Inter-Contact Test September 2019 – Eastern European Singles

Mail, you are asked to

Inter-contact in the Test of September 2019.

Dating-Portal for Exploring the Eastern European Singles a Lot of active User Profiles are free of visible verification badge or photo is a must, messages can only be sent to women free of charge, and More male than female User answered No Fakes in the Test Confusing Design.

Registration Process: 3,5 /5 Contact: 3,5 /5 Profile Information: 3,5 /5 App: 3,5 /5 Practice Test: 3,0 /5.

Our Test Report.

Inter-contact is a Portal through which you, the opportunity shall have to meet Eastern European Singles. A selection of 20,000 users is very promising. However, the ratio of the number of women with that of men is here? Since 2010, inter-exists in the contact and since then has been in favour of the partner-seekers from all over the world with Eastern European Singles together. How reputable the site is, and you can use this at all, if you don’t have Premium membership, would like to complete? We have tested inter-contact detail for you and here all-important points that you need to know. Decide for yourself whether or not the Portal for you is suitable .

Anyone who is registered here?

20.000 Users worldwide, 30 percent of Users are female, Male Users are mainly over 45 and female Users between 25 and 40 know The goal of learning a marriage is in the majority of the User, No Fake User.

The User, the benefits of inter-contact, are predominantly male. Only 6,000 of the 20,000 members here are female. In addition, large fluctuations in the age. While female Users are mainly between 25 and 40 years old, the majority of men over 45 years old. In a point of the User, however, agree. The goal of learning a marriage is to know in many cases. The majority of the members is to move willing and very communicative. Particularly positive is, that you here no Fake Users found. Both women and men need to identify themselves at the beginning of via card or photo. Although this step is annoying, but prevents unwanted fake Profiles are available .

The registration process.

The registration will take about 10 minutes, You can get by E-Mail address or Facebook, you log in After registration, and you have to by a card or picture to identify The verification will take up to 24 hours After your profile is approved, you can use all the free features .

Log on to the inter-contact is very easy. However, you should schedule some time, since you will need to specify some information about your Person and you must identify. This verification can take up to 24 hours. To create an Account, you have two options. You can do this either via your Facebook Account or by E-Mail address. You choose Facebook, you will get by E-Mail, you are asked to identify, can use the site already. Uses the registration by E-Mail address, you can use the site only after verification. In addition to this information about your Person to be queried and also you can sort some of the terms according to their importance. So other User can get an Overview of your ideas. Your profile is verified, you can use the free Features of the site and other Userprofile visit.


Women can send free messages and answer men’s need to exchange messages with a paid membership Detailed search filters favorites list you don’t Want a contact to a User, you can use this block.

The contact on the inter-contact for women, very uncomplicated and above all free of charge. Women can reply to messages for free, as well as conversations begin. Men must complete both a Premium membership. Many other contact options are not offered by inter-contact to you, however. Although you can add a User to your favourites, this, however, does not contact. A very detailed search filter, you are free to find other Users that match your needs. You don’t want a contact to another User, you can block these easily. The Profiles are then neither for you nor the blocked User will be visible. On the home page, you’ll have about Users that are currently online, with new images uploaded, or newly logged-informed and can thus, directly after Login, an Overview.

Profile information.

The profile information you can change at any time, The largest part of the information already filled out during registration, All Users can use the info to see men with no Premium membership, can’t see all the pictures, photos are from Support unlocked.

The inter-contact provided profile information is not very detailed, but they must be mostly filled out already at the time of registration, which has the advantage that you find when you Visit a profile of the sorts of information that will give you an Overview, with a large probability. A Change to the data is possible at any time. Your profile is for all Users free of charge visible. Otherwise it looks in the pictures. Men must sign up for a Premium membership to be able to view all the photos. You upload a profile picture, this will be checked by the Support. New photos are on the home page, visible to other Users. The inter-contact profile information provide information about yourself, your Person and your priorities in a partnership.

Available free of charge and Can be downloaded in the App Store and the Google Play Store, available For Android and iOS notifications directly on your Smartphone receive Confusing.

As well as the inter-contact site, the App is a bit confusing. There’s too much information to be listed on a small space. And I, for once, is the App useful to learn of the inter-contact news. About new activities you can directly to your Smartphone to notify. The App is available for iOS Users in the App Store and for Android Users in the Google Play Store, available free of charge. You want to download any App, you can access a customized mobile site .

Practice test.

Inter-contact is designed as a platform to get to Know Eastern European women. However, here are represented a great many other nationalities, which makes it a bit hard to find among the 6000 women the right Singles. Many Features, there is not here, but very much the advertising, which site, which is already very confusing, can still be Packed appearance. Inter-contact is a site for women who want to meet older partners from all sorts of countries, but no money, suitable.

When you Open the Website is the confusing and, above all, not quite a contemporary Design directly. On the home page, you’ll slay, user photos and advertising formally. Here it takes some time until all Features are found. The Logo is in the application otherwise than on the help page, which can lead to great confusion. You receive new notifications, can you about these by E-Mail to be notified. The positive is that you can look forward to a short charging time of the page. This applies to both the inter-contact, as well as their mobile Website. You want to be on the go always up to date, you can download the free App. This is for both Android as well as iOS available.

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