MyFlirt in the Test may 2019 – Only Fakes or real Dates?

Every day between 500 and 1000 members active at the same time, women’s share at around 40% – No telephone Support, very friendly Support via the contact form – Every week choice for the Single of the week – Only for patient’s community of friends – the Same operators, such as First Affair – Flirting is completely free to possible –
Forum users are mostly in the 40 + range 1/3 more male members than female age focus of between 20 and 30, except in southern Germany, an Average of 500 – 1000 people online, Many of the dead and Fakes
Sign in with Facebook profile possible Community would like to Facebook post to registration in five minutes, profile-building done with up to 10 photos possible duration of complete profiling about an hour
Sending messages in real time, online members can chat, request contacts in the Forum make possible to Chat only after verification of the phone number possible Anonymous SMS send Write messages to all members free-of-charge Live-Chat for the direct exchange
Quite a lot of photos in the System can present profile of the week a Few Profiles can be selected with Text, Last Login often about a year ago, and numerous “dead” and the Younger Profiles are almost never filled in The Profiles are detailed, The profile can later change profile pictures for all users free of charge visible
MyFlirt is the attempt to create a free Dating platform that can compete with the big portals. Like many other sites of this type also fails MyFlirt at the hurdle. Whether it is due to the lack of advertising in print media and TV, or if the page is not attractive enough, we can’t judge. The fact is, however, that the low number of members makes the flirt fun fast maggoty, and the pleasure is not generally as high, if messages or in part, be answered only after many days.
Behind the rather unknown Dating exchange Myflirt the creators of the giants first affair stuck . In 2003, the platform was initially as a paid Portal to the Start, which is operated by the company Netforge, the experience in the field of Dating. Since 2007, all of the functions of MyFlirt are free to use , which has increased the number of Fakes, drastically.
The meaning and purpose of Dating platform are Flirts, the lead in the optimal case up to the real Date, and more. The focus of the search for a partnership is, however, also the Option of an adventure is search.
Under the single exchanges could not claim MyFlirt yet, since it is neither a Dating service like Parship, a single portal such as Lovescout24. Rather, it is a Community, in it depends almost exclusively on your activity.
The first positive aspect that MyFlirt is free of charge, is characterized by some disadvantages. Dating you will quickly notice that the Romance Scam and Fakes are the order of the day.
The proportion of male users increased by 60 per cent. Since the emergence of the portal, have registered more than 600,000 persons, of which, however, only a fraction is active. Since “dead” and will not be disposed of, is the actual active user number not specified.
The only clues to the activity you can find as a logged-in user on the home page. In the lower area is always read to, how many members are currently online. Really helpful that is to you know, whether it is male or female persons, or whether there are even Scam Profiles.
On average, the average age is 20 – 30 years , the Region of Bavaria and other parts of southern Germany are, however, an exception. Here are the most active members are over 30, especially in the female users, there are a few Profiles of women well over 45 years old.
MyFlirt has, in addition to the Community via a Forum, where only members of the single market can participate. Since the beginning of 2016, the Numbers of the users a break, the communication is present, but not more so active like in the year 2015. This is well seen in the timeliness of the forum posts. The most active users of the forum are 40 + women and 30 + men.
Sign in to MyFlirt is carried out quickly, particularly if you the registry by means of Facebook-choose profile. You allow Facebook to submit your personal information to the Dating site, so that you save most of the steps of the registration. A negative point is that MyFlirt with the registry receives on Facebook, the right to not post automatically on your Facebook profile. Since this is not the most users, we recommend a manual login without Facebook.
The registry by means of E-mail address is done within five minutes. You need to select ENES name, and your birthday and confirm all your information with the E-mail address. This will now be sent a Code that you will need to manually on the login page of MyFlirt enter. Only after you have entered the Code, your profile will be activated. Are you going directly to a profile image requested to upload, as you have much better chances.
Overall, you can upload ten photos of you, all of which must be manually unlocked from the Support. In our Test, the took a free circuit, a half-hour. Your profile you can add Text, the following headings are available to you:
The personal information includes your name, your date of birth and your E-mail address, and your request request. This information is on your profile is only partially visible, your Name and your E-mail address, for example, are not displayed to other users. Your life motto is your opportunity to describe yourself in a sentence. Other members of the show to life your way, the most important point of view to your character in this area.
In the area about me you have to describe the way yourself. How tall you are, how heavy you are, and what color of eyes do you have? On a good profile picture, these questions will be answered anyway. But since you the information of other users only can see, if you have information, you should not waive your reply.
Your favorite things is a section in the you to different areas of information. What kind of music do you like, what Hobbies do you have and what is your favorite food? Here again, You can see on others ‘ profiles only what you give of yourself.
You’re of the opinion that there are still important Details that you need to know about you? Then you got in the section “What you need to about me know” , 5,000 characters of space to describe you extensively.
If you claims to your Partner that you are in for a happy future is essential, is the heading, “I imagine my Partner”, the right place to write this down.
Tip: don’t Be too strict with potential partners, otherwise the trust may want to contact you.
The contact at MyFlirt meet the Standard for a Dating exchange. Classic the shipping news , the you need to on their own initiative in the way forward. Once sent, your message is sent immediately, so that you should think about what you write.
If a member is online, you can make a chat request. This request is accepted, you can immediately write in the live chat. This function is only available if you’ve verified by phone number unique. You enter your cell phone number or landline number and get forwarded to a four-digit Code that you have in the System type. MyFlirt verified your profile immediately and you Chat and message function.
Each member has the opportunity to register at MyFlirt your own mobile number. Other users can then send anonymous SMS without the phone number, a price must be given. The SMS feature is not free, it is paid for with Credits that need to be charged. Our experiences have shown that only a few members willing to provide their mobile phone number, the function is therefore unnecessary.
Lively communication in the Forum of MyFlirt. Here, there are Threads on various topics, from love to cooking recipes, to favorite Hobby. All users of MyFlirt can participate in the Forum and sometimes talks in the Dating platform have to wait to develop. Occasionally, the Forum will be used for the publication of personals, appropriate headings are regionally organized, and allow
Out of MyFlirt offers many ways to customize the at the beginning empty profile personally. These options are used by the least number of members . In the Test we noticed that neatly filled-out Profiles were nearly always people who were already older than 30 years. Especially the young members of put no value on a written idea.
Each week, the Single of the week is selected, each user can participate in the election, if he has Credits. The Single of the week is displayed until the next election highlighted, and thus has a better chance that he will be seen by the other sex.
Striking are the numerous dead , which unfortunately will not be deleted from the System are in MyFlirt. Around one in four of us visited the profile, the last Login time period: “about a year Ago”. pay attention therefore absolutely to the last log-in before you time and leisure in a message to invest.
At first glance, a little reminded us MyFlirt at First Affair, which, in view of the common operator’s surprising. In principle, it is not positive, that the registration is directly via Facebook is possible, however, is the fact, we liked that MyFlirt with Facebook in our post. For this reason, we opted for the normal login.
After a few minutes MyFlirt clear and easy to understand. Most important is the contact anyway, and we alone were responsible. There were no matches, not a learning aid, but only the search function and the news function. The latter we were able to use only after we have verified our phone number.
This is intended to prevent fake logins, but has only a little sense. Today, there are anywhere free Prepaid numbers, so that a verification can be Fakes without any problems. Much safer for the authenticity check , the is offered as a voluntary audit. Here is a photo must be uploaded with the date and the user name, which is manually checked by the Support.
The activity in MyFlirt is documented below the home page. During our Tests, some 600 people were online. Many contacts are not created, nevertheless, it makes the impression that the present users would be quite lazy in writing.
In the Forum, where the activity is higher, there are new users generally difficult. It’s been through fewer posts visible, that the root user on the go. The writers know each other, make jokes with each other and contributions from new users are very often ignored. There is a need for perseverance and patience, if you want to be added to the forums clique.
Our conclusion: Although MyFlirt is free and basically good features offered by the Portal and sometimes a little sad and orphaned. It is a way to chat publicly, in addition, the willingness to Answer is messages that are sent to low. Since it also takes a long time on Profiles that had their last Login already a year ago, we were at MyFlirt bored quickly.
Tip 1: A Name for all of the cases! To consider in the choice of your profile name you should take the time, which is the Name reflects you best. You have a Hobby that you spend a lot of time? Then put it in. Name as a tennis fan, a golfer or a bike-friendly already reveal something about you and can awaken the interest.
Tip 2: A picture is a must! If you have a chance at real contacts, you can’t go in a page like Myflirt without a photo on the search. Everyone would like to know with whom he is chatting to straight, so it is also yours. Upload therefore, a photo and increase your chances of a nice Flirts and great contacts.
Tip 3: The Motto counts a lot! Did you ever think about what the Motto really you? Under what principle your life, how can you describe yourself in one sentence? Choose your slogan wisely, as you can the Opposite some of you betrayed the interest of the people awaken, the you are similar.
Tip 4: Be as you are! There are things you can absolutely not suffering? Perhaps the criteria that would make a Meet impossible for you? Then you formulate a polite, but determined. The same also applies to things you love, whether Hobby, hair food color or the favorite, the more information you’re in this section, the more exciting your profile for visitors.
Tip 5: don’t Be too fussy! Of course it is important what kind of Partner you can imagine, because otherwise it will not work with the Dating. You should not put your wishes but also to be limited, otherwise the chances are too low. Think you’re doing well-what information you, as they have a significant influence on your later contacts.
If you know the big brother, the First Affair, will be the Design of MyFlirt known. Some of the functionalities and structures are to be taken over by the big brother. The entire site has been modernised in 2012, but it is old-fashioned and not particularly exciting. The color backgrounds are drab, the font size is very small and is for people with poor eyesight is an obstacle.
If you call up a profile like this, in principle, in the Pop-Up. Therefore, it is not possible the Pop to enable the Up Blocker on the Website.
The existing functions are running smoothly, the only Forum in the evening hours, sometimes a load of trouble. This is probably due to the fact that the access in the evening is higher than during the day.
The control of MyFlirt is easy to learn, even beginners, are repealed on the platform. The own home page serves as a Navigation center, from here you can tap the message area, the profile settings and the Forum access. When a new message arrives, you will get to know with a small display about it. To retrieve the message, a mark remains on the home page.
A positive effect of the extensive FAQ section that answers almost every question. When difficulties in the operation of the portal, there is also a contact form available, you can contact the Support. Telephone Support is not offered here, the Portal relies on the fact that compromises have to be made in the case of the free usability.
In comparison with other providers MyFlirt is very convenient .
For the use of MyFlirt no costs are incurred except for the sending of SMS and the poll for the Single of the week. The Credits are independent of the points can be collected for activities. You can get free Credits if you recommend MyFlirt your friends.
MyFlirt is a Community that your activity is crucial for your success. First and foremost, the platform of self-expression by means of the profile and the contact over the Profiles of other people. As a Community, however, mainly platforms, where there are also online job opportunities.
At MyFlirt it is the Forum , which is inviting to stay a while longer. There are headings from all sorts of areas in which occasional days of long-lasting discussions. This is not to get to know a good way to each other and exchange ideas, but also offers the Chance in addition to the matching Partner, new friends or Acquaintances.
If you have at least a profile image uploaded, you can on the photo-Voting to participate. In this game you are shown profile pictures of the opposite sex. You look at the profile picture and then choose whether or not you know the Person would like to or not. If both you and the other Person selecting a “Yes”, you have a Match and know that you are each other sympathetic. The game has the great advantage, that you people, regardless of your search criteria is displayed. So you can look a little outside the box and get to know someone, maybe you should have based on your criteria actually excluded.
Looking for other users, you can get the Toplist to display. There, the members of MyFlirt be guided in a list, starting with place 1. A place in the Toplist is then awarded if a member is particularly active. For almost every action in MyFlirt there are activity points . The more you collect, the higher your placement in the toplist. The following points are awarded:
The top result has a positive impact on your chances, because as Topnutzer you’ll get seen more. It is also for you positive if you have Topnutzer contact because of the certainty that there are bodies active User, and no index.
MyFlirt is a Flirt-Community, where men and women from 18 years free contact others can. As an offshoot of the First Affair, the expectations are high, but are in practice not fully met.
Each profile and photo is reviewed by MyFlirt before it is published in the profile. If your photo is rejected, it may be that you’re not recognize good enough. Your face needs to be seen in the picture completely, a cut face is not released.
If you want to increase your chances, by showing others that you’re real, you can make the authenticity check. For this purpose, are you taking pictures of yourself while holding a piece of paper with the current date and your user name in the Hand. This is the image you submit to the Support of MyFlirt and get the “Authenticity check” in your profile.
So you with other users of the chat, you need to verify your phone number. The fastest that works via mobile phone, but also via the fixed network, a free circuit is possible. You give the System your telephone number and get an SMS (mobile phone), or will of a Computer called (landline). Of submitted 4-digit Code is your verification code.
MyFlirt is in all basic functions free of charge . Credits can be purchased and used only for auxiliary functions, such as the choice for the Single of the week.
To delete your MyFlirt profile, you must be logged in for 48 hours. Then you have the option in the section “My profile” click on “My membership” and go to the profile deletion.
We create You a free, personal recommendation

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