Obandln in the Test may 2019 – Only Fakes or real Dates? –

Women and men from Bavaria who are looking for friendship, casual partners, and the love of a very extensive profile-building possible low number of members because limited to a specific region Matching, thanks to the personality test and interesting learning opportunities via the question of flirting hand-picked Profiles, no Chance for Fakes
Design, functionality and usability
Obandln is an intimate, lovingly-run Community, which is, in fact, to fans of the Bavarian way of life. Here, it is a targeted effort to convey the contacts in the own home. The registration is therefore not possible, if the user comes from a Region outside of Bavaria. The whole objective of it is that people can actually meet without complications in real life, if it has a spark about obandln. It is a lot of value on good manners and an attractive level. Who moves on to the Portal knows how to behave in the rule. The led Profiles, sympathetic contacts, and always to the side standing Support show.
The registration is done at Obandln.de fast and can be done on request via Facebook. For this purpose, only the Facebook simply needs to be chosen Button. The platform then pulls all relevant data from Facebook without the Facebook profile, a note on the sign-appears. Very positive is the design of the profile is noteworthy, because here the opportunity arises to create a custom business card. In addition to General information on the Person own interests and Hobbies, is a free text available. Interesting it is to flirt in the heading of the Question, because here, members can answer questions that are then asked of the other. On the basis of Matches to see how well two people match each other. The iPersonic personality test that is in Obandln free of charge for each member is available, assign the users into different personality types. For this purpose, it is the answer only required four questions. It will then be marked only on the own profile of personality type, but also indicate what other personalities are particularly good. Here it is useful, however, to see the result with a twinkle in his eyes, because just four of the questions are a bit too little to create is actually a meaningful value.
Due to the regional limitation of the total number of members is not excessively high. The registered users are active and interested in making contact. They are on average between 35 and 45 years old. The best chances you have of replied-to messages if your profile has been carefully created. In addition, there are the tested members, the write-back within the shortest possible time. We have seen in the Test that photo and question flirts often reactions to a common game. Overall, we would describe the activity as well.
The main focus of the contact is sending messages. Even basic members have to answer messages from premium members without a membership. Add to this that every basic member can send three messages per month for free. In addition, there is the possibility to send a Smiley face, if you go to the profile of an interesting Person. The Opposite is informed and has the opportunity to leave a message.
In Obandln there are some learning games to facilitate the contact. In order to participate, it is sometimes necessary that certain criteria are met. The photo flirt The photo flirt function is available for all members who have uploaded at least one profile picture. In this game, photos of other persons are shown, which may then be evaluated. Like the Person will be awarded a “like”. If there is no interest, can be discarded the photo. Premium members can see who has shown interest in the own Person and then in contact. The issue flirt The issue flirt function is available as soon as you have answered at least ten questions on the profile. The profile of a Person is visited, you can start the question and flirt with them. The user then answers the questions set by the profile owner. In addition, you must indicate which answers are acceptable. The questions are divided into different topics.

Design and simple operation. Starting from the registration, to the well-structured FAQ section, it is easy for the user to find your way on this Dating platform. The functional diversity is not well managed, thanks to the entertaining flirt game it is so boring. The design of your own profile is easy and offers room for individuality. The Design itself is friendly, but kept simple. White is the dominant color, this applications come in pink, yellow and blue. The traditional lettering in the Munich style gladdens the heart of every Bayern and provides for a piece of home feeling.
We create You a free, personal recommendation
The cost of the membership is the same for all members, women will also have to pay as much as men. An anonymous payment is by Bank Transfer or external Deposit of cash possible.
Obandln can collect with its friendly Community points, and we noticed in the Test several times very positive. There are many flirt options for Singles, and most of the users my their search intentions seriously. Fakes are not met at all, thanks to the outstanding Support. No Chance for Fakes will be taken to ensure those who sign up, Profiles and profile pictures are manually checked!
I obandln.de found my Mr. Right
It didn’t take long until I made the first contact to be nice and above all “normal” men, and with them was able to write. Often there is not, on such sites only idiots, this was so. The selection is not huge but OK, important is the local vicinity for a personal meeting, what worked very well was to me. Unfortunately, the Right one, but I would not give up hope and “obandl”.
Obandln is suitable for women and men, whose intentions are serious and real interest in contacts. The search for friendship is just as possible as a partnership. Occasionally, members (mainly men), even after a casual Flirt or an adventure.
To engage seriously with other people in contact with a Premium membership is reasonable. Even the base receiving member messages, and to reply to that flexibility, however, is severely limited. Due to the moderate prices, the Premium membership Obandln worth double.
In case of a cancellation request, it is sufficient if the account settings of the account on the cancellation button is clicked. The termination is then effective immediately. If the Account is to be deleted, a short message to the Support required.
If there is no timely notice is given, the membership will automatically be downgraded to the pre-agricultural period. The notice period will run until the last day of the current membership.
When logging in to Obandln is done via Facebook, the Facebook friends. The Dating provider will post, at no time information in the Facebook Timeline.
The four questions existing personality test doesn’t say overly much, but it creates a first classification to a personality type. If two people match each other with this Form of Test but not set, for this purpose, the Test is not deep enough.
Each user has the possibility to receive a so-called approved profile. There are three possibilities how this state can be attained. – via SMS by the mobile number is confirmed by Submitting a copy of proof of identity – through the purchase of a Premium membership
Under the profile photo of each user colored dots, which give an indication of the activity. Green dots mean that this user is not currently active. Orange dots mean that the user was in the last 24 hours. Gray dots mean that the user was longer than 24 hours.
Active users can be easily recognized that the profile green dots below the photos. This is a sign that this user is not currently even active in the System and has high chances of getting an immediate response to a message.
The photo is a entertaining way to quickly see lots of profile pictures of other users and to recognize sympathies is a flirt. More profound, however, is the flirt of the Question, as one learns more about the personality of the other. A combination of both is not only fun, but shows a bit more from the Opposite.

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