Kizzle in the Test may 2019 – Only Fakes or real Dates? –

Dating with astrology-Check images can be shared for a particular User transparent Payment model, users can no mobile App to verify many of the (female) moderators to contact you need to buy Points
free optional registration with Facebook 11 Points register as a gift a few mandatory particulars
Profile can be added at any time most important data available show with “Kizzle of the week” possible Optional verification
in Germany, over 65,000 members of the very high number of (female) moderators proportion of men close to 70% of good age distribution, users can verify
well filled-out Profiles of the absolute majority of images uploaded hardly verified User
Profiles can be assessed users of the “gifts” will be sent to visit history, search zodiac sign is visible to possible SMS function without the Online-forced “kizzlen” and “gifts” for Shy
extensive FAQ section easy to use, no App available
Kizzle: the search for a partner on the esoteric platform under a lucky star?
Kizzle is a platform for Dating according to astrological face. In the summer of 2010, the Axel Springer Verlag started, it was, however, discontinued in April 2012. DanoTec ApS from Denmark took over a year later, the business, and in 2014 carried out a complete re-launch.
On the Internet some users comments that speak of a rip-off. If Your Dating efforts with Kizzle stand under a good star, we clarify in our extensive Review.
You can register directly on Kizzle. Optionally, You can sign-up but also with Your Facebook Account.
After the registration, which only the desired Pseudonym, gender, age, ZIP code and email address, and sexual orientation sensing, You will receive a gift in the amount of 11 Points. As soon as You upload Your first profile picture, will be rewarded with 3 Points. The images may have a maximum size of 2MB and will not be tested separately.
The sign up process, we found user-friendly and little time-consuming. Similarly, the procedure was free of charge.
Your Kizzle-business card offers all of the important information. In addition to the body of data, horoscope and Smoking habits You can introduce Yourself to a large free-text box more accurately. You can upload images and either for everyone or only for friends. Your Pics are visible immediately and are not reviewed separately.
On request, You can let You at the Kizzle verify. This is done by sending a code to Your phone number, which You enter after that, to Kizzle and as a reward, Your profile golden highlights. A nice Gimmick, but a real Fake Protection looks, in our opinion, different.
By means of the free “Kizzle of the week” we introduce under the heading of “Special Features” closer, can You leave a Link to Your profile for a week prominently on the home place.
Furthermore, Your profile visitors a 1 – 5 may leave a star-rating, their average will be publicly displayed.
Kizzle has about 65,000 active users in Germany. This is a clear surplus of men, however, noticed: Almost 70% of the members are male. The age distribution is true, however, it is very balanced from young to old.
Unfortunately, the dark number of male users is probably much higher. According to the terms and conditions Kizzle uses so-called moderators, the fictional Profiles to create “the activity on the Portal and to increase the operator’s revenues”. In the terms of use mentioned also, that it can be assumed that all female profiles are fictitious persons. This is of course a great pity and the hope for real Dates melt away.
It is possible, to be as “real” to verify. For this purpose, the phone number must be provided and you will receive a Code sent via SMS. After entering the sequence of digits in the Portal, you receive a Golden Background in the preview. There are some – albeit very few – have women performed this verification, we suspect that one or the other lady Kizzle is on the way.
In the context of our Research, we have found almost exclusively informative, completed Profile with pictures. Of the function, Pics only friends, seems no one else will use.
The above-described verification uses, however, hardly anyone. Due to the alert by the terms and conditions as well as the use of high-gloss images in female participants, we estimate the Fake density of Kizzle-powered, fictional Accounts is extremely high.
The first stop for the contact the search. Here You can search for the key attributes: gender, age, country/Region, existing images, and Online Status. As an astrologically-inspired platform, of course, to the zodiac.
In addition to the classic (paid-for) sending messages about the profile there are several (also extra-cost) options for the Shy among you: You can kizzeln a different user, “” what can compare with the Poke in Facebook: The selection type is “Shy look” and “wink, wink” to a “slap on the Butt”. In addition, the possibility of a fictional “gift”, which we explain under “Special Features” closer to you guys.
On the third-party profiles, You can make the user to friends or favorites, User, report and block as well to evaluate how the design of the profile. If You can’t get to the Internet, You can turn off the contact feature via SMS free.
The structure of Kizzle is very clear and you find your way immediately.

is no mobile App for iOS and Android is available, the mobile website is usable and allows for the unrestricted use of on-the-go.
If you have discovered an interesting, you can counter Points starting from the date of birth you Tarot cards on the subject of compatibility. Kizzle gives you a brief assessment about whether a potential relationship is under a good star. Optionally, the result can be shared with other users.
On the basis of your birth date you placed the cards. The aim of this is to know what tasks and energies You need to face this year. It is also against the internal currency, “Points”, the goal of life number, the life path number and soul number to determine.
The User can, with an application to the “Kizzle of the week” in bold right on the home page to present. There is a large interest among the users prevails, recommends to the operators to convince them with the creativity, charm, or a great idea that needs to be entered in a free text field. On request, You will also on the Facebook page of Kizzle presented.
About the profile You to other users with a symbolic “gift” to make people aware of You. The gifts are You and Your To private. There is for the price of 10-500 Points a variety of options from the following categories: General, Drinks, esotericism, corner, Love, travel, jewelry, summer, and football. This can also be “For men” and “For women”.
Directly after quick and easy sign-up we have found our bearings on the first attempt. The search function yielded good results and the completed Profile gave us a good first impression on potential contacts.
Already after a short time, we received messages from interested ladies: a nice conversation the whole spectrum of entry level to the question of whether we are “standing on tit fuck”. Many glossy pictures made us suspicious and we took a look at the terms and conditions. As had been anticipated, Kizzle on moderators, the countless, fictional Profiles to create any real Meetings are excluded.
Strangely, we also found that we were contacted by several users that had not visited our profile.
Kizzle uses a subscription model, but also allows its users to send messages and use other premium features, with the own currency of “Points” to pay. To the message all the standard features are free.
The payment options are many and varied, and to also offer an anonymous payment for example, about the Paysafe Card. Buying the Points packages is unique and has no duration as the subscription models of its competitors. Important: The Point-prices vary depending on the method of payment. We therefore do not recommend buying via paysafecard and micropayment (paying with Premium SMS).
You get the case through the transparent model of the Costs, however, especially in longer conversations with other members can go into a lot of money. Here’s the RUB: in order To make contact with, and to use the Portal for Dating must be resorted to paid services.
We can say after our visit that the chances for real Dates, at least for men – are relatively unlikely. The extremely high number of fictitious profiles of the operator of clouds Dating fun immensely. The fun-filled esoteric Features and comfort on this fundamental Problem.
The Pay-model with no hidden subscriptions, we found good and very transparent. In the case of extensive contacts, however, but very to the money even if di other basic functions are free of charge.
Women who are interested in astrology may like to take a look. For all others, there is in the Dating universe better Alternatives.
Under the profile settings You need to specify Your mobile phone number and receive an activation code. To send messages to other Users You can send a SMS to the following number: +49 151 11 14 29 39. Important is the observance of a Format of – [user name of the recipient] is this:[Your message]
Important is the Upload of photos is so that other users can win a first impression of You. A completed profile gives also a better Overview about You and Your Person.
Directly on Your profile page, the Button “delete Account”. A click on it will delete all Your data irrevocably from the Kizzle servers.
Users with a Golden profile card have carried out the verification of authenticity via SMS. So other User can recognize at first glance that it is a real people with interest and not a Moderator. The verification is free.
Please check first, if Your photo is larger than 2MB. If You continue to have problems, You can Your picture along with Your user name by e-Mail to send.
You can on the one hand, to block the profile of the User, as well as on the other hand, these by means of E-Mail to report, what is particularly desired in the case of advertising.
No, Kizzle, You can get “Points”packages to buy and decide for yourself how You this using. The acquisition is not recurring and You have no obligations.
Premium features are paid-only features to Kizzle and can be paid for with “Points”. The purchase is based on a Prepaid Basis and is handled by external service providers.
We create You a free, personal recommendation
This page is also available in the following countries: AT , CH
In the case of payment Via other payment methods

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