Clarified: What it means to be pansexual
Bisexual or Pansexual? That is the difference
Pansexualität – A Community growing
Pansexualität – what is it? Gender identities there are not many, Pansexualität describes, however, his own identity.
Even if the word seems at first glance exotic, is the meaning of pansexual, but can be defined easily:
As a pansexual is someone that is attracted emotionally or physically to all the families. This, among other things, Cisgender, Transgender, Agender, and non-conforming genders. Originally, the term comes from the Greek word παν been derived, which means as much as “everything; quite; total”. Pansexualität is not a pure sexual orientation, but also moves the intellectual attraction in the foreground.
So far, so good. Now that we know the meaning of pansexual, it is striking that the term has some Similarities to the Definition of bisexuality.
Therefore, we take the differences now in some more detail.
The definitions of bisexual and pansexual overlap in some points. However, there are also important differences between the two identities.
Here are two concrete examples to illustrate:
Scenario 1: A woman who is attracted sexually and emotionally to both men as well as women, is that? …Right, bisexual
Scenario 2: A Person who can not clearly related to a gender/ place to another Person due to their personality attractive, and pay no attention to their gender designation. This Person is? …You guessed it, pansexual
These distinctions, the line between Pansexualität and bisexuality are. People who self-identify as pansexual do so with the Intention to show that you can feel attracted to various genders and sexual identities, regardless of whether or not you fall into this gender role or not.
The term “bisexuality” was you with a high probability of already been known for some time, after all, a letter in LGBT+ this sexual orientation. But did you also know that more and more people identify as pansexual, and the Community is already some Stars are members of?
One of the first Celebrities who came out as pansexual, was Miley Cyrus. fy as pansexual, and the Community is already some Stars are members of?
One of the first Celebrities who came out as pansexual, was Miley Cyrus. Meanwhile, Brandon Urie of Panic! at the Disco, Janelle Monáe, and many more to the Community. All of these Stars realize that you can feel attracted to every Person, as long as the personality fits.
And there are numerous people who find themselves in this Definition of attraction. Meanwhile, there are an ever-growing pansexuelle Community, which has its own flag. The flag consists of three horizontal stripes in Pink, Yellow and Blue. This color choice is not arbitrary, but each color a meaning:
The pansexuelle Community also has a goal in mind:
She stands up for full equality for all people – this is true not only for men and women, but also for all other gender forms. “All persons” will be defined more precisely as people whose sexual orientation and gender identity characteristics do not violate the rights of other persons. Overall, the Community is for acceptance and open-mindedness.
Now you’ll either say, “Wow, finally I know what my sexuality is!”, or you’ve read this article only out of pure curiosity. However, no matter what was your Motivation, what is important is that our society is becoming more open, so that everyone sees represented. So the search for a life partner is always exciting and especially on Online Dating sites it is quick and simple and easy with open-minded people in contact. Just so everybody can feel in his own skin and realizes that one is alone in the world. Whether in pansexuellen relationships or all the other versions of partnerships, at the end to tell us: love is love.
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