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Lycos chat as a page, in principle, completely free of charge, The operation is user-friendly and is also suitable for beginners or older people There are a wide variety of functions and the number of daily active users for a Chat is comparatively high, The Portal is reputable and a good point of contact, with other members to chat, Many features are available to sign for the prospects of success are on the Portal vanishingly small
The registration process is easy The application is with few inputs, A control of the data is not completed, whereby there are some Fake Profiles, the profile design is only little room to develop
You can as a member to upload multiple images At Lycos chat may only be a few made of the information
The number of daily active Users has not been announced by the operators, it is estimated, however, at several tens of thousands, the number of the registered User of the operator from the Portal also. According to our estimates, this, however, with over 200,000
To contact you in the case of Lycos chat the chat space Alternatively, you’re free to use the messages function you can send gifts on the treasure chest, the guestbook or use the function “bull’s eye” for the communication to take
The experience report to the chat portal
Lycos chat is a popular chat portal that has over 200,000 members are registered. The Portal is basically for people of all ages. On Lycos chat, members can chat and make new social connections. Lycos chat, but can be useful for Dating?
Lycos chat is suitable for people of all ages and offers the opportunity to chat with other members on the Portal. The Portal is not a pure Chat, because there are also a variety of Community Features. Accordingly, it is the page a mixed portal between the Community and Chat. The numbers of members there are no official data, but it is likely to be appreciated more in the region of 205,000. Lycos is a global company. Earlier the Name referred only to a search engine. But, in the meantime, Lycos also offers a number of other Features and pages, so, for example, the Lycos chat. Lycos chat Test, we will look, what are the Strengths offered by the Portal, whether or not costs are incurred, and, of course, we also go to the question of how the prospects of success of fail. The Portal is in principle free of charge, however, there are some packages that can for a fee be booked.
When you look at the registration is very quickly, that Lycos’s use of chat easily. By entering a few information about an account that is already on the chat portal you create. For this purpose, you just need to select a Nickname, a password, and set up a few more details. Overall, the signup process is completed within a few minutes, so you can replace you quickly with other members and the chat portal can get to know.
As for the profiling, so you can make as a member of some of the information. However, most of the issues are only questions. Only in the last area, you can reveal a little more about the Person.
As for the profiling, so you can make as a member of some of the information. However, most of the issues are only questions. Only in the last area, you can reveal a little more about the Person. The only way to write whole sentences about yourself and to convey an impression to one’s own Person.
On the chat portal Lycos chat, there is a balanced distribution between men and women. The Portal is well-visited, however, has not put in the Review that the members are very communicative.
In the case of Lycos chat you can access with regard to the communication from other members on a number of functions. On the one hand, you can use the news function and with other members get in contact with. In addition, the chat room, the bull’s-eye, and the guestbook will be available to you. If you are a member, you can also in the treasure chest are looking for gifts and give them to other members send.
Under the area of ship post, you have the possibility to send messages, to read and to communicate in General with other members.
In the chat room, there are two ways to spend a nice time in the case of Lycos chat. In public Chat you can chat. In addition, the Chat offers the Chance to have private Chats and private messages to exchange.
In the case of Lycos chat, you can, in addition to the already presented features, nor the bull’s-eye, the chest of treasure and the logbook.

bull’s-eye, you have the Chance to comment on images. About the treasure chest, you can send gifts and the guestbook is a beautiful way to leave different greetings.
On the chat portal Lycos chat, you have the opportunity, with other members of your Smartphone or Tablet and cover letter. The mobile App is offered via the Browser. Really convincing, the quality is not, however, because the page is not displayed responsive.
The experience gained in Lycos chat is mixed. There are several hundred Thousand members on the Chat and Community Portal are logged in, but in the Test, this was not really clear. Users from all age groups are logged on to Lycos chat, but especially communicative, the members do not seem to be likely. What is striking is the fact that the Portal is oriented to sea voyages. There are so-called areas such as the treasure chest or the log. Overall, and this is such a report, of course, most important of all, we have paid attention to the possible chances of success. In the chat room is communicated about God and the world. However, the Dating or flirting Lycos is chat tend not to make use of. Accordingly, the prospects of success are also low. A positive is that you can create a profile and page for free. Who wants to come enjoy the exclusive Premium, secure in the treasure chest some of the paid Features. Design and structure remember the older days, however, the technology on the page is, on the Whole, satisfactory. Ultimately, we can recommend Lycos chat Writing. However, who is in search of true love, you should look somewhere else. For example, you can find a chat portal, which better prospects of success. The chat portal, test winner, offer you probably more attractive opportunities.
We create You a free, personal recommendation
The conclusion to the Lycos chat Test, on average. The Portal combines Chat and Community, but really the side of the other portals can’t settle really. Lycos chat has more than 200,000 members and offers a number of functions, but the Dating reference is missing on the Portal in any case. Only a few members are open and communicative, flirting via message. In the chat room Lycos chat Flirt is given to aspect. Age technically, the members are represented on the chat portal from all areas. Technically and visually, the page looks rather outdated. Ultimately, the chat portal is to Chat, but who has serious intentions, you should look more for an Alternative. If you are looking for a chat portal, where the prospects of success are greater, you in our Chat portals .
Lycos chat is absolutely trustworthy and a serious chat portal. To Chat the Portal is also quite. Only the chances of success are a little lower than other portals.
On Lycos chat members are represented from all age classes. But for the most part, the User is under the age of 35.
On Lycos chat more than 200,000 Users are logged in. The page has a high inlet and can certainly be described as popular and considered to.
It depends on what interests and intentions you have. If you’re just looking for social acquaintances, is the page in any case. However, in the case of earnest intentions, the chat portal is rather unsuitable.
On the chat portal Lycos chat, there are no charges for the actual use of the product at all. If you want to use some of the products from the treasure chest, so these are not free of charge.
So that you can create a profile on Lycos chat, you will need to take you a little time. You just need to specify some information, and you can directly Chat and begin Exploring.
Yes, quite. The operation is pleasantly simple, and once you’ve done as a member of the page familiar to you, you can use the functions quickly.
The chat portal is suitable for newbies and Experienced im Users alike.
So you the account with Lycos chat delete, you need to follow the following steps. First, you click on my page. There you go arrived on the settings area. There can be found under the profile menu disable. Finally, you can under password, enter to confirm the whole process.
The gender ratio looks on Lycos chat balanced. There are equally women as well as men.
The level of the members is on a comparatively ordinary level. Compared to other portals there are in the case of Lycos chat less Fake Profiles and also the sexual requests are comparatively low.
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