Platonic love: the friendship without a sexual relationship?

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You know You get along with this woman on the Date, and ask Yourself whether You could fall in love with you. But all of a sudden you are explained to You by the flower, that the relationship between the two of you was just a purely Platonic love.
Also if You appreciate you are very fond of her and as a good friend: Confused You are, because You hoped for as a man, secretly, Sex and partnership. Now You’re brooding with a touch of love to grief over the question of whether friendship can ever be fine, if one of them has feelings for the other.
In this article I will explain to You the meaning of a Platonic relationship, whether you can work, and how You in this difficult Situation, the right decisions.
And maybe in the end, to conquer this beauty as a solid partner…
We men know when a Flirt too well: women distribute their baskets on the gentle Tour, because you don’t want to teach You how your lack of interest as gently as possible, to hurt You. Occurs in the value of a collection is, of course, still always…
Your good friend, or acquaintance speaks-to-Date verdruckst of a “Platonic love / friendship / relationship”? Who is dancing with such terms around the Bush, thinks according to the Definition of the word “Platonic” something very Simple:
You will not feel the feeling of erotic attraction and wants to Kiss You as a (best) friend without any sexual contact in the Form of touching, or even Sex.
The expression “Platonic” means in this context so much as “a purely spiritual bond,” whereby any physical proximity with displays of affection is abandoned (or, for health reasons, must be omitted).
And Yes, the today, the term “Platonic love” goes back to the ancient philosopher Plato, the concept is meant in its doctrine but was originally something else entirely.
Explanations for the philosophy of Plato would here lead too far, especially as the scholars argue about this. If You are interested in the philosophical topic, ask the Online encyclopedia of Your choice… 😉
This idea of a pure friendship sounds a sobering experience for You as a man, because You’re secretly in love with this friend ? I can understand that. Only so much as a consolation point: If a woman Plato speaks of love, is the emphasis more on “love” as in “Platonic”.
That is, in a way, “loves” you as a friend, not just an intellectual level. But always only as good buddies to have fun together, without the erotic touch, Kissing, or Sex? This type of a friendly relationship now is really the Right one for You?
Let us find out together and first time as a purely Platonic relationship can work.
I have already written a detailed article on the question of whether a pure friendship between a man and a woman is possible. In order to bring it to the point:
Yeah, the thing with the Platonic love can work – but ONLY if both parties have absolutely no feelings are in the game, so any sexual attraction.
In order for a friendship to work Together as a concept, it must be this girl, so like a sister to You. Or like a male buddy, You could never fall in love. It depends, simply, playing video games or watching football with a can of beer – without any erotic thoughts in the back of the head.
But let’s be honest, us pastor’s sons: when was that ever really the case that we have met men, attractive women, without thought of physical intimacy with Kissing and Sex?
Most of the guys I met were with their friendships to women not honest. Sorry, it sounds harsh, but it is the unvarnished truth.
Instead, these types of Platonic relationships with the following thoughts in mind that a could be (often unconsciously !):
“I make friends with, to prove to her by our trust, what a great man I am.

ALL for the woman, to conquer you: your Computer repair, for hours on the problems with your Ex-boyfriend to listen to and Chips and wine in front of the TV, crouching to watch love movies.
The supposedly “good friend” will love this, of course, never makes any sexual advances on the Couch, but the hope dies with us guys, as we know, last.
Better man(n) respects early on to the female signals, if she wants just friendship or more … So you can you a lot of misunderstandings and grief!
Most of the men want to win over the buddy splint the trust of your beloved and hope that this will result in your Plato transformed a niche friendship automatically in erotic Desire, Sex and love. It is almost a conquest through the “back door”.
However, this concept does not work in the case of female sexuality, in order to create the feeling of attraction. Because you reap exactly what you sow, in terms of relationship. You mean:
As long as You bring as a man, not a sexual wort when to Flirt with in the game, and in the Friendzone, only the best mate for you to play, you see exactly that in You and You as the famous “best friend” treat.
Even if these men got a hearty collection, leave a Kumpelei. Who can resist the blandishments of the lady, when she says with a sweet puppy-dog eyes, which have a great Platonic love you to each other?
The hope of the boys is the same:
“As a good friend I at least stay in the vicinity of the Mrs and still have a foot in the door. If you recognize that I am a kind-hearted man who will do anything for you, you will fall in love at the end but still in me, and for a relationship with me!“
However, the iron Friendzone-law of female sexuality is again:
As long as You play in Platonic friendships of the buddy, You’re just the dude for the ladies of the world, without causing erotic attraction.
In addition, the unfortunate love is to eat a Lady You emotionally, if You know your vicinity are looking for and at the same time, that it actually has no sexual interest in You.
Especially when she learns, suddenly, another man who is your new Partner , is the nagging feeling of jealousy is hell on earth. Believe me!
A lot of guys also know the famous phrase: “Let us remain friends !” Women say that to their Ex-partners, when you have to understand continuing to make good the love.
But Platonic relationships after a breakup? Here again the Same: The verprellten men want to stay close to their Exes, because they hope the Ex-girlfriend back .
Clearly, old love does not rust and maybe still a spark of attraction with the Ex. Then these guys like a leech on your dream girl, without realizing that through this attachment, the chances of recapture to decline dramatically.
How are You these examples could see, is the Platonic love, in most cases, a whopper of a lie between man and woman – even if the concept sounds kind of nice.
And still more unrealistic is the idea that pure friendships could eventually as if by magic, into physical Desire, love and finally in a fixed relationship to transform, without one of both the sexual approach by a real Flirt dares.
Who is not familiar with these Hollywood movies where couples box since early childhood sand of time together, are friends, and after years of this purely intellectual attachment to all of a sudden into each other fall for? All Bullshit!
So be honest with yourself and answer the following question:
It actually is just a Platonic friend for You, or You care for this good relationship to her only because You feel erotic attraction, and You secretly more hoping for? Because You want them to fall in love at some point in You and change your mind – up to Sex and partnership?
The answer is difficult for this question, because You don’t know what feelings You have for them? Then I recommend You my simple Test, whether You’re in love with you !
If You dream of, in reality, more than a purely Platonic relationship, or friendship, and You unhappy fall in love should be love, grief is very painful.
Racing not into the open knife like most men! Instead, You should make a crystal clear decision, so You this woman is not the Finger race.
You have 3 ways to get through the tricky Situation:
You want to be more to you than the “good buddy”? These tips will help You generate as an man an irresistible attraction, and to conquer the woman. So, You can convert your Platonic love at last in a steady partnership:

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