Masculinity strengths: Successful living with women as a man!

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In order to conquer a specific woman or to find a girlfriend, You need to also A statement to follow! All successful men in terms of flirting & Dating apply this method.
But the Bad thing is: 99% of all men will learn this secret never and therefore remain eternally Single!
The crucial question is: To want what kind of man are YOU?
If You want to be a self-confident man that women can easily conquer easy…
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It is an open secret: most desirable women are the “real guys”. But what does it actually mean today – “be masculine”? In this Blog article, I’ll tell You what makes a real man and how You make Your individual manhood strengthen. Goal of an authentic life with a great personality, very without cheap Macho clichés. We take action and grab it!
“When a man is a man?” These well-known Lyrics of Herbert Grönemeyer ran earlier in the Radio of my parents, up and down. At that time I was still a little Boy, and mind, of course, what he wanted to tell the singer with his Song. Only after a few years, the importance of which was clear to me: He took all the clichés about being a Man ironically – from the rocket to build up to a heart attack, a typical male disease.
I would like to first of all, that You are freeing Yourself of such prejudices, so that You can develop Your true masculinity and to strengthen can. A man does not mean to drink beer and sit in front of the telly and watch a football game. It also means, in the office or on the construction site abzuschuften and play the “provider” for the girlfriend / wife. Women nowadays want to be independent and financially fend for themselves – a development that has led many men in the last decades in the crisis, because they have the feeling of “to be” used.
The age-old role of the hunter and collector has done for us men. But this also means: men must define themselves since a few years new, and new forms of masculine identity to develop. Not so easy, I know. But You read my Blog article so I could help You more…
Many men go in search of their own male identity, because you don’t have the feeling to feel attractive enough to women. A real man – this is what the girls want, of course! But what exactly characterizes the manhood, which usually remains Hidden. The Problem: It’s the role models for guidance are missing simply because we have not learned from our fathers most of the time, how to behave as a man.
And in Kindergarten and later in school, we were added to 90 percent female educator and a teacher. We were allowed pictures with floral painting (so it was tinkering with me in the first grade at the elementary school) and the window images. But Exercises to strengthen the own masculinity, such as Fighting and engaging in games? The less of the curriculum.
Later in our life we learn then, top cool, testosterone-charged guys like James Bond and other Action heroes in the cinema. But let’s be honest: This kind of heroism is so clichéd and over the top that it helps us not a Millimeter more. Their behavior would be to copy ways to make us a completely unauthentischen man who acts male, but is just ridiculous, believe me!
We guys need to detach ourselves from clichés, and a new masculinity to define, we can strengthen. To do this, you need to understand first, which means “man” at all. In the following tips I will reveal it to You. You will also get helpful ideas of what You can do immediately to be male and to develop a magical attraction on women.
Many of the men I know are very shy. Masculine means but, above all, to go confidently through life. But how can You overcome Your shyness and the courage to refuel? Very simple: Leave Your comfort zone ! Every day do something that You avoid normally, out of fear and uncertainty. Start, for example, a conversation with the cute cashier at the supermarket, or hold a lecture at the Uni.
A great tip is also Bungee Jumping, or skydiving. These intensive minutes, the adrenaline Kick that helps You literally with a jump immediately to a more masculinity.
Actually, do You have solid goals in life that You follow? Or You wurschtelst You? All successful men have a dream… and do everything to fulfill this. This can be a successful study, but also a musical instrument learning, or your own Villa in Spain. Set Your goals and do something every day to achieve these goals.
Tip: parts of the big goal in a clearly defined monthly and weekly Milestones. Too large chunks can in fact work extremely demotivating, and should be broken down into smaller, “bite-sized” morsels. Then each week make sure You have Your reached the goal. The Whole thing is worth it, because a man who fights for his Mission, is extremely attractive to the ladies !
Real men go out into the world and experience adventure: travel, motorcycling, attending trade fairs, and other Hobbies. If you come back then you have something Exciting to report. But this also means: Log in for a couple of days at Facebook. Let the constant Comment, Like, Post, reply and send messages. The women hold You for a slowpoke who has nothing Better to do than to sit in front of the Computer.
As I read, to sports, to boost the testosterone levels.

what is for everyone, no matter if ball sports or endurance sports. Also strength training in the gym can’t hurt. We don’t want to be superficial, but a muscular Body looks just more masculine than chicken breast and Spaghetti Arms.
Another positive effect: In the case of sports, where the competition with opponents (no matter whether it is Tennis, football or martial arts), You will learn to set You against competitors and to achieve Your goals – also a very male feature.
Why are managers and politicians in women so successful? Because of the money? No! These men lead a group, and that is extremely attractive to the opposite sex. If You want to strengthen Your masculinity, so if You like from the wait-and-see attitude to come out and even more of the leadership / responsibility. Bring, for example, in the profession, ideas for new projects (which You then run) and suggest the mates, what is your take on the weekend.
Also to the ladies You ought to goal for sure and is determined to occur, instead of waiting for your Initiative. The Ladies love it when you can case, and the husband’s leadership can leave. Say: “Hey, I got tickets for this concert, where we wanted to go has always been” pull the smiling, the Tickets, instead of asking clueless: “honey, what are we gonna do tonight?”
Always a good tip is also to grow a Beard – for this, You don’t have to do something, and You look after a few days of male in the face. Also the clothing can(n) optimize prima in the direction of greater masculinity. In some of my Videos I’m wearing Business shirts that appear to be male, and success radiate. Not all, but some of the girls feel something magically attracted!
A real man has no Problem, loud and clear his own opinion to say – even if he rubs me the wrong way, and swimming against the current. He is self-aware enough and do not need to hide behind the mass. Part of that is to not even answer with a clear “no”, if you want a thing. You have to other people (especially women) not to fulfill any desire, just to be “Everybodys Darling”!
By the way, You are the beloved should not do, Like constantly, in the hopes that she falls in love with You. Don’t fix your bike and not renovate your apartment, just to convince you of You. This excessive willingness to help does not affect all males (even when it comes to craftsmanship), but quite submissive. This does not help the love safe on the jumps!
In Childhood, we have learned guys is that we should not be fighting with our own species. I remember too well panicked parents, have me dragged away by the other hand… the Whole thing was just a game! This game would have been highly necessary, in order to strengthen their own masculinity. As for the man of sensitivity, restraint and empathy, but also a raw and aggressive side (in the positive sense, not belong to be just fine!).
The good news is that This “animal in You” can You leave today, specifically to get out, to get in touch with Your male energy and feel consciously, and to enjoy! Listen to loud Heavy Metal music, boards about the Go-Kart track, and get yourself a punching bag, where You blast away. Also martial arts also provides valuable impulses… You’ll notice how good it feels to be to have a male energy.
I’ve seen a lot of men, from the boss at work or your (Ex-)Girlfriends all liked how pious lambs. Therefore, my request: don’t Let other people treat You disrespectfully! If Your boss makes You in the Job is constantly on the Sow or a woman You treated like shit, forgive no second Chance to Return these people back, because You deserve something Better.
As already said: In our Childhood, the fathers were often absent, and also in our further development it has been missing often in contact with male role models. There are many specific masculine values, which are not able to provide us with women, and also to discuss topics, which coincides with the representatives of the female sex, difficult. Here we encounter with our male Concerns, unfortunately, often, ignorance and misunderstanding.
I remember, for example, is still good at the Moment, as my then “best friend” on my (admittedly unfounded) fear of hair loss is funny…
Begin, therefore, to cultivate intense male bonding! Here You can indulge in only masculine Hobbies, such as football, barbecue and Paintball, but also typical men’s problems and Fears to discuss. I am thinking in particular of topics such as sexuality, love, relationships, and Flirting with women.
Especially in times of excessive feminism is us talking about men often, and that male behavior is a lump sum of bad and evil. It is actually the ways of female behaviour and values that dominate in our society. In it masculine needs have less and less space. Let You but don’t tell Your husband to be something Bad, what needs to be suppressed! So You block Your own male energies.
Why is it so important? I’ll tell You: All the impulses that I have given You in this article, can only then unfold their effect when You’re basically to Your manhood. This means, You can strengthen the male side in You only if You take care of the things mentioned such as competition, determination, leadership, aggressiveness, sexuality, and assertiveness as a positive part of yourself acknowledge, rather than deny him.
Then the true man in You. And now: the first step in the direction of masculinity, and try the tips from my Blog article in real life! So it can be Your year of success.

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