainment and events. Unfortunately, only a few of the historic buildings of the city through the great destruction caused by the war remained. Remnants of them were often removed in the course of the years, also the remains of the town wall. Some of the towers of the fortress are still preserved. A tip for excursions, the Zoo in Magdeburg, in the singing of birds and the Park of the New Neustadt.
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