Hater App in the Test of 2019

is clocked, therefore

Hate, love binds! We have the Hater App is for you to Flirt suitability is tested.

It’s Monday morning, you drag Yourself after a busy start to the week with two Aldi bags to the subway and want to go home to your Sofa. Right now, a glance at the scoreboard gives you the Rest – the U-Bahn is until further notice. So You lifts You and Your overflowing bags in a crowded Bus and there’s this other Person: With two Aldi bags in Hand and this is the same angry look that is as soon as he touches You, mild – conspiratorially. It is not wonderful, when two fellow-sufferers, in such a Moment of meeting and you forget the stiff neck or the heavy arms because of the feeling of connectedness is so beautiful ?

Also, Brendan Alper, a 29jähriger New York, of the stirring up with his Dating App hater of the single market new thought: what like two people, but what brings you by common accord on the palm, a Match a crucial factor.

Now you can say that none of us is an unreliable U-Bahn-like System. However, the scenarios, interests, and opinions that need to be categorized in hater with a “Love” or “Hate”, are many and varied, and create a collective “hate profile” from areas such as politics, everyday habits, food, or music. Because even if two “Hater” of popular chart hits to stand out in a party of the people, which at the first sounds of “Atemlos” by Helene Fischer in ecstasy device – then he is back, the-conspiratorial-view. Or the virtual hater Match.

Because nothing unites so much as this “We against the Rest of the world” feeling.

Love hate?

Currently you can find on hater around 2,000 topics , which can be loved for a Match “” or “hated”. The user language is English – but for most young adults no Problem .

Founder Brendan is a former Banker who quit his Job to become a Comedy writer. You can see the “Hate” so calm with a pinch of Humor and your own blood pressure protect.

Fun Fact: studies show that things we do not like to connect more than the things we like.

Our editorial staff has fallen in love with.

. in the fun-filled pastime. The “Love” and “Hate”function is as entertaining as a witty Quiz from a women’s magazine, with which one lays down on a sun lounger and relish yourself to the test.

Our editors missed.

. Information such as Job or education. These are about the profile not visible.

The App is installed once on the phone, everything works very fast and self-explanatory.

The Registration.

The Login can be carried out via a Facebook profile or in the App manually. The Facebook version is fix, since the necessary data can be transferred to the personal Account (profile picture, gender, age, place of residence) directly. Don’t worry hater published any activity in the App on Facebook. Friends in the social network do not know whether, when or how the Dating App is being used .

“The Download of the App and the login works very quickly and easily”

The first sight.

Now that the Login has been made, appears to be the most important Info to use the Dating App. On the Display the four Emojis on POPs, which are at the heart of the hater .

The App tested by student Lena (27)

Anyone who thinks that the four “MOP-directions”

On the left of =, I do not Like particularly on the Right, = Like I have Above = I love Down = I Hate (the most important )

to have imprinted, typed on Got it and you are ready to go!

The hater-principle.

And the first vote to a random topic, such as, for example, “being hugged starts to be embraced” ().

Many users of the “smudge-proof technology” already of the Dating App Tinder and can directly begin: Who loves it in the above example, or hates hugs, wipes up, or down.

Who doesn’t want to be defined as extreme, chooses the left or right side.

“The principle of swiping (‘Swipes’) known from Tinder.”

You have now selected for the first issue of one of the four voting possibilities, you can see how many users the rest of the hater Community, sitting in the same boat .

With a percentage you will receive, therefore, the Info, how many Users so far for the >

This process is repeated with topics about topics, and this is really fun! In the principle of Swipes you grooving well – until, finally, the first Hate-Emojis move the Display .


That is to say: It is to the extent. The first “Hate Matches” are available. The Profiles of the gender, for one is interested, are one-click accessible.

You can click through on all the men – and women-Accounts, which were matched because of their Hates. The Rate of the common Council is re-presented in a percentage number:

On the basis of the profile photos, age, and distance of the matched Person can be in accordance with a known principle with a Swipe selected, whether the Person is uninteresting (Left-To-Dislike) or interesting (Right-To-Like) .

“Photo, age, place of residence and the ‘Hate profile’ determines a first Yes or no.”

As an aid to decision-making, the profile of the individuals also contains all the topics that people who hate them with a passion (in addition to the Loves, Likes and Dislikes).

Your hater-Flirt-profile.

For information about the own Person, the following factors can be determined:

Prefers (In search of men or women?) Location Range (Up to what distance from the place of residence should be matched?) Age Range (the age part of the wanted men or women) more pictures (via Facebook or from their own image gallery on the mobile phone) upload.

Also an Overview of the geswipeten topics (‘Topics’) offers, the own profile. You can remove individual Topics according to your preference or using you to vote – you should have blurred once”,” a wiper is in the heat of battle in the direction of have chosen that you want to revise now. And the case can certainly occur.

Because while you will get used to the hater Swipe technology, automated parallel speed, which makes the Display glow .

“In a matter of seconds it wipes on the Topics, as you play a game on time.”

The rhythm of the App usage is clocked, therefore, but also for those who have a few free minutes with your phone in Hand to spend (Who doesn’t!?) and so, perhaps unexpectedly, to discover on the way home on the Bus or tram you Hate Match that makes your heart beat faster – in the most positive way.

Start your Hate-Flirt.

Namely, a User has not yet only, but be Like back awards, it can be excreted in the Part, has “mopped”. Pling: it is chatted.

“The Chat in the App, the actual Meet starts and Flirting”

In a private Chat can send two interested people now so many and detailed messages as your heart desires .

Of course, it is recommended, as is the case with most young Dating Apps usual, tactful query, what is the expectation of the opponent about the App, because from Casual Dating to Looking for and Finding great love, everything is determined.

“The great love? It’s worth a try.“

Whether or not love can emerge from hate? It is not excluded in any case. And hate is a strong (provocative) word. Because if two Vegans find they don’t like cats, extreme early bird and a big bow to smokers, why not?

Lena’s opinion of hater.

In the case of hater there is not much to lose. With the use of the free App there’s no risk:

Only when two people find each other interesting, you can contact, and the way definitely makes for a fun!

Particularly convinced me in addition to the “Game”character of the Hateful, and love is also the aspect that (in contrast zuTinder) not outward superficialities match Match to decide, but merely topics, in which two people are United.

Sounds plausible, or?

In addition, you will find the Topics to be tuned the same, it was a Conversation starter and diversity, especially in its “different” (e.g., We admit it – we dilly-dally like!) connected feel. This generally facilitates further communication, which I feel much more open than if you had a Start-up à la “You have beautiful eyes” .

What I would perhaps critically, is the compilation of the Topics, so topics arbitrary to the vote .

In addition to terms and phrases such as “fake plants”, “Christmas music”, “Chia seeds” or “The Bachelor” can also have “Sex Toys” or “Dirty Talk” to categorize – certainly not uninteresting for a potential relationship. Personally, I could not, however, classify the music group, “Louis the Child” or the basketball team “The Knicks” a rather less – perhaps mainly due to the fact that the hater App is so far focused on the US market .

Furthermore, it is not so that the randomly selected subjects the characters to lead in the scientific sense of each other. This System you will find exclusive Online Dating services.

But : all those who want to easily get to know someone before the first contact with the personal To want to have fun and/or of other Dating Apps such as Tinder, disappointed, or bored, may I recommend hater .

I was surprised with regard to the US-orientation (and a previous limitation on iPhone users) the App also, how many Matches have occurred .

And again and again I had to think of me: I love the way you hate.

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