Fourth Date: Why nothing happened yet (+ tips for men)

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In order to conquer a specific woman or to find a girlfriend, You need to also A statement to follow! All successful men in terms of flirting & Dating apply this method.
But the Bad thing is: 99% of all men will learn this secret never and therefore remain eternally Single!
The crucial question is: To want what kind of man are YOU?
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Meanwhile, your your had a fourth Date, and actually it runs well: you can laugh together for hours talking and find common interests for activities.
Still nothing happened at the Meeting with this woman, and You know why.
Either, makes overtures and signals You that it is “too fast”. Or she is not behaving in any way restrained, so that You know how You can come closer.
You ask Yourself, what comes next and what to do to lead to Sex or a relationship in the way:
In this article, I’ll tell You my best tips to these questions:
Many of the men in doubt to come at the latest then, when the fourth Date has not brought the results hoped for: no body contact, no kiss, no clear signals in the direction of the relationship.
“Want you? me at all for a partnership or that is between us only friendship I screwed up the Meeting now? “
With enough speed You don’t have to to any 3-date rules , which prescribe You, when You with the girl to have Sex. Each Meet runs, namely, individually.
So far, she had a great interest in You, because otherwise you would have met hardly up to the fourth Date with You.
Even if you allow sexual touching, You with the “certain look” in the eye and through Your laughs, jokes is a good sign that she likes you .
And as long as you don’t say that You’re just a “good friend” for you, everything is good.
Whether it is now, AFTER the last encounter still on You ? You’ll recognize that she writes to You more often in the case of WhatsApp, after the next Meetings or to Your Date proposal is received.
However, You have to make the next Time everything right so that she is still interested in You and You conquer for Sex and relationship.
As You should as a man of action, depends on the Situation:
Maybe You’re actually a conservative and / or shy woman, the more time is needed, before you can engage sexually with You.
Signs of shyness when Dating are:
In this Situation, You should avoid the 3 critical mistakes:
Even if by the fourth Date, nothing happened yet, it seems that the woman continue to be interested in a relationship with You. Because think about it: Otherwise they would have taken hardly so often with You.
You would not continue to write with You in WhatsApp or Facebook, and with You on the phone.
Not to misunderstand her shyness and sexual restraint, so as a lack of interest.
Her repellent behaviour when body contact should not discourage You, because you actually need is just more time to come to You in erotic terms almost.
Meet up with her again, to conquer them slowly (more on this!).
Please no “informative talks” or bickering after the fourth Date, what is it now between you, and if you can imagine a relationship!
So a Problem-Talk kills any romance between the two of you.
Also, You seem like a man who has little self-awareness and self-affirmation from the outside needs.
“Hm, he keeps relying on his own male attractiveness, because self-evidently not ‘good enough’.

Other men get in turn in a Situation like a panic.
“Crap, already four Dates and still no kiss or have Sex with this girl. I must not be so anxious, but must finally answer the phone physically. Otherwise, I end up in the Friendzone , instead of a relationship! “
For these guys, however, produce exactly the opposite. You catch the shy woman at the next Meeting and don’t respect your boundaries.
This ensures that Your beloved will be deterred and like a startled rabbit.
After the fourth Date, the best balance is for You as well: Push the woman back do not fall to an attacking approach, but let You complete.
As a man You have to stay in the Flirting consistently on the Ball, but at the same time sensitive procedure and You at your pace.
Do continue to good things with her, because now you have a common wave length for the activities found.
Make sure that there is recorded every Time a little progress, in terms of intimate conversations and physical proximity.
For example: The next (fifth) Date, hold her Hand, then at Meeting number Six, a kiss on the mouth, and so on. More: See below…
Look on your flirting signals they send You at the Date (especially body language ). If you go a little too fast and you can block, take a small step back and go from there forward in the direction of the target.
It may take a while until you Sex or a relationship with you, but have patience, young warrior.
Only a silent alarm or back steps, something goes wrong in the conquest and You may be on the road in the Friendzone are.
Regardless of the question of how shy the girl to men, You were Flirting, maybe something to research, even on the fourth Date.
Keep in mind that You in your Meeting, not from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds, can go, finally, a woman is not a race car 😉
Thus, a flirtation between a man and a woman feels as natural as possible, You need to go forward step by step, so as You would climb a ladder to the top.
And You can’t level skip! That is to say:
Start with light touches, so that the woman can get used to Your proximity and increase the body contact is always more up to the most intense level.
Even if You’re caught by surprise is Your favourite so far, can You make also after the fourth Date, nor everything right.
A natural sequence for the approach can be for example (a little simplified):
However, there is no patent recipe for us men, because every woman is different.
Find Flirting and Dating on your encounter, like Your Opposite is ticking, and what kind of close can you allow for in which Moment.
And as already said: pay attention always to your flirting signals, You set your Tempo correctly.
Maybe You were in the past just to be cautious, because You’re afraid of a basket.
And after the fourth Date the woman asks desperately:
“Has he at all interested in me or is he shy? And how do I get him to fuck, to conquer me?! “
Surely you already send a subtle flirt signals such as eye contact, to give You as a man an “invitation” or invitation. Only You have overlooked such evidence so far.
Courage at the next Meeting and key You with your forward (in the truest sense of the word) through to Sex and relationship. She wants you to take the bull by the horns, pack up and get out!
To make her unique compliments that start with touches and increase the body contact, as I’ve explained to You above.
It should be your lot, it will signal it.
Then You let it completely scare you, but go (as described above) in the case of the physical approach and a forward.
Of course, much more to the Flirt, if You want to conquer the woman after the fourth Date.
Here are my tips for men I’ll let You in on more secrets:

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