Rubensfan in the Test of 2019 – Fakes or real Dates?

Rubensfan – the Portal for chubby Dating
Community and single market – clear Website – chubby women and men – men who are explicitly on curvy women – ca 30,000 members in Germany –
sign up with E-Mail address is very easy, thanks to sufficient instructions detailed the possibilities of the design of the profile
as the Name says: this is Rubens ladies and their curves are more men than women registered (approx. 60:40) also many non-obese men, the curves for Gays suitable
In ads and profiles Community feeling of looking through forums and groups to quickly a lot of requests (we have women members of the profile tested) cover letter only with an expanded membership
Yes, I would like to get free Dating sites vouchers and Dating tips
Curvy women wanted! What is the Portal chubby? We have tested it for you on the Fakes, rip-off and handling
Marie is 30, has a pretty face and seeking a little fun. She has signed up on various Dating portals, but it is always the same: as soon as you are applicable with a man, loses her interest in her and makes flimsy excuses.
Marie is not stupid, it is clear that it is up to your figure. However, she likes her round the body, so only one is suitable for you: men are just that.
Through friends, she learns of Rubensfan and suddenly, you opened a whole new world…
In the very first Moment, one is seduced, everything is to look at what it has to offer, Rubensfan. Because the Portal is not only a single market, it is mainly a Community of people beyond the “Perfect dress size” to each other. But more on that later.
E-Mail address, enter password and nick name, E-Mail, confirm and off you go.
First of all, it should be noted that nowhere in your profile contact details may show up, the data protection legal reasons and – of course – also internal.
Finally, an Online Dating Portal will benefit if it goes directly to WhatsApp, instead of a membership.
Also, the rules of etiquette of the site are to be adhered to; these include forums include rules such as
Discussions on the topics of diets and losing weight are not allowed and will be removed.
This rule, for example: the members and their needs. You should not be as “thick” discriminated against, or the worst.
Unlike other Dating sites Rubensfan relies a lot on free-text. length is also long-winded as “the wheat-blonde waves, caress my pretty face”. Such profile descriptions can give an indication of how the Opposite is ticking!
Overall, it applies the following Porfilimformationen to be completed:
The Profiles of the users are filled to the very detail. To be the increases the chances Rubensfan written to many times!
The crowd is mixed, every age group and every social class is represented. The profile design is very usable – free text, one recognizes quickly, whether it is someone on eye level.
It is interesting to note that, of course, men are also logged on with an increased interest in chubby women. Usually stock exchanges shall apply in the case of single “like attracts like”, but Rubensfan is intended, as the Name says, also for men, who have almost a fetish for very curvy women.
Also Gays can search for a chubby Partner.
In addition to the normal design of the profile and search form you can create, for example, a explicit listing. A contact display, like in the newspaper in which it is defined again in more detail and formulated what you are looking for.
There are 3 choices of membership. All have one in common: there is no automatic renewal and no termination is necessary.
For just a few Euros you can get to know at Rubensfan great people. The Portal convinced by fair prices and conditions.
Rubensfan is a great Community for chubby and on curves and something to grab. It can occur in many different ways in contact and who knows… Maybe the Right person is?
Here’s genuine Singles share your experience with Rubensfan. If You want to share your experiences, did you have a Chance here:
I think Rubensfan is for me the best Single stock I’ve tried so far. I already had several Dates with very nice men.
Have met the woman of my dreams.In an age where I hope to be a little daring yet to find. A woman with a 75 and a dream figure.Thanks … e Rubens “”
The page find the right class and, above all, the annual fee of 25 € is more than fair. The operator offers a colorful marketplace, you can find like-Minded people of different Hobvys/activities, is the Best. “”
We create You a free, personal recommendation
This page is also available in the following countries: AT , CH
Fischbacher Strasse 8, D-90610 Winkelhaid

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