Celebrities With Bipolar Disorder – Some Famous People With the Disorder

The disease known as bipolar disorder or manic-depressive syndrome has another nickname – ‘That Fine Madness.’ It was a soubriquet coined by anthropologist Jo Ann C. Gutin as the title for an article she wrote back in October 1996 issue of the Discover Magazine, in which she attempted to lay rest to speculations that there had to be a link between creativity and the disease known as bipolar disorder.

It is easy, just considering the thought of it to discard the idea as nothing more than living cloud-cuckoo-land. I mean, how can you say that someone as creative as say Leonardo da Vinci, who’s works still inspire a lot of people to do great thing in the world today, had to be a bit wacko on the head? How would you explain that some of the greatest minds that ever lived were only deluded, and it was out of their delusions that they were able to do the great things that they achieved in their lifetimes? Unbelievable, right? Yes, but the markers are there.

Lord Byron was one of the greatest poetic minds that ever lived, during his time on earth in the 19th century and he’s known for doing a great deal to further the Romantic Movement. He was alleged to suffer from bipolar disorder, as was American poet Anne Sexton who died in 1974 at her own hands after what was widely known as a deeply troubled life that bordered on madness.

Virginia Woolf was the British novelist, essayist and critique who also took her own life after leaving behind a note that clearly indicated the depth of suffering she must have had in her mind.

As you can see, there have been lots of famous people who have had the condition; but did that stop them from achieving greatness? Of course not! It should stop you neither.

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