Lablue Test 2019 – Animated single chat or nothing behind it

Lablue in the Test.

Single stock exchange since 2002, looking for a solid partnership in search of homosexual partnerships is possible a few Fakes, in spite of free usability Newsletter on a regular basis contain important Dating tips boring, too simple Design, no App for the Smartphone.

Registration Process: 4,0 /5 Contact: 2,5 /5 Profile Information: 4,0 /5 App: Practice Test: 3,0 /5.

lablue Test in 2019.

Even if lablue is not part of the big Dating sites, has made it to the Portal at least once before in the Foundation goods test. There was talk of big level and this is in line with our lablue experience of life partner.

A single stock exchange, which is mainly suitable for the search of something solid, with a small but fine user base you, if you check out the page. Search for an erotic Meeting is rather unproductive, especially since the women are more interested in a relationship .

Visually lablue is no eye-catcher, here, is rather put on simple and timeless, because at modern. But if you optical blunder away can see and in search of a solid side, you can try lablue confidently. The focus is on the communication with other members.

Advantages of lablue disadvantages of lablue completely free use of a very simple, almost boring page structure for the search of something solid, well, the search for an adventure suitable great Support with fast aid, it is hardly possible to .

The target group of lablue.

Lablue is suitable for Singles, the want to feel in a solid, non-crowded Community. It is not a traditional matchmaking takes place, you have to show initiative, if You keep Your chances high.

Anyone who is registered here?

a disproportionately high number of men’s higher average age focus on good Behavior.

Around half a Million members Lablue in Germany and can’t compete in numbers with the big flagships. Users of Lablue, however, put together not at all to a very high number of members, but on the well-groomed and polite manner .

The proportion of male users, with 64 per cent is quite high, the ladies with 36 percent. Nevertheless, nice conversation partner on the female side.

As Lablue not involved in the General prevailing competition under the slogan: “more Colorful, louder, hipper”, is the audience older. Younsters between the ages of 18 and 25 don’t you think at Lablue is almost cooked, for the members to take pay from 30 steadily .

The registration process.

simple and fast registration many options in the profile.

The login for Lablue is quickly and easily done within five minutes. If you hurry you can be in less than a Minute, a member of the Community. Important is a valid E-mail address, because you have to confirm a Link before you can access your profile.

The information which you provide when registering, you can change it later in the profile. Only exception: your personally selected user name, you think of so good, which is the identity you use the Website want to.

In the case of the profile position, you have a lot of good opportunities to create a truly sympathetic, the first impression of you. The first glance falls on the plug-in letter, you should make sure to fill in. Here are the following Details of you query:

Age, place of residence, country, body size, weight, and shapes hair and the color of your zodiac sign do you smoke? Marital Status Education Occupation.

You can individual points, e.g. skip the question about your profession, if you give no answer to that want. But in principle, the more you give of yourself, the more trustworthy you seem.

A great vote of Confidence, you can with the free authenticity Check of Lablue secure. The “verified”seal is displayed at the top of your profile and can be seen from a profile of the visitors immediately. For the authenticity check, it is a prerequisite that you have your profile photo is already uploaded and it was unlocked .

During the authenticity check can you write your user name on a large sheet of paper and take pictures of you together with it. This recording you download now high and the image is reviewed by the support team. Once it has been accepted and will appear in your profile, the seal: “tested”, and you have much better opportunities to get in touch.

Both the profile photo, as well as the free text, are checked manually by the staff of Lablue. To reduce the chances of Fakes, and works quite well in practice.

Lablue Test 2019 - Animated single chat or nothing behind it member of the

In the case of regular, cost-free memberships, it can take between one and five days, until your photo and your Text have been unlocked. Are you a premium member, are the so-called Express processing is carried out, which should not take longer than 12 hours .

You can next to your profile picture a photo album with up to five images you create. However, this is only possible if your profile picture and your profile text of Lablue were accepted .

Tips for a successful profile in lablue.

Tip 1: Your photo album gives you the possibility of you disclose. Photos from everyday situations, the sympathetic snapshots, or a few well-kept Portraits increase your chances in the other.

Tip 2: The profile text allows you to describe, in your own words. Do not neglect because here you can collect points with the opposite sex. Tip: It must be a novel, dear, three, four well-worded sentences, as a huge block of text that deters your opponent rather .

Tip 3: Your profile photo is the first impression on the real Date, so you should select very carefully. Taboo obscene recordings or the party photo: photos show you with other people, from the last full noise.

Tip 4: The more information, the better. In lablue can you tell a bit to you before you make yourself to the free-text. Filled points are sympathetic, therefore, answer use all the options lablue offers you .

Tip 5: Your search on the home page is an important point in the use of lablue, because you want to finally have success. Tip: plug-in the criteria, especially the age is not so tight. It would be a shame if you only people up to 40 messages and thus, your 42-year-old dream partner missed!


Members add to favorites search members, search filters, and Profiles classic message, or Chat to get in contact to Write messages to all members free-of-charge Live-Chat for the direct exchange available.

If you get to know other members, you have two possibilities in contact with you. For one, you can start a direct Chat with one Person or you can leave a message. Both are free of charge, there is no premium membership to send messages is required.

If you use the regular search function, you can view all members that your Search match your choice. You visit a profile, you can leave a message. This is also not served when the other Person is online, and stays up to 30 days in the Inbox (in the case of a basic membership). If you don’t write later, the profile will lose, but again, you can add it to your favourites .

The Chat is also free, but requires the online status of both chat participants. After you’ve clicked on the tab “Chat”, you will see all the people that are currently online in the Chat. As soon as you transfer a Chat, the messages are in real time. There is no group chats, conversations are always only 1 – to -1. You have the option but to conduct multiple Chats side by side .

Profile information.

more confidence with authenticity check profile photo and Text will be thoroughly Express check possible.

Unfortunately, there is no App that has been specially created by Lablue. Nevertheless, you have the option of traveling to your messages access. If your Smartphone has a Browser, you can access the site from there and you normally log in. It is a little difficult to recognize the font because the page was not optimized for mobile use, but in case of emergency, in the meantime, it is sufficient .

Practice test.

Added on Lablue we were already for a long time curious, because after all, the single market is mentioned occasionally, with the big flagships in one breath. The note that everything can be used free of charge, let us in the first Moment of Lablue Fakes think, but the number is lower than expected.

Even if the Design is very sparse and boring, it was time for a change of pace from the trendy, colorful sites that you want to animate with flashing arrows, and naked women to sign up. Very annoying, however, the advertising was, with the purchase of a premium membership, but disappears immediately.

The Lablue average age is about 30, younger people, the page seems to be not so good to arrive. In part, the low share of women is noticeable, if in each of the regions hardly any search results are found. Lablue Test 2019 - Animated single chat or nothing behind it other people, from the

In the larger cities, there is some, however, the operation and the chances of meeting someone good.

Our La blue Chat experiences were mixed, although the members were online, we received often no response at all. The chat feature is handy, however, are likely to be contacted, especially the female members very often about it. Our Lablue experiences is it worth it to write more of a message that can be read by the other Person if she has time, and then in the rest of the answers.

Patience is definitely one of the features that you need for Lablue, to get to the goal. It begins with the activation of the profile photos and goes up to reply to messages. Lablue Test 2019 - Animated single chat or nothing behind it little difficult to recognize the
For a very small monthly contribution to the activation of the image and the text can be sped up significantly .

Review by Corinna, 44 from Duisburg:

After I had read on the Internet some of Lablue reviews, I wanted to look at it to me. The great love you will not find in everyday life, just as quickly, I also have to go away never had the time in the evening because of the children. So why not in the network?

Well I think that you can use Lablue completely free, but I opted for the Premium membership. For a full year I pay for Lablue as much as with other, large pages for a month, you can treat yourself already .

As I was without a photo on the way (the activation take a long time), I get no messages. As my image, but online, a returned to live in my mailbox. I was very surprised at how many casual flirtations came out. The man that tingled in my stomach, not was but in the first month .

I must admit that I have always taken care if my writing partner has made the Lablue authenticity check. I just feel safer if I know the Person is not Fake.

It was about two months after my Declaration, when I met Paul. We have written much to begin with and after the first three days, I have been chatting to him directly. A further week later, we exchanged phone numbers and today, two years later, we live in the same apartment.

I can only report positive things about Lablue. I was on many Dating sites, but here I felt really good. The la blue costs are so cheap that you can forever stay logged. However, I no longer need the Yes, because my Paul I give up .

Experience report from Peter, 39 from Mainz:

I wanted to just give it a try because I’ve heard that lablue is free of charge. In the beginning, there was nothing Else for me as a single stock market to the pastime. You write, you learn to know yourself and then it runs anyway in the sand. As far as my ideas, but the practice was different .

I was just logged in for three days when I saw a profile that had me from the first Moment on, my mind is blown. The photo was okay, but the profile text me! A woman who likes Rafting? Really? I couldn’t believe it, and you’ve written.

Super nice, super personable, and also directly from me. Apparently I’m also a pretty good figure, because she has not broken the contact again. We have left us a month time to meet us then but a spontaneous wild water trip. Great Woman!

Until now we had three Dates, and I’m sure there are more. The first kiss took place right on the first Date. More I will not tell you but, a Gentleman enjoys and is silent known.

Design & Operation.

Straight to the point, it can be said that there is no license for the operation of Lablue nötg is. Even absolute Dating beginners will have no problems. All unnecessary functions, was omitted completely, Lablue focuses only on the Essentials.

The effect, unfortunately, on the optics significantly, and so Lablue looks drab, uninviting, and downright boring. A point you can see if you have gotten used to the site. On the first impression, however, acts as a deterrent.

A disturbing factor is the advertising that is displayed in the free membership anywhere. Of course, the Portal is financed, but the number of banners was extremely annoying. Since the premium membership is very cheap, and advertising belongs to the past, this would be a purchase criterion for the additional functions.

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