Lovescout24 in the Test may 2019 – Well? Seriously? Expensive?

Improved Friendscout24-successor – One of the largest Dating sites in Germany – Excellent App for flirt fun on the go – Every day in 10,000+ new enrollments – in 2016, the test winner of the Stiftung Warentest – a Lot of great Events, where you meet Singles and get to know (e.g., free cinema ) – Reputable, well-established Portal with good Support – Not necessarily for the serious search for a partner suitable cost in the reasonable range test winner, test free of charge
Members represented primarily in search of flirt, chat and fall in love with all the professional stands approx. 10% academics ( Dating services have a significantly higher share of Graduates) average age male: 37.5 years average age, women: 34.7 years Friendly Dating portal with superior handling
free registration from the age of 18 profile input very detailed information to be tested is possible to Upload up to five profile pictures and 20 photos albums the login duration: approximately 25 minutes
very detailed search precision direct message send on the box roulette the perimeter look with Date search request, customizing a virtual Smile mailable Writing messages is free for all members
friendly User with many photos and information of common interests to the profile to be visible Fakes rigorously five cleared employees take care of the Dating Profiles, The Profiles are very detailed, changed The profile can later
App for IOS and Android download is available for free in Appstore sending and receiving messages on the go, on-the-go date play roulette
Lovescout24 is after the renaming of Friendscout24, as before, the best single stock exchange in Germany. Who flirt locker, chat, and wants to fall in love with, is right here. In particular the learning opportunities and the serious intentions of the members are outstanding.
Lovescout24 in July 2016, the new Name of the successful Online Dating provider, Friendscout24 , for all its diversity, well-structured single stock exchange, on the Flirting.
Over 6,000,000 certified members on the life partner make Lovescout24 to the high-level Portal on the German Dating market. Love scout offers a detailed search function and the high quality of the Profiles, the possibility for exciting Dates, and butterflies in the stomach.
There are numerous active women are on the Portal on-the-go, the have serious intentions. Own initiative and personally-worded messages and a neat profile are the same for both sexes. How good and serious Lovescout24 is, and whether the cost is worthwhile, we have extensively tested.
As with all reputable Dating sites free log in to Lovescout24 is required. The registration is done via E-mail address, which must eventually be confirmed.
When you log in, only users must be given the name, desired search, place of residence, and date of birth in the profile position, there are many other options. Selected criteria can be from the following search:
On your own Dating profile there are several questions to answer: Superficial appearance (hair color, body size, etc.) and in-depth Multiple-Choice questions, for example, to situations in life and dealing with it.
The standard questions to the status of a person, character description, etc. are not answered by the selection menu, the text answers are possible. It text however, there are two free fields to their motto in life (up to 128 characters), and individual self-description (up to 5,000 characters).
For more information about the Person can be provided with the 20 pre-defined flirt questions Yes/no answer. In addition, it is possible to create your own questions, if the pre-defined models like.
As flirt questions, among other things, questions how apply:
As a member of love scout you will have many opportunities to interact with other members in contact. However, we recommend to check in before the contact, whether the information is in your profile completely and correctly, since this is your business card, and each, before he responds, a look will throw.
A Smile for the first contact, basic pay and premium members alike. It is not, unfortunately, with some personal words expandable. Women almost always prefer the personal approach of a potential partner via the message, but also a Smile in the majority of cases, a feedback.
Messages can only be used by premium members shipped, while basic members can send messages to premium members who have purchased the additional function Connect. The quality of the content of the Mails is for the success of life partner is crucial. Basically, the message and the reference to the profile of the subject, the following applies: The more personal over the is, the higher the response rate. General circulars are sent to 50 or more members, not, however, go well.
On the date roulette is not directly in contact, but the game allows for a view beyond the horizon. While the information above is Dating Profiles correspond to the search results, the set criteria are roulette the Date results are completely variable. So you have the opportunity to discover the partner search people and Dating Profiles that are outside of their own search results.
We find: to expand An exciting opportunity to own horizon, and quickly different Profiles to look at.
Very positive is the quality of the single profiles is important to highlight at the Singles put a lot of effort to produce a very sympathetic self-presentation. The members in our Test had to be uploaded to this single market all profile pictures and your profile text is filled in.
The Singles, women as well as men, should, above all, put on the correct profile image, because “the appearance, the character binds.” And with an appealing visual self-representation of the members can convince other Singles.
Most of the Profiles are thus provided with photos, and contain important information. The date questions most of the people are very active and have at least completed a part of it. So you already know a lot about the profile owner before making personal contact.
If man is a special effort, he can acquire the Lovescout24 seal. For this you have to only
Can extend to the whole of the…
Lovescout24 can be used not only on the PC at home or in the office, but also with the Smartphone while on the go. Thanks to an App, which is available for both Android as well as IOSphones available, including the functions, messages, Single, search, date roulette, and profile editing on the go easy to use.
The Download is free via the respective app stores, the Login is the personal Account possible. If no Account is available, it can be done the registry directly in the App. However, we recommend the free registration on the Website on the PC , since it is due to the larger screen, easier and faster.
I’ve never thought much of Dating sites, but as my buddy me Lovescout24 (and then Friendscout24) has recommended, I have looked at it for me.
Quite a lot of questions for this side at the beginning and at first I hesitated whether I should really give so much of myself. But, I have finally invested in a hour and it was really rewarding.
At the beginning I jumped around on this profile on this and then I saw Isabell. According to love scout, our interests were identical, and I liked your cheeky replies, flirt, questions. I waited for smile and easy. But even though it is online, there was no response. I had the same thought. My buddy has flagged me and said I should send her a message and not in the towel throw.
So I have heard him again and a couple of nice lines sent. I’m especially trying to be, of course, to tell no nonsense and a little bit on you. With Success! A day later I had their answer and you also told me that this Smile would just be gone, because every day is 50, and more time smiling.
The whole back is now three months and we are just planning our first holiday together. To be fair, I must say that Isabell was the only one I had come in contact. But she was the only one with the I met and conquered my heart by storm. we don’t need more, I’m not my buddy but still grateful that he was able to convince me stubborn and annoying.
In comparison with other providers Lovescout24 in the appropriate area . Try it now for free
Men and women pay identical prices. However, there is a 50% discount for the younger Generation – members under 30 pay half price. So love scout ensures that there are enough young members, especially since most of the age could not afford the price otherwise.
The membership for 6 or 12 months to monthly paid, while you pay the costs for one or 3 months at a time.
With a premium membership, the member receives the messages in unlimited quantity, with all the other users to exchange. In addition, the Portal is made available free of charge. . Users of the premium membership can view, who would like to have a personal Date (Dating roulette) and in addition to all the features of the App use.
A Premium Plus membership includes all of the features of the classic premium membership brings even more benefits. It can be accessed on partner proposals of the page . In addition, your profile will be placed higher in the search results and the Chance of access is higher.
With this membership, the user gets all the features of Premium and Premium-Plus membership, as well as a special placement to the date of roulette game. The photo will be displayed to members in a top placement, and thus quicker in public.
Discounts there are not in a direct Form in the case of but the longer a subscription is, the cheaper it is for the user. While the Premium membership for a one-month term will cost all of 39,99 euros, will be reduced the monthly price to 19.99 euros, although for 12 months will be booked.
It’s possible to get the Cashback, if a premium membership is used to . For this purpose, the member must be logged in the appropriate cash back portals and via the published Link his sign in love scout. Now, depending on the offer, percentages or credited premiums in euros have been paid out.
After the profile is created, it is of course to get to know other people and to use the site as effectively as possible. Thanks to the different functions it is in Lovescout24 so fast not boring.
What is in addition to the good opportunities for new contacts especially love scout?
The search function of Lovescout24 is probably one of the most Central elements, because on the basis of the information the results will be created. It is very precise information and guidelines , you can create a individual search masks can be saved.
The information in the search function:
The more detailed the information, the more accurate the results correspond to the personal interests. It must be noted, however, that the number of search results may be reduced if very precise information is given. Sometimes it makes sense, certain areas not to be very narrow in order to obtain a greater variety of search results.
Each member has to fill out a personality test and there own interests. It can also be used to indicate which requests will be made to certain points on the potential Partner.
On the basis of the information provided partners submitted proposals, which Matches with the own very high. The more specific the information in the personality test, the higher the Compliance is. An evaluation of one’s own personality profile will be sent by E-Mail to the profile holder.
The game date roulette offers an exciting variety, and the ability to quickly find sympathetic Profiles. It will be shown to the player profile photos of other people, and then must be selected by a mouse click, whether on a Date with this Person is out of the question.
This is the case, the other Person a message about it. This allows you to retrieve, however, only if you has a premium account .
For residents of big cities, the local Events are a great opportunity to network with other Singles. On the event page of Lovescout24 can be searched for in the soon to be held Events, depending on the Region. From a summer holiday up to a free BBQ feast much of it is here. The cost factor is different, there are both free Events, as well as travelling for example, which can be several hundred euros quite expensive.
The Events can usually only participate, if you register as a signed in member of there and a place reserved. The exact Location, one learns, therefore, usually only a few days before the Event takes place. There are on the other side, but also free Events with Open Door , where you can be spontaneous and free to go without registration. Because you should not appear too late, so that it is.
Lovescout24 also takes promotional activities to attract more members. The LS24 not only brings more sales, but you also have more choice and a greater Chance of Dates! Particularly currently love scouts advertising campaign #love your imperfections, the find testifies that someone is going to love your mistakes – you have to him or you only love scout .
Many barely filled in Profiles, often enough without photos. Man should, however, “stuff” and a “certified Gentleman” …. Eye level is different.
Quite a good Overview.Profile information is not always completely honest.Very old information and outdated images.My experience so far, as expected. Unfortunately, a lot of offers from a Geographical point of view is not feasible. As a Hamburger I can have residences in South or West Germany were not Interested in contacts. To me the reference to my living is missing the seat.
It is really easy to make on this Dating portal nice contacts. However, I have personally made several times the experience that the male members are often interested only in a “acquaintance PLUS“, even though they are supposedly a solid partnership.
With the renaming of friend scout is love scout, nothing should happen, as the Portal finally an appropriate name. Lovescout24 was considered suitable, because the focus of the portal is the part of invention, not in search of friends.
Except the name has changed between friend scout and love scout. Already in 2014, the Acquisition of the Munich-based friend scout GmbH by the Meetic group, which also includes the Casual Dating Portal Secret, the matchmaking and the single market . In Munich, you can find therefore all four providers to a company location. Since then, there have been some changes in the membership structure, such as the integration with in order to make the selection of pretty women and handsome men for you is even greater. Further Changes to scout users have not been for a Friend by the name change, however, into the house.
There are no changes for the new members would have a negative effect on the Dating experience. Only the merger with makes its presence felt. This, above all, by the fact that the members database has grown enormously and the chances of getting a Date are better.
In the case of a number of members of more than six million people, it is quite possible for you to find the right Partner. There are a few important criteria that increase the chances of success.
During the profile position, the course, because who here is no effort, reduced the chances of success. A well completed profile with a photo and many information awakens the interest of the other members and increases the willingness to respond to messages. It also is important that the relationship test to be completed, because the member partner proposals that correspond to their own interests particularly well.
Some activity, if the life partner is supposed to run at successfully.
The previous private area Lovescout24 no longer offers already for some time. On this basis, all visitors of the profile can retrieve all of the provided photos without need of a separate release.
Your profile at love scout can be deleted by clicking the mouse and entering the personal data. In the login menu is selected with the mouse pointer over the own nick name, hazards, and the rubric settings. Now there is the tab “profile pause or delete”. Here, select “delete” and after twice, it was confirmed that the deletion is wanted, actually, can be carried out step by entering the E-mail address and password.
In Lovescout24 terminate? You have found the Right one, or wants to look around but rather a Dating service, is the termination of the Premium membership makes sense. We explain exactly how to cancel simply and quickly.
The Premium membership until the last day of the then current term, even if the automatic renewal was already finished before. After the expiry of the Premium membership, the free profile will remain active so that you can continue to be interesting members contacted.
We create You a free, personal recommendation
This page is also available in the following countries: CH , AT
Premium Basis for 30 Years ( Unlimited messages to up to 10 new members/day )
A Premium Medium for over 30 Years ( Unlimited messages to up to 25 new members/day )
Premium unlimited for 30-Year ( Unlimited messages and ad-free use )
Premium unlimited + select for about 30 Years ( Unlimited messages, ad-free usage, and decide who can contact you )
Premium 1 month for 18 – to 29-Year-old (50% discount) ( Will be extended after a month at the regular price of 39.99€)
Premium 3 months for 18 – to 29-Year-old (50% discount) ( Will be extended after 3 months for regular price of 29.99€/month )
A Premium Will be extended 6 months for 18 – to 29-Year-old (50% discount) ( after 6 months at the regular price of 24.99€/month )
A Premium Will be extended by 12 months for 18 – to 29-Year-old (50% discount) ( after 12 months at the regular price of 19.99€/month )

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