Daniela Katzenberger Bullying, Drama

Daniela Katzenberger Bullying, Drama

The daily blonde is faced with hate speech The Troll Community is frighteningly powerful: Daniela’s hate group has to move several Thousand Followers, the day-to-day Postings of the cult of the blonde. With the years, Daniela has had to grow so a thick skin. Our world is fast-paced. So why should you wait for perfect chilled and sparkling or boiling hot water?

Remedy the GROHE water systems GROHE Blue and GROHE Red create here. They deliver invented the perfect taste, and 100°C hot water directly from the tap “water re -“! Hatred without end!

In the anonymity of the Internet, Daniela Katzenberger , 32, evil is met with hostility. In OK! she confesses for the first time, how the network-baiting you ready … To fat, to stupid, to ugly – Daniela Katzenberger had to be in your career a lot of insults like that.

And day-to-day new malicious comments will be added. Online groups such as “Daniela Katzenberger please shut up” have made it their daily task to equip every inconsequential Posting of the cult of the blonde with hate speech. The members seem to have a devilish joy in it, to bomb Daniela with insults below the belt line.

The 32-Year-old is in OK! Interview with brave: I have to go now so loose. It’s not just me, but almost every posting in social networks.

If you would take this seriously, what to write as some people … But you can be pulled to ignore the attacks, however, especially if her husband Lucas, 51, or daughter, Sophia, 3, in hit. “If someone insults my family, then I delete the! It can Express everyone’s opinion, but other people to insult, is not part of the social media. I think, since the operator would have to be much more active, “ upset the election-Mallorquinerin. Your Basketball strategy: I think the best weapon against haters is a sense of Humor . Your mother is not Laughing, however, for a long time.

Iris Klein, 51, is non-stop Worry about Daniela and her second daughter, Jenny, Frank Hauser, 26. Because both need to be extremely take a beating. She complains: “about my family, there are hate sites. “About to “cat Berger, Klein & co. – falsehoods, and other embarrassments” and “cat Berger and the whole truth” is moved about the TV family. You often get stomach ulcers, and much worse …

The wounded soul makes the body broken, Iris. She knows what she is talking about! “In my Burn-out, it was said that exaggerates but only,” she shared recently in an exclusive interview with OK! . “In the meantime, I take nothing personally”, she makes clear. “I’ve learned that people offend me, therefore, and nervous, because you have a Problem with me, but because you have a Problem with yourself! “ So good can’t differentiate from all the celebrities. Especially hard of the network-hatred also applies Model Stefanie Giesinger, 22, as she tells in the current magazine of the web “mobile”.

She was accused of staging her disease (she suffers from a twisting of the organs) on Instagram. The permanent lean of the allegations to make the image-to create a winner. It calls for a stricter control and the end of anonymity on the Internet: The inhuman hatred must stop!

These cowardly trolls only dare to anonymously, to write their crap, so is the Model. Also, you often have to intervene: “If the hate comment, other people will be hurt, such as my family, I step in,” the successful Influencerin. Mrs Lena Meyer-Landrut, 27, can sing from this problem, there is also a song. And the word literally: In your new Song “Thank You” thank you for your haters like to profess that you have made over the years to be stronger.

Because it was not always so, as she admits in an Interview with “star”: “it’s been a huge problem. And I can’t talk now free of it. In the beginning me have influenced many of the negative comments.

The result was that I closed. “ Of course, only celebrities do not suffer from bullying! “In school, in the office, in everyday life,” explains Sarah Knappik, 32, has taken after numerous outrage to the task to tackle. Why are people so sick and make other people permanently ready?, she writes in a lengthy Statement. The bully would need souls of failure, and severe wounds left. “I can only make all Bully’s courage. Screams, you are not alone! “

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