Partner exchanges in the Test may 2019: Seriously? Well? Expensive?

You know the feeling of tender proximity?
Your dream partner find a partner exchange in the network
Premium membership may 2019 (current prices at view)
A partner exchange is Right for me?
The best Dating sites in your city
Partner exchanges specialize in the placement of a permanent relationship – just searching for a nice Chat or erotic contacts is not in the foreground. A majority of Dating sites offer free memberships. This means: You can register and create a profile without having to pay anything. Usually, you can start directly with the partner search!
Only for advanced features, you pay more. In General, it’s worth it. So will not disappear in the case of some portals, with the paid membership only to the annoying ads, but you can watch the profile pictures of other Singles view your profile, pimp your search of a Partner, the exact make – advanced search functions make it possible.
Often, the contact with other Singles in the paid variant of a portal is simple: Instead of a limited number of messages you can address as many potential partners as you like – thus, your chances increase when you search really to find the big love.
Afraid for your privacy you don’t have to have portals of high seriousness also, the data will only be used for internal company purposes, i.e. for the optimization of partner exchange and you with the best possible partners to offer selection.
As I said – in fact any Online Dating site you can sign up for the time being in vain, and the basic functions. At Parship or elite partner, Singles have the opportunity to take a personality test that analyzes your partnership personality quite accurately. And no – you don’t have to pay! You can watch the values of your partnership personality according to the 5-stage model to look at. You want the result to Print, you need to have an active profile and also pay for it.
Before you decide on a provider, you should ask yourself the following questions:
If you can answer these questions with “Yes”, it is worth logging in to one of our test winner .
Singles in your area find? Even in your city? No Problem at all!
The large Dating agencies and Dating services usually have several million members – and that alone in Germany. You just have to set the search functions correctly and away you go! Here you can search for your city and see how many women and men of your city, are logged for each single stock exchanges:
The Internet offers you in the search for a partner with a Wealth of opportunities. Every Single can find the right lid – you just have to know where you’re looking for at the best!
To find the ideal partner exchange, simply do our Test and find out which Dating fit portals to you . portals to you .
This page is also available in the following countries: CH , AT
high level of education of members (approximately 52% academics), our test winner with the most new signups proposals cost of Germany’s effective life partner, a suitable partner on the basis of one’s own personality is well-suited for newcomers, professionals, and Singles with little time and highest success rate in the Test, about 38% find the right Partner registry in the App, not possible, only via the mobile site in the upscale area
A high proportion of graduates (about 70%) High rate of success due to the scientific Matching, approximately 42% find the right Partner One of the leading Dating agencies in Germany, Well suited for professional Singles with a certain level Why are rejected Profiles in elite partners? Good experience due to excellent customer service No Mails are readable without Premium membership, Free of charge, up to contact, then the cost in the upscale area
a mixed audience of scientific personality test in cooperation with several universities, one of the leading Dating agencies in Germany to Focus test winner for matchmaking, customer service, and scope of 2016 profile checks and anonymity protection less new members than Parship only Premium members can read and send messages cost in the middle range
Application / questionnaire to fill out on-line test evaluation of your personality partner proposals (including information about how well your fit to each other) Profiles of other members and Contact calls as a Smile or fun request, immediately send a Smartphone App
Login/register Scientific personality test and Matching Short evaluation of the test result matches search criteria set to receive compliments and to send to interested parties list
Scientifically-created personality profile of a Suitable partner proposals, exchange of Smile, 5 questions, and “Like”information of receiving messages, Uploading photos Received contact see the proposals send messages with a limited length
Photo sharing with contact suggestions contact requests to other members To read contact requests, partnership personality, opinions, react (Who fits good to me) Unlimited Regional perimeter to communicate search Dating after interest filter Full lists of visitors use the Parship-Messenger-App
Personal message read/send your Own photos to unlock photos of other members and contact guarantee Individual consultation service view
Photos of the other members watch Unlimited list of profile visitors communicate in a more Frequent profile of the placement and the other users of the Mobile App, contact guarantee confirmation of read messages of Up to 20 additional partner suggestions per day

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