First Date: 12 tips for men to make the Meeting a success!

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In order to conquer a specific woman or to find a girlfriend, You need to also A statement to follow! All successful men in terms of flirting & Dating apply this method.
But the Bad thing is: 99% of all men will learn this secret never and therefore remain eternally Single!
The crucial question is: To want what kind of man are YOU?
If You want to be a self-confident man that women can easily conquer easy…
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You’ve met this stunning woman and can’t wait now to meet You at last with her. However, many Single men are in front of the huge meeting very nervous and ask a lot of questions:
In this article I want to give You answers to all Your burning questions.
To do this, I’ll tell You my 12 best tips for a first Date, as well as the absolute No-Gos (also in many more leading articles on the subject). So your appointment is to the success!
You’re excited before the Meeting, and get already trembling the Outfit out of the wardrobe? First of all, I want to reassure You.
You always keep in mind: you did ask – and she said “Yes”. That is, it finds you as a man is very attractive, what is ever half the battle.
A bit of excitement and palpitations but normal in front of such an encounter, because nervousness is always a sign of anticipation, the not motivated You in addition to screwing up the Date.
And sure Your Dating partner is just as nervous. So why not just at the beginning of the meeting, openly admit that You’re a little upset? This takes a lot of pressure from the boiler and both of you are in advance the first thing in Common.
Here You will find more tips, if You want to have a fear of the first Date, and Your uncertainty has to be eliminated.
Many men ask the question: What can you do on a first Date? That is why I want to tell You the No-Gos, and a couple of good ideas for activities:
Remember: It’s a date, always, is To be closer to get to. How is it that if you stare mesmerized at the screen, and the audience does not want to interfere with your conversation?
I advise You therefore, You the visit to the cinema for the second Date to keep.
The Sauna is in your first encounter, taboo, I don’t have to explain, or? Who wants to show up at the beginning of the Meet in the Adam and eve costume?
Cafe or Bar are places for a first Date, the absolute classics, and can never be wrong. Because here you can entertain you in a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere on neutral ground, undisturbed, delicious food and you get to know each other.
But also from this Company you can make something Special and from the Rest of the men stand out. Tips for Meeting a Shisha Bar or restaurants with exotic cuisine. The cozy, romantic atmosphere that will put the woman in a positive mood when Flirting…
The Shisha Bar is not Your thing or if the Restaurant is boring? Of course, there are also unusual and action-Packed locations, where You go with her on the first Date:
The key advantage of such activities: Here, a man and a woman sit opposite each other not as a “job interview”, but in a casual and exciting atmosphere.
Meet in the own four walls in fact have some advantages:
The wine rack offers a wide selection, you can cuddle while watching movie on the Sofa and to the bedroom, it is not far… you can Also cook together something Delicious to pamper you with culinary delights.
On a Date with You or her at home, I can recommend but only if you know you are already better, for example, from the dance school, sports groups, circle of friends etc.
The woman should be a completely Unknown (for example, from the Online-Dating on Tinder ), choose a date on neutral ground in Public. This gives you the necessary feeling of security, so you can relax.
If she knows you better and knows that You’re a trustworthy man, You can you after the first Date still take in Your private realm.
Of course, You should show Yourself to be authentic – as You really are. Who wants to meet someone who acts like an actor? Your Outfit on the first Date should therefore be as natural as possible over here.
That is to say: Not overly pimped appear as if You were a Hollywood Star, for the you pretty please roll out the red carpet. The woman realizes very quickly whether You’re in search for a partner honest, or just trying to impress you with Your Designer suit.
Just put on an Outfit that suits You and Your type underlines. If You, a trained eye for fashion, take a buddy or a girlfriend for shopping, or let Yourself be in the business of a charming seller advise!
A good Meeting begins always in front of it – namely, in the head. Women love it when you meet a potential Partner, the charisma, and be in a good mood. Around listen to Your favorite music, or joking with Your buddy on the phone, to put You in the mood!
But how should expire on the first Date greeting? It depends on how the woman has been brought up, how well you already know and from what culture it comes from. Not every woman can immediately embrace, especially when she is a little shy.
Tend to be You should establish right from the start, a high level of touches. Finally, you should get used to the body contact with You from the beginning… A brief embrace with a kiss on the cheek is not so wrong.

bout it: you don’t know you yet and You don’t know if this woman is even so a gift is worthy of. Why should You overwhelm you laurels, so with the proverbial advance? If it turns out to be a great personality, You can present her with, of course, at the second Meeting, a small gift.
Welcome to simple small-talk-questions like, “Have You found the way here?” After this, You should make the conversation interesting and personal questions to get to Know, to learn more about the woman: Hobbies, travel, life goals, etc.
Point to the questions with a brief Yes or no answer, eventually You want to get the woman to Talk to, and about you questions. Answer the questions when Dating, so that she learns just a little about YOU, and this builds up trust!
What are they talking about? Absolute No-Go topics of the Ex-girlfriend, showing off with a Job, money, and cars, as well as all of the other negative conversation topics (war, tax return, death, etc.), the minimized a depressed or managed, can produce bored mood.
Talk to her instead about fun and positive topics like funny experiences in the past, holidays, Hobbies, music, sports, love, or gender stereotypes (yeah, this is what women like, that’s why so many Comedians are so successful). It is always a question, on a personal level, to get acquainted, to find out if you really fit together.
If you get good, You can touch on later, more intimate and sexual topics of conversation, the fire of Lust to fuel a little. Here You will find detailed tips, if You are still looking for topics of conversation for a first Date.
The duration of your meeting depends, of course, how well you get on. I advise against this, from the outset a certain period of time.
Because what if the chemistry is right between the two of you perfectly, so that you are not after two hours of each other say goodbye? Decisions, therefore, spontaneously, how long You stay and whether an extension of the Dates is worth it.
In times of emancipation, one might think that women pay your bill in the Restaurant itself. Instinctively it feels, but every woman is pleasant to be invited by a guy.
Invite the woman, however, only if You feel up to it, and You had a nice time. The food is not pay, but only to please her, but out of genuine generosity that comes from the heart. You can also ask the woman in a playful way, if she invites You. You’ll be amazed, many a woman will do this without batting an eye.
Another possibility: Take the payment and tell her that she should invite You for the next Time to eat, to return the favor. Here You will find more tips on when You on the first Date should pay and in what situations it is better not to!
My experience: A woman on a first Date kiss can sometimes be easier and sometimes more difficult. Touches are needed! The first physical contact was the hug or the handshake at the greeting, but ensure that the touches to increase. During your conversation, You can, for example, unobtrusively on the Arm stripes.
If your Your touch, You can take your hands and say for example: “Hey, you have beautiful hands.“ After this, You should take advantage of this Situation to hold her hand and look her in the eyes.
Just hold your Hand and tell you something, at best You cut inconspicuous a sexual theme. If you stop after five minutes with You still holding hands, it means only one thing: she is ready for the first kiss!
Why not? Nowadays, it is completely okay if Singles to sleep on the first Date. But beware: How open the woman is, depends even more strongly by their values.
You will traditionally set ladies meet, want to wait for hereby, at least until the third Date, or even up to a solid relationship. On the other hand, there are also sexually more open-minded women, the Sex-conscious and the physical love faster.
If You have with the woman Sex, a good preparation is important. Tips for this You get our article on the topic of Sex on the first Date . Otherwise, make sure you continue with Your touch continue, and sexual topics of conversation to install – of course always with a certain level.
If the Date goes well, You can invite them to continue the Meeting in your home. A good movie and a delicious Drink on the Couch should be arguments enough…
If it is neither to hot Sex to kiss, don’t worry. That doesn’t mean anything. Some women just need a couple of Meetings, to have confidence and to be able to the man.
One way or the other: Each successful Rendezvous ends with a heartfelt adoption. They hug in the end and wishes her a good home. With this last positive impression you will keep your first Date a good memory.
We men always want to have are clear facts on the table and know where we are – even when it comes to Dating. Please ask the lady still never in the port, as you took your first Date, neither in person nor on the phone or via WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.
This “How was I?”-The question is simply very needy and insecure.
But when You’re supposed to report You after the first Date and what to write? A good gesture is ever on to ask whether it is good to come home. This shows her that You’re a protector-type.
Otherwise, You don’t need to ruminate about how you found the Meeting and whether or not You’re for you to continue to be a potential Partner. Because of your behavior after the first Date You can your interest in a reunion a reliable reading.
If she continues to respond positively to Your calls and Facebook- / WhatsApp messages or even re-contact, these are very good signs.

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