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If You start Your first Date with an unforgettable dinner to the next level then the best Location is arcades the Restaurant Ratskeller in Rostock, in the city hall. Here You can get to know Your Date in a heavenly and unique atmosphere. Rostock Western Pomerania, a lively and colourful town in Mecklenburg. In its diversity of recreational opportunities you can not miss. The entire world meets here. Also, the Singles of Rostock have the best chance to find someone and to make a Rostock contact. Then, too, once to meet in person, the old Hanseatic city is a great backdrop with the various Locations. In this city You will find not only a unique historical backdrop.

. The Gothic Singles in Rostock will find here a wide range of Events to not only your taste in music to pursue but also to find like-minded Singles of Rostock. Large Trash parties are held in the student basement. A hot address for the various music types, and programs of the Club Moya Concerts & Dancehall. A lot of the culture factory the Bunker is visited, on the former Neptune shipyard at the port site. Here Singles from Rostock to dance till dawn. Similarly, in the well-known TRIHOTEL, near the Baltic sea. Here is Party-Time reigns in the hotel’s own Bar or in the Restaurant. After so much dancing You can with Your Date on the opposite side of the Spa, in the Sauna or with the massage service, relax. Relaxing a visit to the theatre or one of the many cinemas in the city. But even with a leisurely dinner You can impress Your very. The best address is the arcades of the town hall. This is one of the oldest but also the most beautiful Restaurant in Rostock. The Ratskeller from a fantastic Ensemble of red and white Gothic pillars designed, the Light is simply stunning. This cosy atmosphere is complemented by the Chesterfield furniture and the fireplace. The baptismal font and the Pesttür errinnen to the middle ages. The wine and food selection are simply superb.
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