Match-Patch Review may 2019 – real Singles or Fake? –

serious Search for family and partnership are at the forefront – cheap membership available – it is, unfortunately, quickly bored – gender ratio is unbalanced – more women than men are active – relatively few members –
Members are looking mainly for solid relationships and marriage partners, no fake profiles, thanks to strict control, many divorced women are registered
easy registration by E-mail address profile position in the Wake of the registration of five different subject areas in the profile filled out free texts must first of all circuit photos are reviewed free within 24 hours
Shipping of a butterfly are messages from Premium members, free of charge, answered a very high response rate for messages that are sent search function is very clearly a Live-Chat for the direct exchange available
a lot of information from free texts has removed the photos of other users visible to the gallery each time the user scrolls with no boost function for the own profile, The Profiles are very detailed
You’re looking for a serious relationship, you maybe even children or want You? Match-Patch is exactly the right place to be for Singles with a desire for starting a family. Whether you need a large patchwork family, or even established small family, is wanted here for various partnership models, and especially the women are very active. Anyone who is seriously Dating, but also in the case of our test winners and the matchmaking will find it Here the members are numbers, and thus the Chance on a long-lasting partnership is much higher. a in 2010, established single market is to look at the Single parents, Singles with child or children desire to have a life partner. The family formation and the desire for a committed relationship are in the foreground. Many women use the Service, men are more likely to be represented sparsely. Users of Match-Patch are not interested in adventures, the Community is built on love and family.
With many advice texts around the theme of relationship and child-rearing, it is also possible to expand the Knowledge and get useful tips for your own life.
Without initiative, nothing works however. There is no personality test, no partner proposals, You have to be active, if You are looking for a new Partner.
In the case of the members are specifically looking for a solid partnership, mostly with the desire to have a family. There are very many women, a majority of them already has children and is divorced. On many profiles is also specified, an existing desire to have children. In addition, most of the users have no Problem with that, if the partner already has a child. Not infrequently, a marriage is a desire.
The search is made in the case of Match-Patch is very serious, no one logs on to flirt a little or to search only Online contacts. The Profiles are real, Fakes we’ve encountered in our testing. This is most likely due to the fact that the operator of the platform will check each profile carefully by Hand. Profile texts must first be unlocked, the same applies for images. Moderated Profiles to increase the entertainment, not Match the Patch at all.
The profile consists of five main sections that can be fed with information. For this purpose, the base of the Outer, the personal life style, personality and photos. In the area of personality-free texts can be entered, which are checked by the Support after delivery. The activation may take up to 24 hours.
Also photos need to be from the Support confirmed. Most days that happens to work within two to three hours. It can, however, take up to 24 hours until Your photo has been released.
There is no personality test, all the information You need about other members want to have or You’re willing to give ourselves, do You need to pack in Your profile. Also, You get no matches, but will need to independently use the search function, to find matching partners. Your search settings You can change it at any time, You can enter a lot of criteria.
There are two main ways You can contact other users. As a first attention, You can send a butterfly, an instant message is appended. On the Butterfly, however, reacts only slightly, most of the women ignore the butterflies.
The best way to contact is via message. As a basic member You can send no messages, except You are answering an email from a Premium member. You bought a Premium membership, You can send unlimited messages to other users.
The members that are interesting for You, You have to filter itself using the search function. Here are some criteria specify, the more precise Your search results. First of all, You can specify the Location and the search radius, also the question of relocation willingness of your potential can be specified.
Besides, You’re to choose whether children should be present, whether a child, there should be a request, and whether the member needs a photo. Sort You can set Your search results by age, distance or last Login. You will receive a Overview with photos and can from there directly to individual Profiles click.
Sent messages are almost always answered, provided the member is online. You should pay attention to Profiles whose owners were recently active, so You increase the chances of getting a timely reply to a message.
The Profiles of most of the users are lovingly and carefully designed, barely a profile, therefore, comes without a photo.

the numerous free text fields there are. There it is to answer a few questions, including what You value lay, what is Your motto in life and what You believe in. These responses must first be checked manually.
You visit another profile You will be shown when the user was last online, or whether the users may be online at the time. Although each profile is checked, You will have the opportunity to alert the Support team, if You think of something miss. You will find on each profile, the Button that says: “member login”. You use the function, You get an input mask in which You can the reason for Your message to explain. You can also specify Your personal data in order to Match the Patch You can contact in case of questions.
In principle, it is rather rare to not be necessary that You need to report another member. You have problems with another user, and no longer want to be contacted, You can block this user and, thus, Your profile for the Person lock. The blocking can be canceled again. Interesting Profiles to Your favorites list save, to be able to easily access them.
There is no App of Match-Patch, the page can be in the mobile Version of the Smartphone called.
In the case of Match-Patch is a family friendly Community for Singles. Who here is looking for log on to a new Partner, and often children are already present, or there is a desire to start a family.
Good usability makes Match-Patch to an optimal beginner’s page. The functions are easy to use, more than news writing, Profiles, search, and butterflies to send it. However, the underlying idea is that the members should not stop in the long term, with online communication, but you Know in real life move.
As a very cheap single-stock Match-Patch single parents the opportunity to share with not-so-great purse for a Premium purchase Account, and thereby increase the chances of success.
Striking is the high proportion of women, more than 60 percent of the members are female, a majority is focusing on a serious relationship determination. For men, the desire is for a relationship also exist, but these are relatively rare commodity. Accordingly, the opportunities for single men that are actually willing to go on the search.
Very nice we found, that effort is put into the profile position and most of the users upload a photo to show to the members. Communication is here quite possible, if one is willing to be active themselves. Who hopes to be someone else’s written, it lowers his chances of nice contacts.
The Design of is not outstanding, but rather a little boring. The color scheme is simple, there are hardly any eye-catcher. The functionality is, however, well, we had not at any time operation problems. The individual functions are at any time via the home to reach.
Not to mention it is very positive that the Support for its members. It is possible to resolve problems immediately by phone. For all the not-so-urgent problems, or outside of business hours, Support via E-Mail.
In the price comparison with other vendors to Match Patch is very convenient .
A termination of the membership purchased is not necessary, because this will expire automatically after the reservation period. If you are still interested in a Premium Account, You will need to purchase a membership.
In the area of “counselor” You will find a lot of helpful texts written by experts. It is all about the topic of partnership, parenting and much more.
To You Match-Patch to feel comfortable, You should have a strong sense of family and no Problem with children. Most, here, logged-in people already have children or want children.
There is no compulsion that You have to be Single, as the assigned Person, You’re in this Portal, however in the right place. Those who would like to get to know log on here a fixed Partner, if You have someone on Your side, You’re wrong here.
In Match Patch, You must be active in order for the stone to start rolling. Here, you get no matches and no matching hits. In your search You will perform yourself, and if someone like it, then You take independently contact to this Person.
Match-Patch was established in the year 2010.
The special feature of this Community is the sense of family. The Portal could be considered as a Niche site, and as it is on target to Singles in search of family. The almost family-like manners, and the high proportion of women make Match-Patch to a particular Portal.
No, there is no obligation for You to Premium need to be a member. You have, as a basic member, but only the possibility to send a message, if You send a Premium member a response.
To Your Account in Match-delete a Patch, You just need to go into Your profile settings and there the section “delete profile”. If You have only in the short term, not in the mood for the Community, You can put Your Account on a temporary hold.
There is a Premium membership, no notice period, because the membership ends automatically after the duration.
If Your Premium ends, membership will be converted to Your Account automatically in a basic account. Your profile remains and You can log in at any time and to request a new membership to complete.
There is no guarantee that You Match the Patch will succeed. A large part of Your success is yourself. If You’re active and a lot of people contact, You have good chances of making contacts and maybe even love.
We create You a free, personal recommendation

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