Face-to-Face Dating, in the Test of 2019 Only Fakes or real Dates?

unique, well-thought-out concept, Super price-performance ratio of A Face-to-Face Dating-evening costs€ 12 For sociable Singles between 26 and 55 years of age
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Face-to-Face Dating, the better Speed Dating.
Face-to-Face Dating is a Speed Dating variant in which the participants shared in common with a, or your own Partner, three different Bars and at each Bar the new participants get to know. Here you can sit with all the participants at a table and talk with the people with whom it might be. Just like in a normal Bar night out with friends.
In the course of the Evening, the participants meet for informal discussions in three different Bars about 15 new people, after the Event you can would on the Internet what are the participant tick the box you like to see. Two cross, meet the woman can give the man your phone number or Face-to-Face a Date to organize. Face-to-Face Dating differs even from “classical” Speed Dating and the participants in a non-binding friendly way of getting to Know under a lesser “Flirt-to allow pressure”. So you can check after the Meeting, for example, participants of one’s own sex, and in this way find new friends.
Our male Tester Max (26) has plunged us into the Face-to-Face-the fray, to find out how high the chances are to find in this Form of the Single-Dating his dream partner. Here his experience in his own words:
As I stood in front of the first Bar of the Face-to-Face in the Evening, I was nervous. Thoughts like “What am I doing here?” or “I have, but not necessary.” shot me through the head. But then I pulled myself together and entered the Bar in Munich’s student district. After all, I was just as a test, I tried to convince me. I asked the operation after the Face-to-Face-table and found the first two Singles: a young man (Alexis) and a young woman (Marie), who had signed up as friends together in Face-to-Face. We started talking a bit and shortly thereafter the rest of the participants of the first round appeared. Overall, we were seven instead of the expected six participants, because the girl who was assigned to me actually, as a partner, had brought, instead, prefer to be spontaneous with a friend. I was surprised by the participants (particularly the women) a pleasant one. Instead of the unsightly wallflower, which I had expected secretly that there were a lot of communicative and attractive young people in their late 20’s to mid-30’s. Actually, I would’ve talked like with the lovely Marie, but after the other participants had arrived, I slide somehow in a conversation with my intelligent, but unfortunately, pretty chubby sitting next to Gabi. The conversation with her was really fun and we got along well. Soon the 1.5 hours for the first Meeting is over, and I moved in with my originally planned partner and her friend to the next Bar, which was a far walk, only about ten minutes.
In the second Bar with two friends, one of which was tall and blond and the other is smaller and a bit round and complete our little round soon appeared.

Since one of the two girls came from the vicinity of Bremen is the Blonde face felt inspired a lot of uninspired stuff about the differences between Bavarians and North Germans to give. He came from Nuremberg. His friend said almost nothing. After those 1.5 hours were over, the two girls remained and I are sitting as planned, and the two friends were replaced by two brothers, who looked at all like brothers. Shortly after the second Face-to-Face Team appeared for the round, consisting of a computer scientist with glasses at the end of 30 and a younger, fairly small, round woman.
Unfortunately, it turned out soon that the two brothers, as well as one of the two girls, with whom I was in the Bar came in the sanitary area and in the next felt like 20 minutes, it was just a sanitary facility to measure and with a personal dedication shower heads engraved. Similar to the two friends before a brother was talking continuously, while the other sat almost silently on the side. Entertaining the conversations were, but (apart from the sanitary slip-up) from all.
After 1.5 hours this Meeting was over and after the two brothers had passed with a flimsy excuse for the rest of the participants and I went to the final meeting with all participants in the third and final Bar of the Evening. There was a large reunion with many of the participants I had met previously. Some new faces were there. I was doing quite well with several girls, especially with Gabi, and as the Meeting slowly broke up we all went together to the subway. Gabi was obviously interested in me and asked me a lot about my studies and various trips that I had taken. Finally, I said goodbye to the remaining participants and drove home. All in all it was a fun and successful evening.
The next Morning I cruised on the Online list of the organizer, some of the women that I wanted to see again. And indeed, Within a week I had two Matches.
The women gave me their phone number and I made with two on a Date. Unfortunately, it turned out in my Meeting with Gabi, that you and I were on the same wavelength. My second Date I had with Laura, I had not talked to Face-to-Face event. (It’s worth it to tick a few more women. 😉 The Date was ok, but unfortunately, it was just visually not my type.
I would recommend Face-to-Face Dating. Even if the Dates now, not the woman of my dreams, I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot of interesting new people.
The Matching and the production of the contact between the members, which is found sympathetic in the participation fee. At the request of two members, which are also like by the organizer free of charge on a Date to organize.
The participation in the Face-to-Face Dating costs 12€. This includes costs for the drinks to come, of course, in the various Bars of the Evening.
Face-to-Face Dating works and makes a lot of fun. Our testers got to know when to Try a lot of nice people and had within a short period of time Dates with several participants. In particular, due to the great price-performance ratio, we can recommend Face-to-Face Dating absolutely.
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