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The page no longer exists, unfortunately, she was United in January 2016 with eDarling.
Very accurate personality analysis
Partner with high level of eDarling-offshoot
Prestige Singles a-level matchmaking that will mainly appeal to academics more than 30. The site was founded in 2013 by eDarling-operator affinitas and is in contrast to eDarling specifically to an upscale and very educated audience.
You want to Prestige Singles to sign up first, as in the case of Dating services is usual, a very detailed personality test. In the approximately 30-minute, scientifically sound Test, among other things, character traits, emotional States in the past few months, and the expectations and desires of a potential Partner to be queried. According to the Prestige Singles the personality test is based on a since the 1980s, tried-and-tested principle – the so-called “OCEAN”model. Due to the information given in the personality test Prestige Singles determined later, the appropriate partners for proposals.
To meet other Singles in touch, you must keep in Prestige Singles on the given partner’s proposals. In our Test, we were awarded with a Free Account, only seven proposals, according to experience far too little for a successful Online Dating.
The Singles you find interesting, at the request of five pre-constructed know-ask questions (e.g. future plans, preferred evening activities or behaviors in certain situations). Alternatively, it is possible to send messages or to send a virtual “Smile”.

on is created when the Prestige Singles automatically from the answers given in the personality test. This leads to quite detailed profile information, but, of course, personally, as a hand-written profile text.
Under the point “personality profile” for each partner proposal accurately show how strong the character traits conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness, Extraversion and Neuroticism are pronounced in the Person. Interestingly, we found that the users of the partner to be sorted into placement extremely precisely in relation to the average population. On the profile page such as “89% of the population then experimental are joyful”. This may in part be a little flattering, but it could help in the search for a suitable Partner.
The Design of the Prestige Singles (like other Dating agencies also) relies on a serious and sophisticated ambience. The dominant colours are grey and light blue. The operation is fast and intuitive. Technically the site worked in a Test is excellent.
We create You a free, personal recommendation
Prestige Singles is a good site made for the demanding life partner on a high level. A very accurate personality test enables the matchmaker to describe the character traits of its members on each profile carefully. Innovative features that you might expect from a page that is only made in 2013 on the market, maybe, but in vain.
Warning: was merged in January 2016 with eDarling.
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