Image contacts, experiences & opinions

Image Contacts, Experiences & Opinions
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Experiences and opinions of other visitors to Dates, which were mediated via image contacts.
It is true that one or another inappropriate message flutters to the mailbox… However, I’ve had some good conversations and 2 Meetings. The Right was not there for me yet, but I’ll give the thing some time. To lose I’ve got nothing. What I find super good that you do not need to pay for really nothing at all, if you want to, and still, people can cover letter. And not only if they have booked any additional option or so. I don’t have a Premium membership, sometimes I would see like to all images and not only one, but to me, the basic membership is enough.
App.’ve been here about a year ago the man of my dreams met that I am together ever since, happy. The site keeps what it promises, the basics to contact are there and the selection is even for young people.It is now and again older men, the sexually suggestive messages, but otherwise, the other people are super nice.Large, Plus or minus, is that no images can be sent in the Chat. Thus, an unwanted penis images remain saved. *cough*Good Alternative to Tinder, Lovoo and co.
I, too, am disappointed by the response rate, since men and women take nothing but. I once suggested to the Support, to install a cancellation button, so the rejection is easier, is better than no feedback ! Also the Filter doesn’t always work. I’m looking for a woman to 59 from my environment ( 38440 ), I’m contacted by women around the age of 70 from Munich. Everything has its pros and cons. Also how to read in other messages, photos older 10 years between them, and Profiles of women with “English ” and” Single ” are also not just very informative, but of men great cover Letter are required. Everything is relative.
I’m 178 cm tall (without shoes) and am looking for a man that measures a minimum of 185 cm. Quick still from the Munich area and in my age group (50-57).Conclusion: No! As good as any is here represented only approximately. Hardly one of the men was in the last few months (!) online and therefore no one writes back.Unfortunately, it’s not worth it for me to take money in the Hand and log in.
It is rare to get a response and a lot of people think they were gods
The last of the crap!!!No success had. The women on the BK want to all super types of the brand, Brad Pitt or so that has a lot of money!!! If you do not meets today’s expectations of women, you mercilessly! With my 1,60 m, I didn’t stand a Chance here! The ideas of the women here are absurd and totally covered. Who should seek a psychiatrist in the loony bin committed.
I was unstylish contacted. These men were all insensitive, unemployed or aggressive in tone.
Unfortunately, many index are there dead bodies on the road with photos of last seen in 1992 , as the image should clean up the contacts thoroughly – who is not within one year, online, should be taken, would be only the active participants.

the active participants.Otherwise, I’ve also been Cute to lovable women learned to know where a great friendship has developed.Conclusion : as a Basis, participants in an Interesting Dating women to get to know .
Very good site. In omparison to most of the other pages, this is the best
So I had in a row is already 2 times Bests with a Polish woman.. The first Time it was unfortunately but too Old. We like each other still, and she is very pretty. What not to expect from the imaginary German women. These girls just have a great Flair. Are honest and direct.With my second, also a Polish woman, we’ve hit the jackpot. For 3 months regular Meeting, and in 3 months we move in together.It was love at first sight, harmony the finest. And what German girls at the age are not simply have your long curly hair, as well as in 54 years is still in Holey Jeans and high-heeled shoes and fancy tent what you actually need. Gorgeous.
According to some the fifth Date of the Jackpot and love at first sight was Around
Very nice people, good Service and lots of free functions.
I have met with on a image contacts after just 3 weeks of dream my husband. We are now about a year happy and want to get married this year.
I rarely get a response, when it came to a Match. If at all, came a “Hello”. That’s it then. The men who have written to me, were all about 30 years younger than me. In the meantime, I think that all of this is more expensive here dizziness.
This type of partnership search no longer comes into question for me. There are too many unmarried men here looking for just a adventure.
In spite of many contacts, has achieved me nothing yet, unfortunately!I’d like to meet a woman between 55 to 65 years, the best in a radius of max. 100 km!
Very many Fake Profiles. Photos and Nickname stay, place of residence, and other data will be amended. You get requests, and after a few times back and forth, the contact is terminated RUB. Happened very often. The majority of them are, apparently, only on the e-mail address. I’m going to log off and on a different Portal.
Have written of the “Matches” some, and hardly get a response.To result in sex hookups, direct requests, sometimes quite rude!But I am nevertheless confident!
Here, only problem cases are, really interested in the Singles, very few. Am very disappointed, waste of money!!!!
I’m no longer in the picture contacts and have to say that I’ve made a lot of negative experiences. You get very rarely a response if you contact someone after a Match, and otherwise, I have the impression that most of the men are just looking for some fun
I’m from the South-West of Bavaria, and here the offer is very low.It’s all in NRW, Berlin and in the upper half of the plays.I’ve migrated to Austria, and since the possibilities are much greater.
Actually negative, since you never get a response if you contact someone, even if it has a Match (had about 8 Perfect). All contacted, and never received a response.
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