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simple menu guide for newcomers to suitable same-sex search a few members, only 10 percent of all members are active small Community, rather on the search for relations oriented
How active are the members of Icony?
How is the registration and the profile position?
What are the contact options offers Icony?
Design, functionality and usability
Specific information on the Dating Portal:
Users are, on average, 30 years old, the Portal was already founded in 2002, the App is only for IOS, the Portal offers a good fake protection ID checks are usually processed within 24 hours
The Dating Portal Icony was founded in the year 2002 and has been able to recruit since then, about 500,000 members. Unfortunately, the activity is not so high, due to the lack of advertising. The Community is quite small, but friendly. Very positive is the good usability of the Website, all of the functions can be smoothly used.
In the case of Icony about 10 percent of the registered members are actually active active. Messages will be answered with a ratio of 2 out of 10. Often there are no answers to sent messages. The best opportunities are, if messages are only sent to members with a Premium membership. Non-Premium members will have the opportunity to communicate, since messages from Premium users can at any time be and answered read. It is useful to Orient yourself when sending messages to the activity points in the profile. A green dot indicates that the owner of the profile was recently online. In the case of profiles which have shown in the last few days there is no activity, the risk is great that there is no response to a message.
Sign in to Icony is either directly on Facebook or via E-mail address. After the E-mail address has been confirmed, can be directly with the construction of the profile started.
Here there are many possibilities. So, for example, stickers can be used by other members to show whatever you like.
In the search for new contacts with people of similar interests. In addition, each user has its own Blog, which can be fed with information. If a spoken, personal greeting is desired, this can be a voice message for all profile visitors.
The most important way of contact, in the classic message. While Premium members can have their messages to each ship, can communicate to a base member and a Premium user. In addition, there are other ways of contact:
Icony also offers a number of features not offered by any Dating portal. For this purpose, the photo include, for example, and ask questions and flirt. Also the own Blog of each user is a special feature.
On the question of the flirt, every user can participate, if he has previously answered at least five questions in his profile. In this game, two Icony-users are asked the same questions. Previously, each member selects how important it is to him a Match for the given response. High compliance rates have a positive effect on the percentage of similarities. The photo flirt is similar to the learning procedure Know of many Dating apps. It to be randomly displayed pictures of other Users, which can be positive or negative. If two people show interest in the other, you have achieved a so-called Match.
The friendly, uncomplicated Design, the Community invites you to linger. In Terms of functionality is done in this Portal, everything for the User. The page load times are very good (also depending on the Internet speed), messages are delivered in real time and the Chat is also working well.
In the main menu, all the relevant Links to sub-pages and menu items, a generous FAQ section explains the most important questions.
Unfortunately, only benefits Iphone users, the possibility of the Dating portal via the App. The stripped-down version of the main portal allows all methods of communication, and retrieve their own messages. The App is available free of charge. The load times can be particularly at peak times after 20:00, sometimes a little troublesome, with the addition of commercials.

rectly. In the case of gas stations and other distribution partners can be purchased in are Prepaid credit cards worth a maximum of 100 Euro. These are not registered on a name and can be used for the payment of the membership.
The basic structures of Icony are promising, the Portal is sympathetic built, the use is simple and new members are gladly welcomed. The fake rate is relatively low, especially when one considers exclusively with the use of ID Checked persons. The Status of a Premium member will automatically receive, as of the payment the Person is identified. Thanks to a personality tests, a suitable partner can generate, however, it is also possible to freely go on the search. The System is rounded off by some casual learning games are not only entertaining, but also temporarily effective. The practice Test has shown that Icony has a well thought out concept, but not well-enough attended. In larger cities, it is hard to find, difficult contacts, in small towns it is with the hit rate closely. However, large-scale the Portal is searched for inhabitants of smaller cities and towns. The focus is on the search of partnerships in a Test someone had very little interest in casual conversations, online flirting or erotic adventures. The personality test is to find possible matching persons, the Match is displayed with a profile visit directly.
Icony is the biggest Portal, but a provider with Potential. The functionality is neat, the stripped down App for IOS phones enables smooth communication. In terms of the price performance of the provider, and the cost of a Premium membership are well below the rates of many other providers.
To actively look for other people and make contacts, is a premium package is required. Although Profiles can be restricted without a Premium to be searched, the contact is then not possible.
The memberships have different long running times. If not terminated, will be extended, the term of each of the previously used period of time. The notice period runs until the end of a term. Will only be terminated on the last day of active membership, the notice is only for the next billing period.
The notice of termination is by means of E-Mail or Postal mail. Also, on the own Account can be directly by clicking on the Button quit. For this purpose, the user must be logged in on the PC.
If the whole Account should be deleted, contact Support. For this purpose, written contact, or the appropriate Hotlines are available.
The Icony Account directly through Facebook. This is only a mouse-click on the application: “Facebook to register”. Icony then receives all of the required data, including E-mail address, via the Social Media platform. The Facebook friends of this application, since no Information is passed on.
Facebook can be connected by the click of a mouse with Icony. Either already during the registration, if this is selected via Facebook or via your own profile. There is a Link to the connection.
Over the your own profile is to upload at any time possible photos. This can be either from Facebook or from your PC to upload selected. In the case of a link with Facebook content from the Social Media platform can be shared with Icony.
In this platform, it needs to find a bit of patience to get nice contacts. Not always, the members are active, it can sometimes take some time until a message is answered.
Icony is priced in the lower range, the Premium membership is aimed, therefore, to users with schmälerem purse. The longer the duration the cheaper the individual price per month.
All payment methods of Icony are safe and can safely be used. In the case of a manual Transfer must, however, be noted that only upon receipt of the money, all the features will be unlocked.
The use of the Icony-App, the user is anyway only for IOS, is not mandatory. Icony can also be used without an App on the Smartphone used, through the use of the Internet browser.
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