DBNA Test September 2019 – you will Find here the love of

DBNA in the Test of September 2019.

DBNA has been around since 1997 and sees itself as a first port of call for young Gay people. In addition to the magazine, which offers the latest news, information and Videos to social and political issues, the Community is at the heart of the offer.

In our detailed Review, we will clarify whether you can find DBNA your dream Prince, and whether, particularly because of the minimum age of 14 years, sufficient for the protection of minors is ensured. A topic, which is especially parents is important .

A few data to the application needed a Simple and quick registration residence determination, optionally, even without GPS You have to make a strong password.

Sign in to DBNA is done directly on the page and will not take even a Minute. For this purpose, you need only specify your e-mail address, your place of residence, as well as your date of birth. Keyword “date of birth”: Since the Portal is aimed exclusively at 14 – to 29-Year-old, you can about it – at least with your real data – do not sign up. DBNA Test September 2019 - you will Find here the love of sought because of the strict
After the final choice of a nick name and password, let’s go already !

Positive, we find that a secure password is to be respected and a place of residence-data detection is optional, even without a GPS is possible. This is particularly relevant if you come from a small town, gay and not yet out of the closet are. Link, or sign in with Social Media data, such as. Facebook, is not possible.

Profile position.

A few mandatory information can be changed at any time selection of eleven sexual orientations possible, No sexual content other than an image allows.

DBNA has very few mandatory disclosures, which include only the points from the registration. If you give more to know about you, leaves open the amount of optional information is desired: in addition to the standard information, such as, for example, stature, eye/hair color, relationship status (partner profile can be linked) and living situation (with parents/alone/in WG), you can, in addition, one of the eleven sexual orientations (including gay, bi-sexual, asexual, pansexual, polysexuell . ) to select the desired age of the boys, as well as the alignment of the contacts to isolate. The questionnaire offers the opportunity to write in a free text field e.g. “My Coming Out”, “My dream man” and “About me” .

You can upload photos and those in the public and private folder. All photos will be reviewed by DBNA – all with only vague sexual reference is absolutely taboo and will be deleted.

The profile can at any time be modified, supplemented .


Mainly Gay at the age of 16 to 25 years, Majority of Users online focus is gay or bisexual Always sufficient on friendship to get to Know a Few Fake Profiles.

In the case of DBNA is always something going on: We have found in our Test at different times of Day – always enough Online Users in our Region. Obvious Fakes we have seen only few .

Most of the members are initially on a friendly contact to check the compatibility. After Sex there is not sought because of the strict youth protection regulations. Real Meeting with members who live near you, are definitely possible.

The main target of DBNA are, according to our estimates, Gay and Bi-Sexual at the age of 16 to 25 years. 14 – to 16 – and 25 – to 29-Year-old are represented, but are the minority .

Link friends Well filled out Profile Safe Fake-Check a Lot of Profiles without photos, the site only with approximate indication of.

In the context of our Research, we have found almost only extensively filled out Profile. Although the photos were missing – probably in the context of a not – yet-were Coming out-some of the users statement, the total of the Users Towards offered a good, first impression of the .

The Fake density, we estimate as relatively low. DBNA also offers a particularly safe Fake Check: A photo of you with the folded piece of paper, as well as inscription “dbna.com”, a randomly generated number and your nick name must not be loaded in your public folder. This is used as a test for current and upcoming photos, and it must remain there. Fraud is almost impossible!

It is possible directly from the profile, users add contacts, block them, or report is. Also can be a friendship request. Your friends will public linked in profile. DBNA Test September 2019 - you will Find here the love of Thumbs up

Also, the linking of Partners is possible.

Not to mention it is also important that DBNA has decided, for security reasons, the location of only approximately in kilometers and not – as is the case with many other websites – in meters.

Contact the manufacture.

Many Search and filter options, Unlimited searches, photos can be liked and Crushes are commented “” the first contact for Shy.

The search is the first point of contact, to contact. DBNA Test September 2019 - you will Find here the love of yet-were Coming out
In addition to the radius search a detailed search exists, in which you can search for nick name, age, place of residence, appearance, relationship status, sexual orientation, occupation, Coming Out, and tobacco use. Practically we find the filtering and sorting options: You can, for example, only verified User, only User with an image and the Users that are currently online, view. A sort by “last online”, distance, new users, and alphabetically possible. All public photo albums are fully visible.

The classic contact will take place by means of a message which can be sent over the profile. For the Timid, there are “Crushes”. These are a kind of Sticker (e.g., Heart, Hot, Thumbs up, Stunning), which you can leave in the visitor list. In addition, the headings “photos”, “Stream”, “groups” and “questions” which we will discuss under “Special Features” in our Review closer to are to get to Know. You’ll learn about new messages via E-Mail, can disable but also .

Since it is a completely free offer, is the contact number fully and completely free of charge.

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