“Product: The Ultimate Dating Code

The secret strategies of the Casanovas:
So You’ll get a girlfriend!
For all men, I have developed an exact step-for-step-instructions — from the Appeal to and get to Know over the Date to Sex… and even up to a successful relationship with Your dream woman.

This step-by-step guide provides You the basis, foreign girls in everyday life, to conquer in the Disco or to Your best friend. It is called: “The ultimate Dating Code”
In 7 simple steps, Your dream of conquering a woman
The “Ultimate Dating Code” is a simple 7-step program
the strategy offers You the complete Flirt:

Level 1: Psychologically proven methods of how Your shyness immediately overcome and women in every Situation mention! Level 2: techniques on how You max. Attraction building and the Friendzone avoid! Level 3: no more awkward Silence: How You interesting conversations at Date follow, so that the woman wants to see You again! Stage 4: interview techniques for the Date, with which You build deep trust! Stage 5: The inter-food-signals: You will recognize the perfect Moment for the first kiss! Level 6: Secret techniques, You’ll Wake your Desire, so you absolutely want to sleep with You and fall in love with You! Level 7: Clear instructions for Sex or a lasting, happy relationship!
Detailed description of the module content
The Knowledge in the following modules is based from my years of practice, experience and a proven record of confirmation of my Online course-participants to 100%.

What awaits You in the Online course (a short excerpt):

Basic Module: The Flirt-Psychology

As a man, attractive by having the right communication

#1 technology, as You are Thinking-blockades to immediately rid

So You’ll get a steel-hard self-confidence for Flirting

How do You have negative beliefs in success thinking change

Psychology, to improve Your male attractiveness

Module 1: women & Flirting

3 methods to overcome Your shyness immediately

The proper response tactics for every Situation (Club, everyday life…)

Sexual attraction build as a man

Attractive body language for Your male charisma

All the Tricks: You will get your phone number

Module 2: The Date with the woman master

What women expect on a first Date from You as a man

Never more awkward Silence: Perfect topics of conversation

Techniques, how You thrill the woman with words & touch

The perfect Moment for the kiss & kiss initiate

How do you get them home to have Sex with her

Module 3: long-term happy relationship

A solid relationship with Your dream to initiate a woman properly

Open relationship to initiate Sex with many women

The biggest mistake, why relationships fail

How You stay is your dream man and the relationship strengthen

The 5 pillars of a long-lasting happy partnership
Extra: enjoy these 7 Bonus lessons
The contents of the 7-stage model are not, however.

u still from the “good buddy” to the lovers!
Bonus 2: The fast
“Phone Technology”
Learn a secret technique on how You can get in just 2 minutes, the phone number of Your dream woman.
Bonus 3: Ex-Girlfriend
win back
5 mistakes You should avoid, if You conquer, you want to…

…and the best text rüttelst message via SMS / WhatsApp with the old love feelings in me!
Bonus 4: 7 Characters
whether a woman likes You
Here I’ll tell you 7 hidden flirting signals, You will know immediately how much the woman feel attracted to currently You.

So You can use the perfect Moment to charming in the next Phase of beingness
Bonus 5: Women
in groups
The “object of Your desire” is in a group of women on the road?

The most effective method, as You mention you anyway and your mobile phone number to get to know!
Bonus 6: All the modules as a PDF document
Under each Video from the modules 1 – 3 You will find a summary of the content as a PDF document for Download.

This is ideal for the Smartphone, if You’re on the go and Flirt techniques at your fingertips like.
Bonus 7: Personal E-Mail Coaching
If You need questions to Flirt with you, or help in Conquering a particular woman, can You do me a personal E-Mail.

I’ll help You with Your individual Situation and will reply to You within 24 hours!
Your investment in Your flirting success

Instead of 998,- Euro now only 197,- Euro
The accomplishments of the men with this Knowledge
“Thanks to Your program I have are more and more women know, as it would allow me the time. Alone yesterday on the way home I was raised in the town of train, two women and me their phone number and got it.“

– Sebastian (27), A Bank Clerk –
“Hi Andy – I applied your techniques from the course in the city and was just Flabbergasted. After three hours, five phone numbers and two girls even on a Date for the weekend has been identified. Madness!!…“

– Marco (21), IT-Student
Because I’m from the effectiveness of my method is absolutely convinced, I would like to make You a fair offer:

The “Ultimate Dating Code” You’ll get back the first 60 days, 100% money-back guarantee .

This means that If You implement the tips and not the desired success with women achieve, will You write me a short E-Mail to info@wie-flirte-ich.com and receive Your money back.

Instead of 998,- Euro now only 197,- Euro
Within 5 minutes, Your access data will be sent to You by Mail. You can get all content immediately!
Yes, You can pay easily installments in 2 month!
How long do I have access to the course?
Once purchased, You have Your whole life long access to the Online course. New content should come to that, You will receive this for free!
To come other costs to me?
No. Your complete investment amounts to a total of 197 Euro!

Instead of 998,- Euro now only 197,- Euro
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