Lebensfreude50 in the Test of 2019: life partner of 50+

since 2006, as a reputable Dating service on the market, good operability, absolutely suitable for seniors, Each photo is manually Forum and Chat checks only with photo accessible pot very statement closes reundlicher handling of the members with each other a powerful, compact Profile tight-knit community, it is difficult for newcomers With Lebensfreude50 Plus you no subscription, but only pay for the period booked
Men and women balanced academics, and workers hold the balance focus between 40 and 55 very many non-Smoking members, about 60 predominantly female
Duration of registration five minutes profile position pleasant and comfortable photo upload will be good opportunities for the personal presentation of the confirmation email can end up in the spam folder
Two Instant of contact, a Lot of opportunities to talk in the Chat high-Level discussions with learning potential message function to contact to Know in the case of single trips, The Writing of messages is the same for all members free-of-charge Live-Chat for the direct exchange of “Now meet” and “Greet” as an Instant contact features.
many well filled out Profiles, almost all Profiles with photos, text not always filled good Overview and quick visibility of women’s profiles, The Profiles are statistically large in a very detailed profile can be changed later on are profile pictures for anyone for free visible About me, profile image
Entertaining, well maintained and interesting – so Lebensfreude50 in three bullet points describe. Just because the birth year is 50 or more years ago, not heard it yet to the old iron. The members of the joy of living 50 point every day and who has no desire for solitude, is ideal.
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With around 120,000 members Lebensfreude50 belongs not to the biggest portals, but for seniors, the perfect meeting point is here, if you want to experience a second spring. Even portals like Parship or Lovescout24 offer their services for older people, but on a specific Website for the 50-Plus Generation have a much better chance of success. In addition to the online platform Lebensfreude50 travel offers that are aimed specifically at Singles, with the Option to on the perfect happiness in the holidays. Because of the single holiday is staggered in this Portal, according to the age, you can be sure to travel with people from your age group.
The proportion of men and women in Lebensfreude50 the scale. With around 48 percent of the woman is pleasant and a conversation partner of the opposite sex is almost always found. Although the search for same-sex partners is possible, find more than 95 percent of all users that are logged on to a Partner of the opposite sex.
The Lebensfreude50 Dating is mostly used by people between 40 and 55, members over 60 make up about 10 percent of the total share. The older the members are, the higher the Rate of female users. The offered single trips are also available for younger age groups, very often traveling for 29 – 40 years old be offered.
It is striking that very many non-smokers are at Lebensfreude50 on-the-go. This is quickly recognizable, because on the profile to be displayed per Symbol, the Smoking habits. Almost all non-smokers indicate that they had problems with Smoking partners. Bad cards so for the smokers, if you don’t stick to your same.
Academics and workers hold the balance, there are also some pensioners in the System. The level overall is lifted, the tone in the Chat and in the Forum is pleasant, disputes are rare and in reasonable shape. Nice is that really serious interests behind the life partner and just a few Singles just for the fun of flirting. If it is a single holiday or in the Chat, our Lebensfreude50.de experience has shown that a serious relationship is in the interest of most users.
The activity of the members, of the approximately 120,000 members a few hundred are online on a daily basis. The most activity prevails in the Forum, here it is discussed about topics from all possible areas.
In the Chat it is the day usually a bit boring in the evenings, good conversations come about, however. If the current TV program, over other Dating portals as Lablue, or on the next single travel, the conversation of diversity in the Chat is great.
With sympathy, a chat invitation can be sent to nice people, so that the conversations outside of the Public.
With a duration of around five minutes, the registration is done quickly. Unfortunately, there is no way to associate the platform easily with Facebook, so that a manual registration via email is necessary. You have to enter personal data, your birthday and place of residence are sufficient to create a own Account.
To complete your registration only if you have the Link in the confirmation email clicked. The confirmation in the Spam folder (Gmail) landed, you should therefore not Post, throw there a glance.
Your profile you can edit your settings and a comprehensive Overview of your Person create. Your profile can be divided into three headings, the Changes you make but always on the same page.
The upper area consists of profile information about yourself. Your birthday is requested, your gender, and you specify which gender you’re looking for. Your birthday is not displayed publicly in your profile, but as a age number.
The two most important areas in which you formulate a free-text can be your slogan and “about me”. While the Motto is ideally a set, you can in the “about me” of your creativity. This is not important, since the other points in the profile at Lebensfreude50 let an excessive amount of adjustment room.
The Rest of the profile is used for the description of your Person. All of the questions no longer by selection menu, answer, personal words you can insert. Here are some example questions you can answer:
Whether you’re a smoker or not is of high importance, because a Smoking or non-Smoking symbol is displayed immediately next to your user name for profile visitors.
To complete your profile, upload a photo. This is first checked manually by the Support and normally within 24 hours unlocked. Please note: Before the is of profile photos, you can neither use the Chat nor the Forum. You will be advised at the time of accession to the Chat that you have without a photo here is not allowed.
The contact at Lebensfreude50 is diverse, it needs to, however, particularly from the male side a little self-initiative. The classic is the contact via message. If you visit a profile, you can directly click on the corresponding Button and the message window opens. If you know the name of the Person you exchange you want, you can write directly from your profile, a message and specify the recipient manually.
A majority of the existing contacts, however, is through the Chat. Here are a lot of men and women meet, particularly in the evening hours to talk about all sorts of topics. Quickly interesting conversations, which can then be used in private chat or via message continued to develop. As a newbie, you have something heavy in the Chat, because most of the Chatter already know and you initially ignore. But with a little patience and time and again matching contributions to the subject, is finally included in the chatt community.
If you would like to get to know discussions on a high level of lead, and people from the whole of Germany, the Forum is a recommendation. Whether the erotic, the esoteric, or Dating in General, whether fun topics, TV shows, or animals, the diversity of topics in the Forum is hardly a limit set. The Forum you can use as a base member, a photo, however, is the basic requirement. You either have the ability to existing themes to say your opinion, and in discussions with a to join or you create a own theme. Experience has shown that answers most of the members quickly and with a interesting topic, a lively discussion is developing rapidly.
If you can you want than just an Online membership, in the context of the single lasting friendships and contacts travel.

erview. The organizers determine in advance how many participants must be at least so that the trip actually takes place. The ZDF has already accompanied two of the joy of life 50 single travel, and have shown that it is a holiday for high-level people in higher age.
If you are a foreign profile visit, you will find getting to know the Buttons “now” and “Regards” . This is Instant contact features. If you click on these Buttons, you will be sent a predefined Text. We do not recommend this, since it is used frequently. Women in particular receive several times a day such impersonal messages and just reply little desire to. It is always better if you a personal message ht posted.
If you use Lebensfreude50 online, you’ll quickly find that the quality of the Profiles is well above average. Since there is no classical personals, most of the members of the “About me” to define their search desires clearly.
Thanks to a clever Trick of the site operator, there are hardly any Profiles without photos. Who would like to participate in the Chat, Forum and group activities such as the regional groups absolutely must have a photo in the profile, since otherwise the access will be denied. Minus point: Each user can only upload a single photo, unfortunately, there are no galleries that invite you to browse through.
According to our Lebensfreude50 experiences of female Profiles are filled out statistically better than male. Many women give themselves very much trouble in the preparation of the text, while men are content here, sometimes with two, three words. In total an average of about 80 percent of all Profiles are good and extensive.
As the profile visitors, you will find the most important information at a glance. The profile photo can be enlarged by mouse click, in addition to the image, you will find the most important information about the Person. The personal description, interests, and life motto, you’ll find below the image.
Our conclusion: All Lebensfreude50 members, with whom we had contact, had high quality and accurately completed Profiles, and were polite and there were high-level talks.
Unfortunately, Lebensfreude50 not an App available, so that not more than the Login on the smartphone browser is possible. Since the page layout is much too small and the comfort is lost, we advise to use this option only in an emergency. Whether there will be an App is questionable, since many seniors will appreciate the traditional use of over the Internet and not on a Smartphone.
The Test of Lebensfreude50 proved to be exciting and varied. Our overall rating is very good, the age of the user is often under 50, there are many 40+ people in the System.
Delighted with the high level, what comes in the handling of the members to each other to-day. Whether in the Chat or in the Forum, discussions always take place on a polite level, and still humour and fun. In the Test, we were met moreover, no Fake, Scam or other non-promotional emails landed into our mailbox.
The Plus membership turned out to be a very cheap and worthwhile investment without a fixed contract term. The Lebensfreude50 costs are so low that the price-performance ratio is well above average. It is always recommended to have a longer membership duration, since, therefore, the price drops again.
The most fun has made us the Forum page, because here los is really always something. Even if you write not own posts, you have thousands of posts to read. Whether a joke corner or discussions, exciting reading can be. Additional specialties: personal Statements in the forums, you can judge his fellow-men often very well.
At first glance, Lebensfreude50 seems to be a bit boring, the color scheme is drab, and there are few visual Highlights. Points can build the platform but with the clear side and the ease-of-use. At the time you sign the quality shows. The registration is done piece by piece, there are always important clues as to what happens next, and even an absolute layman brings the registration in five minutes.
Also in the login area, there is no difficulty in operating. At the top of the navigation bar, the leads in all the important areas. From the home screen, to search for a partner, to the own page and Forum and Chat can be all of the functions accessed in one click. Very pleasant is the font size, even with a slight visual impairment all very well.
Extra points can collect the Portal with the most comprehensive and easy-to-understand FAQ section. All relevant issues are neatly sorted into categories, what we like very well. A drawback, however, is the rather long processing time, when you Upload a photo. 24 hours and more offense on the weekends, until you have the opportunity to use your profile. Customers without a photo have a chat neither the Chance, nor the Forum can be used.
In comparison with other providers is Lebensfreude50 in the appropriate area .
An often used and very popular area of the Forum of Lebensfreude50. Chatting corners to relevant political themes you will find here, as well as discussions around the topic of Dating and erotic. A help area is available where users can help other users if they have a question. The Forum is moderated, if an inappropriate post is found, it is removed quickly and the level remains high.
In the Chat is going on especially in the evening, the members want to relax from everyday life. In-depth, personal discussions do not take place in the Chat in General, this is a private chat is available. Funny conversations, Humor, talks about the current TV program or themes from all over the world are here at the agenda and see to it that it is boring. Especially on the weekends, the time goes by in the Chat in Nu, and it is the one or the other more intensive contact often.
An important part of Lebensfreude50 the single trips , when you nice people from Germany can get to know. Single travel in groups and there are all year round offers, which you can connect. If the classic holiday destinations such as Mallorca or extravagant travel destinations, such as Australia and Africa, for every taste. But beware: Sometimes you have to be quick, because are the main holiday seasons, a lot of travel booked appointments very quickly.
In the Regio groups, you can search for specific access in your Region. The groups are created by users or moderators, and operated. There are a lot of master tables, sorted according to postal codes, the real Meeting on the legs. An excessive amount of activity in the regional groups, however, the last Meeting here are some for over a year, the talks are slow.
Lebensfreude50 is a Portal for people in higher age, the fun of communicating with other people. Most of the members look over Lebensfreude50 Partner for the evening of Life.
How fast are you at Lebensfreude50 know someone will learn from your activity. If you take regularly on the Chat part of the Forum to visit, you’ll have quickly nice contacts and maybe develop into more.
The ease of use of Lebensfreude50 is presentable, even beginners will cope very well. The most important functions are explained in a comprehensive FAQ section.
Lebensfreude50 offers its members the opportunity for organized single nice man to travel and maybe even find the love to get to know. There are holiday trips, which take place in groups. These groups consist of members of Lebensfreude50.
On your profile you have the possibility to upload a photo. You shouldn’t have to deal with it or you get a message that your profile picture has a unsuitable size, you can get the Support to help. Send your photo to the E-mail address of the Support, and this inserts the image in your profile.
Each new profile is checked by the operators of Lebensfreude50. Also the photo upload is only carried out when the photo was taken. In this way, the fake numbers are kept extremely low. In the Test we made is no Fake.
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