Fetish in the Test of 2019: rip-off?

More than 250,000 users – Portal for fetishists of any kind – especially BDSMler are represented here – Very many active members – Simple modern Design – video chats and photo contests – No real Community area for the public exchange
With other Fetis in contact
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Fetisch.de is the size of the page for Online fetish contacts in Germany: More than 250,000 Fetis and BDSM enthusiasts have to get to a Portal to exchange information and meet. For whom the registration is worthwhile, and what to expect on this page, we have tested for you.
Who wants to log in to fetisch.de the start, you only need an active E-Mail address. To this a verification will be sent a link that can then be profile register for free. To do this, you still need name and password. As an alternative to registration via Mail, you can also register via Facebook.
In the next steps are then to provide information about the Person as well as preferences and inclinations.
The specification of the preferences can be done via a list that includes added very many pitches. Not only physical and practical preferences, places, and Lifestyles can be accounted for. By clicking on the categories to the individual practices, objects, and game types. There you can choose then, whether you like it, if you want to try it out, and whether this preference is active or passive.
Who is looking at Fetisch.de a Partner for his fetish, can look forward to a detailed search members. There, you can not only search by gender, age and place of residence, but the advanced search also according to special features to watch:
Our practice test v us orwiegend Profiles with the popular BDSM preferences noticed. The members of the level is mixed, the General tone is very friendly. Fetisch.de is not really used by “Hardcore fanatics”, it is also aimed at people with more common tendencies, mainly in the area of BDSM.
While women are able to make statements about their Cup size, is the same for the best part of the men – In practice, this important Detail was not noted, however, each member.

men – In practice, this important Detail was not noted, however, each member.
Who wants to get in contact with other fetishists, you can either:
To see and be seen! In the video chat you can indulge in show his best side and/or his voyeurism. However, you must prove that you are at least 18 years old. This hurdle is overcome, however, you can chat in full with other users in the video chat and work.
Those who like shows, also has the opportunity to join the ever-changing photo competitions. Here, new topics are always, such as “late Roman decadence” or “doctor games” opened competitions and members can vote for your favorite picture.
In the event calendar, users can create fetish events or take part in the Events. The imagination knows no boundaries: Whether it’s Party, slave, court, game stammtisch, or “Spanking Internet”. From A to Z here, each BDSMler or Feti in its environment should be a stimulating event – simply click through and sign up. You can also search for regional events.
Fetisch.de is a modern and simple Portal for all BDSMler and fetishists. Who has a major fetish, you will feel in good hands here. For more extreme inclinations, this page is suitable only to a limited extent. While in the advanced, aerten members of almost any fetish looking in detail listed, but in the case of the more unusual practices, one will hardly find members who have fondness the same.
Also people who have special wishes and fantasies, will come here to their costs. All of the notification deposited inclinations and practices can also be used as “I want to put a try” behind – when more than 250,000 is likely to be large, that one of the Partner of his dreams.
The event area is pretty big and diverse. Events are held throughout the Federal Republic of and promise as all the Fetis the opportunity of a Meeting.
Unfortunately, there are still no reports on Fetisch.de. Be the First to share your experience with others:
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This page is also available in the following countries: AT , CH
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