Badoo Test may 2019: Only Fakes or real Dates?

Dating site and App for Singles 20-35 login via Facebook possible in the world of over 410 million Users costs low in the area of Nice game ideas Many Fake Profiles flirt options artificially limited
Flirt options artificially limited
The international Dating site Badoo, with more than 410 million members worldwide, is a Social Community with Flirt Potential.
Badoo is a large international single market to new people and make new friends or flirt partners. The Dating site scores mainly because of their ease of use and its clear, uncluttered Design.
The Tracker on the home page, shows, that every second new members to the already more than 410 million Users comprehensive Community join.
You can register it also on Facebook and many other Social Media platforms. You do not want to you can just sign up via E-Mail.
According to the rough profile of institution, you must upload at least one photo, in the ideal case, a number, of. These will be reviewed according to the Website for appropriateness. The profile image is appealing, you need to do as a woman, virtually nothing else – our mailbox was flooded after a few hours of Dating news.
Still, it is worth the slot letter and the other information about you to fill in, so you can see the information of other Users, such as, for example, where and as what you work.
The contact was in our Test is fairly easy and enjoyable. The cover Letter and Chat in the App was no Problem and within a few seconds a reply came back. So it should be. There are many nice people, but you also get messages such as “hi, well to answer you”, it’s hardly worth.
The resonance of the male Users is very large. As this was however, only on the basis of a pretty photos, without further information, is the depth of the platform is questionable. Actually Badoo is a pure Flirt-Tool and anyone looking for a serious relationship, has nothing to do here. Chat can make it truly fun and a nice pastime.
Both the page and the App is ready to keep some of the nice gadgets. So you can, for example, “hit”game specify whether you would the member like to meet. The image of the other Flirters to tell the positive valued member of also, the side of the contact.
Funny also is the possibility to leave the private pictures of other members and rate. To use this function, you must rate however, even some of the profile pictures of other users. The photo rating is, however, only on the Website and not available in the App.
Unfortunately, the flirt are limited possibilities of Badoo artificially very strong. Almost all of the important Features of the site are limited. So you may write per day with Superpowers, for example, a maximum of ten new Singles.
The hit game is also announced, after a while, a 24-hour break. If you want to play 20 Singles more cover letter or 400x more often the hit game, you have to make 100 points loose.
Extremely negative, it should be noted that is to put out a lot of the Profiles on Badoo, particularly the women, after a short time, as the Fakes.
It shows, among other things, the fact that the supposed attractive Singles to propose to a in the second message, but better to switch to a different Flirt-side, often with a dubious URL.
Furthermore, (as in our Test) to be told a heart-rending end, the African refugee story. The Fakes seem to be on the side of a real Problem. In order to make sure that you are dealing with real Singles, you should stick to (via Facebook or cell phone number) verified Profiles.
Learn more about Romance Scamming , before you control in the case of Nigeria-Connection.
To use the Badoo app is free of charge. However, there are functions that are subject to a fee.
Points can be earned from the acceptance of offers of Badoo-advertising partners (e.g. trial subscriptions for Newspapers) or on surveys of Badoo Partner. Of course you can buy the points also. For 100 points you can, for example, further up in the search results, placing or as the first in the received mail of other Users will appear.
In addition there are the paid Badoo Premium feature. re read before those of other users.
But Be Careful! Badoo Premium is the subscription you need to cancel via iTunes or the Google Play Store! Otherwise, you wonder at some point about permanent withdrawals from your account…
The free App of Badoo is clearly structured and contains the main features of the site. So you can edit in the App, his profile, to flirt partners in the area looking to hit game play, write messages, or visitors to your profile and favorites.
Flirting from anywhere – whether in the train, at Uni or on the way to work.
Membership in Badoo simple delete:
You now receive an E-Mail. Your Dating profile is initially disabled and only 30 days in which you establish with the help of the left of your profile. After the 30 days, your profile is permanently deleted.
Badoo is made on us the first time you click a very good impression.
Especially the many Features, such as, for example, the “hit-game” and the seemingly free-of-charge potential-of-use, convinced. Therefore, our test editors to be motivated all the “Superpowers”function brought immediately, the Flirting started. Unfortunately, disillusionment was soon wide: Fakes as far as the eye can see.
Test editors: (any nice or funny comment) Badoo Girl: (Hey, write back, and without our comment and then says) “, here are just a Loser. Not you, but many Others are idiots here, really. Write to me on”
Test editors: (some annotation capabilities are based) Badoo Girl: “Hey, I’m sorry. I live in Africa and my parents died when I was young. Can you help me?”
Girls in the us in the hit game liked have been permanently deleted as Fakes . After a short time, our editors decided, finally, to only verified members to contact.
We tried various tab styles to Try, from a simple “Hi” and a compliment on the profile texts, to creative and funny cover Letter. It was pretty hard to find in the almost always extremely lean, filled in profiles, something that as a hanger in the cover Letter.
On funny-meant charge attempts to answer some of them, such as “Are you like as a Baby on the head?” or a dry “are you Crazy?” (We had written to a girl, if she would like to RAID on the weekend spontaneously, a Bank, and in Italy with the money to start a new life).
The flirt willingness of the girl is also rather limited. Ten cover Letter we got back, on average, about an answer. Very annoying also is that there is a daily contact Limit for the cover Letter. After about ten attempts the conclusion that it was because you paid to be able to 100 points to 20 members of the cover letter is.
Guys there are, however, very much more open than girls – as a woman you are flirting good opportunities to. Whether the like To a then is another matter.
In addition to the above-mentioned time periods, Badoo also offers a 1-day-Premium-membership as a life-long Premium membership. 1 day costs around 3€, while the “Badoo for life” for around 110€ to the cashier.
Badoo offers a good page, a good App and lots of nice gizmos, in principle, a successful total package. The numerous Fake Profiles on the site, and the artificial limitation of new contacts per day to diminish the flirting pleasure.
I had chosen the Premium membership. Despite the Filter’s me the hits have been displayed, I would have chosen. Almost every second letter/contact get the I was a Fake from Russia, always in search of sources of money. I had decided then however for a profile in Berlin, however (just because I had set the Filter), the long-distance relationship (I = Frankfurt), not resistant. This is especially sad, actually, Yes, the filter function should avoid such constellations.
a lot of bad and little good a lot of faks
Up to now, after a few years of membership here, I had rather less success… or answers with me to the 85% … and it starts…
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