Sarah Lombardi your best Beauty tips

Sarah Lombardi your best Beauty tips

The singer reveals her beauty secret Shiny hair, plump skin – many Fans envy Sarah for her natural beauty. However, the 26-Year-old helps a bit. You like your chilled drinking water prefer still or sparkling? Or medium?

In the case of the GROHE water systems, you have a choice. Fresh water, matched exactly to your taste for perfect refreshment. A wide, beautiful rays on the face, is the absolute Beauty feature by Sarah Lombardi , 26! Us singer, Influencerin and mommy betrayed her best tips for beauty from the outside and the inside, how you deal with haters like to profess and what they dealt with on a Cheatday Delicious treat …

You have to leave you in the past, a lot of criticism on your look and body like – how are you? After a pregnancy a woman’s body changes at different times. This is completely normal, and I also think it’s important that you deal with them openly, instead of a “perfect world” audition. This was nevertheless the occasion of your life change? Initially, it has impacted me very and taken.

In the meantime, I think a little differently about it, and I think the most important is, yourself into his body comfortable. I’m only doing this for me. I feel fit and healthy, and therefore, a Routine, in terms of sports and nutrition is to me, very important! But: I’m not perfect, and that’s good!

There are always little things that bother you, but you learn to like them somehow. What are you doing in terms of diet are now different than before? I will be eating a lot more confident and healthier. Try to carbohydrates as well as it to dispense and put on protein shakes with hyaluronic acid for firming the connective tissue – the help me against the Jo-Jo effect . There are no cheat days?

But, of course! I love Pizza, ice cream and chocolate. On a Cheatday I bathroom literally! After that, it is always difficult for me to do without it … And definitely you’re training, the calories, too fast, or?

Yes, I train as often as possible and usually five to six times a week in the gym . I like a good balance of strength and endurance. You need for so a lot of sports and a healthy life-style is actually still a lot of Make-up? What’s your secret here? For great skin, hair and nails I swear on “Regulatpro hyaluronic acid” . The small Beauty Drinks of Dr.

Niedermaier was recommended to me a few months ago from Friends and also some colleagues. So far I had no experience with it and was honestly initially a little sceptical … I then just tested myself, and today I’m really excited and don’t want to imagine me without my miracle bottle. My grandma asked me even, whether I have a lot of vegetables currently eat, because my skin is gleaming.

And in fact, so much vegetables, fruit and nuts stuck in a bottle – I would not even to eat every day, everything … And how your Beauty looks-Routine otherwise? I do not begrudge my skin often rest, making me hardly in my spare time – and if so, then I only use a little Mascara or something Subtle for the lips. And: I’m about once a week a soothing skin mask or a scrub . And on the Red Carpet? It may be here a bit more?

In the case of Events or If I stress my eyes, then I let the lips rather simple and easy to apply for me either. Or the other way around. What is true beauty to you?

Truly beautiful, a confident and radiant woman that stands with both legs in life and knows what she wants for me. Yes, if you are happy, it radiates to the also, and for me that is true beauty.

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