Let’s stay friends, despite the feelings after the separation?

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Your relationship is definitively failed, and one of you, You or you, has now made final. Clearly, now, the wounds are deep-seated, love, sorrow, and confusion. You don’t know what to do with the woman’s deal, believed until recently, she was the great love. And often the condition of the familiar spell falls into this exception: “Let’s stay friends”. But despite the feelings after the separation, be friends, is that really a good idea?
In this article I want to tell You whether and how a friendship can work with the ex-partner. You can also learn the 6 key steps, such as after the painful separation, but even good friends can be.
I, myself, have experienced such a Situation after the separation even more often. Particularly painful has stayed with me, as my supposed “great love” Jessica had left me, back when I was 19 years old tender was of age. They broke up in the summer, after we had just been 2 weeks.
As she gave me the thickness of the dissipation on a Sunny Sunday afternoon on the Park bench under a large tree, I noticed in shock the picnic basket from the bosom. Then suddenly she took my Hand, and afterwards fired a sweet poison arrow that made me courage: “But we can stay friends “. To comfort, of course, only to me a poor guy…
Actually a poisoned gift from her!
I made me aware of the devil’s Pact, because I wanted to stay close to you and me hopes to be able to my (now) Ex-girlfriend in order to go to bed. But all overtures were in vain. I still had strong feelings for you and the friendship without physical contact and Sex were for me torture. Eventually it came to the final loss of Contact, because she knew that I still loved them and for the topic of “friends” not far enough.
When sayings such as “Let us stay friends” after the separation fall, “we can say men’s often no” – and for many women it is Vice versa as well. But why do we try so often to stay with the ex-partner to be friends, though we fall so hard? There can be various reasons for this:
It should be obvious: You can get to stay after the separation, only friends, if the offer of friendship is meant from both sides to be honest as in point 3, without any ulterior motives, the other to the bed. You can get to stay after the separation, only friends, if the offer of friendship is meant from both sides to be honest as in point 3, without any ulterior motives, the other to the bed.
Many Ex-couples try to have a relationship seamlessly into a friendship, and fail miserably. Because the wounds are still too fresh and the feelings make the Plan to stay friends, a thick line through the bill.
Sayings such as “Let’s stay friends” after the separation, much too lightly on the lips, people. Remember: A friendship immediately after the conclusion of the never work! The wounds need a time to heal. If You don’t want to win merely back Your Ex-girlfriend, but honest and sincere in a friendship with this woman you are interested in, You should do the following:
1. Clean slate: Be brutally honest with each other! Satisfied, both of you, that a love relationship has no Chance, and that it is between the two of you really. So none of you two is more unrealistic hopes for love that could a friendship from the outset torpedo.
2. Distance to go: love, heartache and other injuries need a certain amount of time to heal. This time should you need to take, and each for himself – as long as you. Thus the wounds of the soul not rip open again, you should first create the contact with each other on the ice, until you’ve both processed the separation.
3. Approach with caution: When this Phase is over, you can slowly and carefully reach out to one another. Make sure You and you have overcome the pain of separation, there are no unexplained charges more in the room, no more feelings in the game and none of the two makes more unnecessary hope for a love.
4. Thorough debate: it may also help once thoroughly pronounce. Explains especially why it came to the separation and to remain why it is important, friends. If you live in the meantime with new partners in a relationship, it can also be useful, this is your friendly projects to educate. So your wrong avoids suspicions that there is a relationship of love between the two of you coming.
5. Friendship on trial: Clearly, you were a Couple and know each other pretty well. But friendship is something completely different than to have a relationship. Therefore, you have to find a new relationship to each other and test how it is to be “just” friends. Keep appointments short and not overwhelmed you, but approaches you gently to the other.
6. If everything is not working: in Spite of everything, it may happen that a friendly relationship is not crowned by success. Maybe it’s because old feelings flare up again, or conflicts in connection with the separation, continued to smolder. Why it fails: you should not admit to, if the friendship works, and in this case, finally go their separate ways.
But if it works to remain friends, this can be a very great addition to your life. You two must be something to each other, otherwise if you hadn’t been in the past.

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