Dental Problems of the Rich and Famous

Celebrities are just like us. They need to eat, sleep and maintain a good oral hygiene regiment to ensure that their million dollar smiles stay in place. When their gleaming smiles fill the big screen, the rest of us may be intimidated by their beauty and Hollywood white smiles.

Whether you plan on being a star or want to live out your life incognito, a great smile can be your best calling card. Although they may be famous now many screen smiles did not come either easily or naturally. Time and money are generally required for smile makeover and a dental plan can help you afford the same cosmetic dentistry used to help your favorite celebrity:

Braces: Stainless steel braces may cause an end of the world scenario for kids entering puberty, but over the last decade the accoutrement has been sported by some of the biggest names in the film and music industries. Braces are an essential orthodontic device specifically devised to solve both bite, and vanity issues. Tom Cruise famously wore braces to correct a cross bite issue and gorgeous rocker Gwen Stefani wore braces while attending the VH-1/Vogue fashion awards.

Dental Implants: In reality, there is nothing funny about an adult with a missing tooth as the look can truly prevent them from advancing in life. However a missing tooth worked out perfectly for actor Ed Helms. Helms started in the box office, comedy The Hangover and used his missing tooth for comedic affect. The actor has q dental implant since age 16 as one of his adult teeth did not grow in and his dentist cautiously removed his tooth for the role and put in a new implant once the film was complete.

Veneers: Healthy teeth are still fragile as they are composed of porous materials that can be prone to chipping. Child star and singer Hillary Duff had full veneers put on her teeth as she said that over time her teeth chipped. The cause of her tooth woes was her microphone and the solution was cosmetic dentistry.

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